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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anonymous, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    For a really nice change, Vancouver Anonymous enjoyed a dry, almost warm raid day for the March 2012 Protest. Throughout the winter, raids have been extremely wet and cold.

    As we approached the org, we noted the change in decor in the display windows:



    Approaching the org entrance, a small chalk board on a tripod came into view:


    Van Anons set to work and set up the amazing Sponge Banner and watched the customers enter the org for the free show:


    The majority of the entrants were singles and there was a steady flow into the org for most of the afternoon. Van Anons lulzed...


    Anon Kozz & Vaganonymous set up a sound box, and good tunes poured forth:


    Donkey joined in and provided an awesome guitar solo that had everyone on the street mesmerized!


    Following the rousing musical and dancing warmups, public education took place for interested parties:


    And the "Relationship Troubles? Free Video Event" continued to pack them in:


    [Continued.... next post.]
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  2. Anonymous Member

    At about the three hour mark, Anon Donkey brought something strange to the attention of all the Van Anons:


    Donkey pointed out, that somehow, someone had hacked into the Public Transportation Network, and had changed the designated destination sign on one particular bus route.

    There is bus service from the downtown core to the campus of Simon Fraser University (SFU) and these travel eastbound, past the org:



    Something quite drastic had happened! The designated destination signs on every eastbound bus heading for Simon Fraser University had changed! Instead of SFU, the sign was STFU!!!



    It appeared to the Van Anons, that Donkey was correct.

    Some mischievous hacking had taken place to the public transportation network. Who was responsible?

    Van Anons got busy with their cell phones, trying to make contact with the vast Vancouver Anonymous network, and learn what was going on:



    It seemed that nobody knew anything, so questions and accusations began to fill the afternoon air:



    Vaganonymous and Donkey noticed that it was Kozz that had been the most silent throughout the rumpus, so they set upon Kozz and pummelled him with their fists and their questions:



    But Anon Kozz is a really stand-up Anon Dude, unascared of anything.

    Not like that Babu dude, or whatever the fuck his name is, that ratted anons out to the FBI. Uh uh! Not Anon Kozz. After realizing what a stand-up guy Anon Kozz, the pummeling and questioning ceased, and they STFU.

    We then all packed up and went to have an early dinner. ;)
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  3. GuyFox Member

    Much love from the other side teh country! :D
  4. xenubarb Member

    I cud scare dat Kozz...just sayin...
  5. Anonymous Member

    I notice the truck is a Degraded Being.
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  6. RightOn Member

    super duper Vancouper!
  7. Intelligence Member

    Fantastic.That Lisa poster is very awesome in front of ORG. Where and how much $.

    Would LOVE to stand in front of MOntreal or QC with it :)

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