V for Volcano - Fawkes masks in Lava - Vendetta

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by V for V, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. V for V Member

    We have put up a number of HD and tv resolution videos of some Guy Fawkes masks and characters in lava in the volcano from this evening, public domain open use! Also a large set of high res images of the same, loading to (where is best for large originals???) and should be posted shortly.

    *** VIDEO: ***
    Twit: @VforV4
    *** IMGUR: ***

    All of the images and video are tagged with location, more coming! Any suggestions / requests on what else to bring out? (We are on vacation this entire week!)

    At least 3 images, 1 video clearly show the V mask in lava.

  2. Anonymous Member


    Of course don't waste your time watching this filth.
    OP is a faggot
  3. WMAnon Member

    You need to set that flickr set to be publicly viewable. Also, I'm super confused.
  4. WMAnon Member

    Stop with the login walled photos, no one wants that. Post them to tinypic or imgur or something and embed them in your post using the tree icon.

    Also, do you think you could expound a little bit on what you're going for with these images? I mean, I know Anonymous isn't really much for high art, but it would be nice to have a general idea of what you wanted to do with these.
  5. V for V Member

  6. WMAnon Member

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