Uploading 4gb files?

Discussion in 'How To' started by Anonymous, Jul 13, 2011.

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    I have downloaded a torrent of a Talk held at the 'University of Southampton Atheist Society' regarding Scientology. There have not been many seeds for a while and I think the torrent might of died now. I have been seeding it for a while but would hate to see it get 'lost' in cyberspace. The film consists of two parts - Part 1 is 3.99gb and Part 2 is 2.13gb I am not very technically savvy so would someone do the honors and upload them on to YouTube for the Chanology community? If someone knows of a public FTP or file hosting site that is capable of files as large as this, then I don't mind re-uploading so someone can d/l them and do what needs to be done to get them on YouTube!! Cheers fags
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    Can you not reduce the file size/quality? All you need is someone with basic editing software who can re-render it 'for internet quality' or similar and you'll find it's a much smaller, and manageable, file.
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    Thanks for taking the effort the split the file and upload!

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