use different twitter #hashtags? some tags blocked?

Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by ARC, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. ARC Member

    Seems like some hashtags are being blocked.
  2. MKholdi Member

    this is correct. use #iran9.
  3. ARC Member

    Just switching hashtags won't work for long. We need to get them to start using encrypted connections.
  4. How to get through #IranElection censorship on Twitter

    Haven't tried it myself but it should work
  5. ARC Member

    speaking of that:
    That gives an encrypted connection.
  6. zzz Member

    Been hearing that the hashtags are not blocked, however separated for use.

    #iranelections for international discussion
    #iran9 for info coming out
    #gr88 for info going in

    Also, if you know anyone who's DDoSing, it seems that harms the people on Twitter just as much as the government, if not more.
  7. It's been confirmed the #IranElection hashtag is not blocked in Iran, but it's recommended Iranians go through (note the s) for security.
  8. d_davidson Member

    Proxies and Tags

    Specific hash tags are not being blocked.

    There's no reason to ( is completely blocked in Iran right now), and it wouldn't help anyway (proxied users are probably using https and getting past any filters).

    Continue using #iranelection
    Continue building private proxies.

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