Variation on youfoundthecard

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Kaz, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Kaz Member

    Variation on youfoundthecard


    People steal pens all the time. You put one down, it vanishes. If you're handing them out free, people will take a handful, and then other people steal them.

    It probably isn't that expensive to get pens made up with a url on them- something catchy like '' and then leave them lying around. They'll pretty much distribute themselves.

    Good idea? Workable?
  2. basil Member

    Re: Variation on youfoundthecard

    Looking at one site I found ... Xpress Noah ... cheapest pen $0.36 each, minimum order 150 = $54 plus shipping etc.

    Might work if you have sufficient spare cash... but for now, I think I'll stick with 12 cards per sheet of card, free if printed at work :)
  3. Bane Member

    Re: Variation on youfoundthecard

    Not a bad idea if you have the money to spend on it.
  4. xfool4now Member

  5. ChilliTime Member

    Re: Variation on youfoundthecard

    Good idea, Kaz. I am forever replacing pens that my co-workers borrow from my desk. :lol:

    And just like stamping web addresses on money, you can always claim that it was like that when you got it off of whoever.
  6. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Variation on youfoundthecard

    If this is used, find places that have a high pen turn-over. Check-cashing places. WU and MoneyGram counters.

    I've also seen people that take a pen, place a flower on one end, wrap the pen in green florist's tape, and create "bunches" of flowers. Attach a little "youfoundtheflower" tag, or some such. (Although that may be too "Hari Krishna" for some...)

    Again, something people will get and use. The flyer may be tossed. The flower may be kept.
  7. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: Variation on youfoundthecard

    I certainly like the idea and it would be a great way to spread the message. I've put in a couple of quotes and the cheapest I've got so far is £114 for 100 eco-pens with '' printed on them. I've got other quotes in the pipeline but it doesn't look cheap.
  8. murx Member

    Re: Variation on youfoundthecard

    xfool4now made some nice balloons today (with youfoundthecard stickers on them)

    let them fly in the subway - and a lot of families jumped and tried to get them

    special site with information about sci and families/child labor would be nice
  9. Anonymous J1b Member

    Re: Variation on youfoundthecard

    THIS. I'm always losing pens at work, and they're the kind of people who could be a great help to Anonymous.

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