Valkyrie Day Flier Idea

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Sep 12, 2008.

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    Valkyrie Day Flier Idea

    So, I was thinking about the Valkyrie Premiere raids... And I was thinking about how Jason Beghe said that most $cilebrities are insulated from the abuses.

    So, how about a series of fliers that make reference to Tom Cruise's money supporting all this shit that he might claim 'not to know about'? If he's giving all this cash away, it's down to *him* to make sure he knows what's being done with it. After all, funding criminals makes you an accessory to their crimes...

    So the headline would be "Tom Cruise Suppresses Human Rights", and the body of the flier would be "Tom Cruise has, by his own admission, donated millions of dollars to Scientology. In so doing, he has funded Scientology's Sea Organisation, an elite group within Scientology where horrific Human Rights abuses occur..." Then you follow up with relevant infomation.

    Basically, it's re-presenting existing info, but in a way that links it to Tiny Tom. It's all very well to say "Tom is Co$. Co$ does this", but I think delivering the message in a direct fashion would explain why we're trolling TC, and also emphasise $cicrimes. And the best part? It's not libel, because we're stating "He gave money to a group that does this", and neither the donations or the actions are in dispute.

    Others in the series: "Tom Cruise Supports Prison Camps" (RPF), "Tom Cruise Supports Slander & Blackmail" (Fair Game), "Tom Cruise Helps Destroy Families" (Disconnection), "Tom Cruise Funds Political Corruption" (Co$ worming their way into politics)

    Good idea, y/n?
  2. Re: Valkyrie Day Flier Idea

    Tom Cruise Helps Destroy Human Rights << any better?

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