Vegas Postgame 20090214

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by cameranonymous, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Vegas Postgame 20090214

    We still haven't gone. Raid starts in a little over 2 hours. Just getting frist psot so I can post my photos. :)

    EDIT: WE HAD XENU RAP! Posting photos later today.

    EDIT #2: Photos can be found here:

    Raid was the usual fare - very little to no scilon interaction, decent weather, okay turnout. Had lots of food this time, though, as well as some creepy audio coming from the org. "Force yourself to smile" brainwashing bullcrap and some Xenu rap (some of that Doug E Fresh stuff, but with far more Sci references, such as lyrics stating to join Scientology specifically, and talks about spaceships landing...).

  2. Ima Nonymous Member

    Re: Vegas Postgame 20090214

    I lost the game.
  3. Re: Vegas Postgame 20090214

    Photos posted. Hopefully other Vegas raiders will post some.
  4. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Vegas Postgame 20090214

    Pics say it was real win.

    U do win in Vegas!!
  5. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Vegas Postgame 20090214

    Was the chick in the truck a Scifag or tourist?
  6. Re: Vegas Postgame 20090214

    Tourist. She said "Only in Vegas," to which we replied, "No, Only in Earth. This is worldwide!"

    She was likely too drunk or taken in by Vegas to comprehend because she still had the look of awe on her face with no recognition of what we just said.

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