Vancouver Aug 20/11 Videos

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Kozz, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Kozz Member

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  2. Thank you, Kozz! Awesome work!
  3. Dragononymous Member

    For those who are too lazy to click a link and can't wait
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  4. Dragononymous Member

    It's alright, I'm glad you guys had some decent weather ^^
  5. Dragononymous Member

    All went well I suppose?
  6. Anonymous Member

    I don't wanna shit up Kozz's thread so I'll just post a teaser here and start a post-game thread when all the photos are ready.

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  7. Kozz Member

    go ahead shit it up lol
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  8. GuyFox Member

    Glad to see you stirring shit up guys! Keep up the good work! :)
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Very nice.
  10. Seriously, did they call LE because someone lit a match to have a smoke? Good gawd.

    Nice raid guise. Like the signage.

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