US killer robot policy: Full speed ahead

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Quentinanon, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Your tax dollars at work.

    It's a ddouble wwhammy, with the waste of human resources in the R&D, and then the waste of human lives in the use.

    Your tax dollars at work.
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    From link (and no, source is not a moonbat. Maybe that term should be rethought?)
    n November 2012, United States Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter signed directive 3000.09, establishing policy for the “design, development, acquisition, testing, fielding, and … application of lethal or non-lethal, kinetic or non-kinetic, force by autonomous or semi-autonomous weapon systems.” Without fanfare, the world had its first openly declared national policy for killer robots.
  5. Upsides: they can be H@X'd and probably won't be capable of rape.
  6. Anonymous Member

    On one side: Having robots blown out of the sky or blown away on the ground is way better than having actual people getting blown into bits.

    On the other side: Having a government in possession of these with little to no rules regulating them is never good and certainly won't end well.

    ...and on yet another side: We get retarded basement dwelling niggers like this saying awe inspiring retarded drivel:

    LO-Fucking-L. Good luck fuck hole. A basement dweller hack into a government system? LOL!!!. If you do succeed, let us know how much you enjoy the ass-fucking rape you get in fed prison.. if the government doesn't kill you on site first.
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    Autonomous robots designed to kill are inevitable. When such technology becomes available it will be used, because the benefits outweigh the risks.
  8. ohai patriotic 'mer'kin

    you sure sound like an expert
    pleze cher smore uh ur wisdumb wit' duh class

    isn't your IP

    y so mad, brah?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Whatever, nigger. You fail at failing. Also: Not even mad. Too busy laughing at your fail.

    It's rather amusing watching faggots like you think you have a chance against getting into US Gov systems. It's kind of like watching a retard who thinks they are Superman standing in the middle of a forest fire trying to put it out with their pee and water squirter.

    It's as much hilarious as it is fail.

    Do you really and seriously think the US Gov is that naive? That they never heard of LOIC or Defcon? That they think it is perfectly ok to have all their systems interlinked to a single source?That the very people that created such things would not know each and every possible way it can be breached? That they don't vigilantly monitor and improve their security systems?

    No. You are the one who is naive.

    Sure, some basement nigger might be able to get into a single system. Some Forever Alone Fail Nigger like you might be able to DDoS a site like However, that alone is like whipping out your small pecker and trying to put out a massive forest fire. All you might, emphasis on might, do is annoy them. That's all.

    That is because all of their critical systems are buried so deep, put in such redundant loops, and protected with shit no basement dweller, or anybody else for that matter, has ever seen before, that trying to take that shit out is next to impossible.Not to mention the fact the critical systems might not even be internet accessible too. So unless you can manage to get in there unnoticed, past God knows what kind of biometrics, security checks, and what not, nobody here or abroad can get to those systems.

    Getting lucky or whatever might knock out one system out of countless ones and back ups of the back ups. It'll accomplish nothing but a quick trip to the morgue or prison. Even if you are not that fail dribble spelling of "American"

    Oh, and lets not mention the fact that these people attend shows like Defcon and keep up with the latest trends as far as safety and security go. Hell, they are probably the ones making these trends or making those hacking tools you wouldn't know how to use. They are even the ones that made the systems you use today. They aren't stupid like you want to believe.

    Don't let me get in the way of you getting massive black cock up your ass in prison or zipped up in a body bag though. I encourage you to, in fact. The path you want to take has an equal number of corpses littering the road as those who have attempted it.

    Don't think for a moment blind, dumb luck and success in knocking down one insignificant system or DDoSing a stupid webpage means you'll pull off the impossible. Feel free to piss off the gov. Look how well that worked for Bin Laden, Husein, Snowden, Assange, and other niggers that ended up dead or wishing they were.
  10. TL;DR

    He Mad^

  11. Anonymous Member

    Boring and dull. That the best you got?

    Don't bother trying. I don't want to go to sleep just yet.

    I ain't mad, bro. My jimmies remain unrustled. Especially with that feeble shit you call...whatever that boring shit is.

    Now, back on topic:Isn't the UN suppose to be coming up with rules yet about the use of drones?
  12. You expected me to engage in an exchange with a redneck who's so out of time that he ad-homs people using the word "nigger"? over the Internet?

    You must be new here, 12, or just off your medication.

    inb4 zimmerman'd
  13. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, that totally never happens.
  14. Anonymous Member

    American IP address? Not likely. Nice try, but failtroll.
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    Yeah. Hacking and disrupting a website that isn't even hosted on site or getting into an accounting system probably also off site is so similar and in the same league as hacking into an ultra secure network...

    While you are at it, lets call Yugos "Porsches" because they are so dissimilar they must be similar according to that logic.

    Oh and lets just forget even if some retard managed to do it and do something stupid, their ass would be toast. Doesn't matter if it is an US system or Oompah Loompa Land's system. If a major gov wants your ass, you might as well kiss it good bye.
  17. Anonymous Member

    The thing about those powerful agencies is that while they have a lot of smart people and a huge budget, they're run by pointed-haired managers who think that having a Star Trek bridge would be really cool. Meanwhile, they give the keys to the system to NCO clerks and the security guard.

    Keep in mind that while they have the budgets to order specially built leading edge centers, all their regular hardware and software has to go through an approval process that takes at least five years. (I don't imagine that the successors of the Red and Orange books have gotten any more streamlined.) Day Zero patches? Forget it.
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    Can you hack unix? They operate in Unix. Is unix hackable, and are there enough people that can hack unix?

    Then there is the fact that incoming transmissions and outgoing transmissions are incripted, i do not know what goes on inside the crypto. So not only would you have to hack the unix, but you would have to break the crypto.

    It may not be hacker proof, but there are not enough people out there that can hack unix, and the government would find them very quickly.

    No, the only way to stop this, is with activism. If this can be stopped.
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    this morning I was checking out a google news article and it said that the U.N has banned the usage of killer robots on the field. I can't find it but it's their!

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