VDay 2009 Raid Report, San Diego

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by xenubarb, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. xenubarb Member

    VDay 2009 Raid Report, San Diego

    Twenty anons (single losers, most likely) met up to participate in the Valentine's Day global. Socal was between rain storms, so it was clear, but chilly by our standards.

    There were 20 of us at peak numbers. Anon met at the usual place, but I was late because my printer blurped out signage that was too big for my 16" x 20" cardboard and I had to print out and assemble.

    Internet Love Machine."

    One anon arrived at the org early and solo. Scilons called the cops and his encounter made him paranoid for the rest of the day because the female patrol officer was all srs bsns and claimed there was video of us "blocking the driveway."

    The VM panels weren't up until they spotted solo anon, but they had them ready to deploy, so by the time the main group arrived, they were up and hiding the front window.

    The cops returned later, and I fielded the contact; dropping names and answering questions. The officer I spoke to asked some good questions, gave us the usual "be good now" speech, the female officer stayed in the car.

    One anon brought a RC helicopter that worked for a minute until it crashed and the back rotor fell off. That had potential.

    Scilons were in deep hiding. Harley stayed behind the panels with his video camera, and Ben stayed in the office, glaring at us through a gap in the panels.

    Not much activity. A couple of Scilons waved at us while going to their cars, and one guy flashed me a peace sign after reading my sign as I stood by the driveway.

    We marched back down to Broadway and handed out a lot of yftc to passersby. Then some of us went for refreshments to wash down a delicious caek made by one of our regular's very own hands.

  2. Re: VDay 2009 Raid Report, San Diego

    awesome use of the Dick Dale, Barb :D
  3. Re: VDay 2009 Raid Report, San Diego

    Sounds like all /r/aids in SD are successful. Way to stick it to them, solo anon.

    (teehee, i was there the day before)
  4. anonseatac Member

    Re: VDay 2009 Raid Report, San Diego

    Good job, San Diego.
  5. Relyt Member

    Re: VDay 2009 Raid Report, San Diego

    Was it a Roffle Copter, by any chance? That might have been your problem.

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