Victoria, BC

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Chip Venzix, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. Chip Venzix Member

    Victoria, BC

    Just here wondering if there are enough people in Victoria to organize our own protest here instead of going to Vancouver. I'm not sure if there are any Scientology buildings in Victoria, but that doesn't mean we can't still at least spread the message.
  2. magster Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    I googled Victoria and found an address for a "mission" at 2624 Quadra Street.

    Can someone explain what scienology does with a mission?
  3. Chip Venzix Member

  4. Qball Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    Double-check to make sure it's actually still active, some business directories are really out of date. Some still show a mission here in Calgary, even though it closed years ago.
  5. Chip Venzix Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    Our next global protest is on April 11, I believe. We should plan to act then.
  6. magster Member

    Re: Victoria, BC


    Have you checked out if this mission is still in Victoria? If it isn't, there is no sense in raiding it. Do you understand the differance between raiding at an actual church of scientology in Vancouver vs. something non existant on Vancouver Island? I would suggest to give them a call to see if they are open for business, and then see if any other anons are around the area for a protest. Otherwise, it's Vancouver all the way!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    hey guys

    I just joined just now because I searched $cientology victoria on google and found this place. Awesome!

    Anyways, the head of Victoria's Scientology effort is Eileen Regnier. It seems she had tried to get a new mission going at 665 Queens St. (near the budget rent-a-car). I saw ads on craigs' advertising free talks on addiction and crap. I basically made an effort to flag all those ads where appropriate, as well as notify private local boards that it was scientology. I searched the net for her name, phone number, address of the 'mission' and basically kept at it for a while, and I drove by it last night, and it was shut down! At least, there's no signage, and I haven't seen any ads online either.

    Keep your eyes open for dianetics sales, free talks on being 'toxic' etc.

    I don't know what happened...but i like that it appears to be closed for now.
  8. Chip Venzix Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    Vancouver it is. 7 o'clock ferry, here I come. End of Thread I guess.
  9. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    Have fun!

    Was in Vic today and had a bit of time ta kill so drove by the 2624 Quadra st. addy, its a dumpy little comic store I visited over a year ago (cool store tho).

    Eileen Regnier eh, hmm, a little checkin' in order :) but ya, sounds like they blew town, we'll see.
    No harm in innoculating places w/o orgs/missions though either ;)

    Kk, did a 'who is' (thanx google!), and lo, found her face book page, seems they had a bday parteh for Lron, and rumour of 'new local' but I'm not a fb mem so mebe someone already fb trolling ta check it out?

    It fer nao.
  10. magster Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    Good to hear it's a dumpy little comic store. Better than a church of such nonsense. I'll be checking it out next time I'm there and taking pictures.

    Will report back.
  11. Snark Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    There is another building in Victoria. A friend sent me pics of it. I'll try and link to it.
  12. Snark Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    The address is 665 Queens St (just down from the corner of Queen and Douglas) Not a pretty area of town, which is kinda funny. Note the big iron gate...The guy out front said they have the upstairs.

    Have you guys checked out Narconon there? It may present you with a good alternative.
  13. Snark Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    Either way. You are more than welcome to join us in Van.
  14. Re: Victoria, BC

    Well a few weeks ago, it had a big awning with 'church of scientology' on it, and that's gone. I did a driveby and took a pic, but that was during the vicious (for victoria) snowfall we had this year. My camera packed it in and I lost the pic.

    I don't think there's a narconon here either. Before they were at queens, there was a dry spell, and before that they were at a an office in 2614 John St (from memory, but it's that commercial building on Bridge St @ John. )

    Before that, huge ugly baby-blue house on Caledonia, I think 953.... just up from the Arena.

    The quadra location was active a long-ass time ago. My friend actually knew a guy who walked in there for a personality test, and never heard from the dude again.....for 3 months, and which time they found out he was living with Luke Perry in California! WTF. out for that name Eileen Regnier. Maybe it'd be cool to dexy'smidnightrunners-roll her...

    seems appropriate for her....
  15. Re: Victoria, BC


    just drove by,

    they've moved it to 716 Haliburton.
  16. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    Cool beans!


    Maybe some Victorianon action after all!! ;D (hey, I ain't far away an' gots a few buds that area too! woot!)

  17. Re: Victoria, BC

    i've heard there's only like 10-20 $ci-members in town's be fun to draw attention to it.

    Maybe since it's in a bit of a residential area (if memory serves), we could drop flyers in mailboxes. ie "hey folks, check out what's in your area now. keep your kids away !! check out these websites etc...

    is that within policy?
  18. Chip Venzix Member

    Re: Victoria, BC

    That's out by Elk Lake right? If so, then going house to house handing out fliers would most likely be a better approach. Not much point in standing around with signs to protest if there is nobody is there to see it.
  19. Re: Victoria, BC


    it's a bit of a concern that there's probably a lot of kids who walk home from school and ride bikes and stuff. Their parents need to know what's up....also, they're not far from a highschool right?
  20. Re: Victoria, BC

    Greetings, fellow Victorians.
    Just wondering how things are going in Victoria.
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