Vancouver - Oct. 22nd - 2011 - Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death Raid

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Anonymous, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    On Saturday, October 22nd, 2011, Van Anons confronted the Vancouver $cilons at the infamous "exhibit" in the city from Oct. 13th - 25th.


    The Banner was set up facing the doorway to the exhibit - probably a rented location - a few doors west of the org headquarters on Hastings Street:


    And the trolling standoff took form.


    There was no Blinds Tech in use, but the signage in the windows was substantial.



    During the early part of the raid, the $cilons were deploying Granny Tech at the front entrance:


    She was joined by two other "senior" staff members and a trolling festival commenced with Anons passing out literature on their side of the sidewalk and the $cilons trying to pass out their literature on their side:


    I'll now insert a video from AnonKozz because it expresses much of the mood of the afternoon by showing the trolling/counter trolling and the added lulz of a hysterical Moonbat in full swoop:

    They Mad! Very, very Mad! Lawl! :)
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  2. Robocat Member

    GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! GO!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Sidebar: During a flash raid on the Staturday of the previous week, this sign was noticed on the org front door window:


    Anon RedTie reflecting:


    Retarded Thug, From Outer Space:


    One of many conferences. Police may have been called, but none showed up.


    In this video from AnonKozz, a private security guard @ 03:46, attempts to prevent Van Anons from standing under the awning over the premises, claiming the public sidewalk under the awning wasn't public. Van Anons were having none of that, as you'll see:

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Overall, a very small number of members of the public entered the exhibition while Van Anons were present.

    Except for the moonbat lady, that became hysterical, and her male companion, perhaps five people entered the exhibition.

    Here's the moonbat woman from different camera angles:

    The rest of AnonKozz's videos of the event have been posted to his youtube channel.
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  5. Cool, movie entertainment with my morning cuppa.

    VanAnons rock the house!

    edit: Moonbat says she's a woman not a streetwalker. Yikes! Way to dehumanize the female streetwalkers.
    Still not clear on exactly what set off her rant...?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Yay! Great work
  7. Anonymous Member

    wow! what a mouth on that women!
    Does she kiss her mother with that mouth?

    you guys are MARVELOUS!!
    NICE job!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Someone PLEASE do a "Meet a Scientologist" vid and show this woman mouthing off
  9. grebe Member

    Thanks for letting Vancouver know that the "Industry of Death" is Scientology, Van anons. You guys rock.

    I wonder what the CCHR staff think about non-psychiatric medications and vaccines. If they were to go all anti-BigPharma all-natural, that would be interesting, as the general public would not be happy about that. If they were to say, only psychiatry is bad, that would leave them open to a question that is very difficult to answer: where do you draw the line between psychiatry and neurology?
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  10. tamsonsbairn Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    I absolutly love this picture and how they are quoting a, "medical doctor."
  12. Django Member

    Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Nice to see Gerry out there, getting it done. Public Informed, LuLz had. Nice job, VanAnons!

    And Mophead: That's your Anon Name from now on. Serious. That's just wicked friggin' cool....
  13. pedrofcuk Member

    Scientology is a frud? Really?
  14. pedrofcuk Member

    Vancanons are awesome!
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  15. Chipshotz Member

    Salute to Van Anons!!
  16. Budd Member

    SERIOUS QUESTION: Is there a way to find out the itinerary for this CCHR exhibit?
    NOT-SO-SERIOUS QUESTION: Do they print it on the back of T-shirts like rock bands do?

    Would be great to be organized in advance, so we could have two or three Anons present during the entire time and not just for one day.
  17. xenubarb Member

    Really! Haven't yu been paying attention?
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  18. HellRazor Member

    Great work, epic win Vanonymous!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    A few Van Anons decided to conduct some flash raids during the final days and evenings of the exhibit.

    During the daylight hours, the photo below shows how well the exhibition was being attended.


    Same goes for the evening hours. Except for a few $cilon $hill$, attendance was near zero during the hours that we were present.



    To all appearances this $cilon production was a big fail, for the duration.
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  20. Random guy Member

    Very, very nice!
  21. Anonymous Member

    Monday afternoon, AnonKozz and your faithful reporter noticed a stress test table set up outside the org. We wandered down the street to troll the $cilon:


    The stress test moonbat had no customers when we arrived, so we trolled him hard and made him as uncomfortable as possible.


    When in doubt, check the phone:


    In a matter of a few minutes, the $cilon decided it was time to pack up.

    AnonKozz, recording the defeat:



    Until next time...
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  22. Axiom142 Member

    Awesome dudes!

    Most excellent protest.

    I almost wish that we had more Scilon bases here in the UK so we could have somewhere to protest.

    Oh, and did anyone apply for a job? I’d imagine that the job interview could be quite amusing.

    Also, going incognito to tour the exhibit and asking a few pertinent questions such as “I see here that you are citing psychiatric abuses that happened over a hundred years ago as evidence that psychiatry is bad. Could one apply the same logic to the abuses committed by the Church of Scientology much more recently such as …?”

    Or “You seem to be making a big deal of the fact that several psychiatrists have been convicted of serious crimes, thus implying that the whole professional is criminal. Could we conclude the same thing about Scientology given the convictions of Rex Fowler, Reed Slatkin, …?” might be quite lulzworthy.
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  23. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Awesome jorb there Vananons, ya do this old homeboy proud!

    *passes out giant cakes*
  24. Kozz Member

    Here is the video of the booth take down
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Nice work, Kozz! Van Anons rock!
  26. Anonymous Member

    CCHR site probably has the travel schedule and itinerary. Sweat Shirts and Hoodies are for sale -

  27. Budd Member

    OK Orlando. On your mark... get set... ready...

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