Update: Janet Reitman's book "Inside Scientology"

Discussion in 'Media' started by LarryBren, May 30, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    We should just stop bullshitting around and go to the authoritative source(s) on everything: Smurf & Zinj.
  2. Sponge Member

    J Swift's report from OCMB on the Janet Reitman Book Signing at Skylight Books Los Angeles 9-16-2011
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  3. Triumph Member

    its for the rich

    janet on auditing
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  4. Triumph Member

    obstacles researching Scientology

    South Park Brilliant and brave
  5. Triumph Member

    Janet Reitman on Scientology Celubtards

    janet on W.I.S.E
  6. Triumph Member

    How Janet got Dox

    Janet on Talk Therapy
  7. Triumph Member

    Janet on Scientology Copywrites

    Janet talks on unexpected direction the book took
  8. Triumph Member

    Janet exposes outrageous truth on Scientology

    why Janet wrote the book
  9. Triumph Member

    Janet explains how Lisa McPherson died
  10. Triumph Member

    Janet on Rolling Stone

    Janet explains what the book is about
  11. Triumph Member

    Janet explains Scientology's anti-psychiatry stance

    Janet on Chanology
  12. Anonymous Member

    Her understanding of Chanology is fail. Usual Anon=hackers shit. She says good and bad about Anon. Bad=Anon haxx0rz will raep u. Total fail.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I sure wish she would answer questions about Agent Pubeit.
  14. grebe Member

    Well in the beginning there were DDOS attacks of CoS web sites.

    But I fault Reitman for expressing vague personal "NO WANTZ!" feelings about the protest movement, while at the same time, grudgingly admitting that protesters helped closet ex-Scientologists feel less afraid about speaking out. She says we aren't changing anything "ultimately" with our masks and "street theater."

    O Rly?

    "Ultimately you aren't changing anything" is a weak argument because it is always true:

    1. History proves that ultimately humans will ignore the past and repeat the same stupid shit that caused their ancestors to vow, "NEVAR FORGET!"
    2. Ultimately all that is --all the planets, galaxies, critters, atoms, everything-- will dissolve into something physicists call "the heat death of the Universe," which I like to call, "the Big Meh."

    tl;dr: "Ultimately" is a fucking weasel word, used by weasels.
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  15. amaX Member

    O RLY?

    Reitman is just another in a long line of people trying to discredit Project Chanology. Bringing scientology's abuses to light and delivering the lulz at the same time is time-consuming and sometimes boring and a lot of work and patience.

    We know what we've done and Reitman can go to hell with her thinking we haven't changed a thing.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I don't believe she's a fail. She makes the same error that many make who haven't been educated about the hackers vs. non-hacking protesters side of Anonymous. She told me she took issue with ex-Scilons wearing masks and calling themselves Anonymous. I've never seen nor heard that. I told Janet that I would protest with a Guy Fawkes hanging from my neck to as a show of support for Anonymous.

    Unless you educate & inform people to the difference between hackers vs. protesters under the umbrella of Anonymous, they are going to assume they are one & the same.
  17. EyeOnSci Member

    Reitman did not see the forest for the trees and has exposed her bias as a "journalist".

    I haz disappoint.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Mods please put this video on the front page and pass it onto to everyone involved.

  19. LocalSP Member

    If it wasn't for us she would be up to her fucking neck in lawsuits.
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  20. greebly Member

    Film chanology new project just for her:)
    Based on the vid it should only be 4 seconds long lol
  21. grebe Member

    Heh, my memory played me. Reitman doesn't say "ultimately." She's much more blunt: masks = street theater, which doesn't change things. Not "ultimately doesn't change things." Just "doesn't change things."

    However, the street theater helps the srs bsn people to step up and do some changing. So the protests do change the changers, apparently. But this is not the same as actually changing things.

  22. Smurf Member

    LOL. Her book has been out for 3 months and is in it's 2nd printing. Janet cares as much for silly anons as the ones that attack her. Keep mocking her. It's great for publicity and sells more of her books, and she makes more $$$.
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  23. amaX Member

    Yes, that's just hilarious.
  24. Malory Member

    LOL @ starstruck Smurf thinking she'd give a fuck about him either.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Street theatre? Oh yes. Let's go back in time.
    Long before Chanology it was realised that it is often easier to get your message across if you don't look like a bunch of miserable looking fuckers in anoraks.
    As a writer, Janet should know that theatre has been used to mock and ridicule public figures and institutions since long before the printing press. It is just one of several parallel methods to get a message across or raise awareness so that people will find out for themselves.
    This applies to all sorts of protesting, not just about scientology.

    Most recently I read about the scientologist in San Francisco (where you'll find one of the lulziest "street theatre" protests) emboldened by the presence of anonymous protesters to find that truth, speak out and even leak info. I've read about other scientologists who left and/or spoke out because of the defiant, dauntless and resolute [lol] attitude of these protesters, gone on to speak out further and engage politicians in positive action. So, it is good that she acknowledges some of this.

    Just as Janet calls South Park "brilliant" and "brave", that form of satirical theatre on TV is little different in principle to that which is played out in front of the scientology orgs (except that at the end of South Park there are no weblinks or free leaflets with serious information like you will find at "street theatre" protests).

    Protesting the buttchurch of scientology works and it helps people.
    Writing reasonably well researched books about scientology works and it helps people.
    Not all protesting and not all books will be 100% agreeable to everyone because everyone's attitudes are not one and the same..... and thank fucking goodness for that.
  26. greebly Member

    So basically.

    Doing lol Xenu on TV is brave and brilliant.
    Re-educating those members of the public who say "lol xenu" when they come up and ask does nothing.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    It's been very clear for a long time that Scientology has no ability to laugh at itself and therefore has no defense against humor.
  28. afternon Member

    IMHO Janet does give some credit to Anon for emboldening people to speak out, though her knowledge of what Anon is and does is flakey- yes, there may be/ were some hackers in Anon, but I'd say the majority of real life protestors do not hack, or cannot hack nor are they interested in doing it.

    I don't think she gets how diverse the entity calling itself Anonymous is, nor that each persoh who raids does it for a variety of reasons- but that is what makes Anonymous so much fun (and like trying to herd cats)!
  29. greebly Member

    What you have to think is, where would those exes/indies/Fzers be at this stage if nothing happened in Jan 08.

    We could plaster this thread with 1000s of videos or how subscriber bases have grown or donations etc. blah

    How many idiots got arrested 8? vs everything else.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Nor apparently does Janet Reitman.
  31. Random guy Member

    So what? Her books help spread the word that scientology is a cult only morons would join. This is a good thing. Her personal opinion on the masks and frolics is inconsequential. I am not in this to get fawned by Reitman.
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  32. grebe Member

    Smurf, my criticism of Reitman isn't personal. I don't know anything about her as a person. It's her dismissive statements about the Anonymous protest movement that I'm responding to.

    BTW, I like playing the "lol u guys are losers" game as much as everyone else. But trying to think clearly about the issues is also nice at times.

    I wonder, what would Ms. Reitman have the protesters do differently? Oh wait, I already know the answer to that one: drop the masks. Or perhaps, stop protesting.

    Although the initial large protests encouraged ex members to speak out, the protesters are "disruptive" and "doing damage" by making the public more afraid of Scientology. So for Reitman, now that plenty of ex members are speaking out and supporting others who want to leave the church, the protests are a net negative.

    I'm wondering if Reitman ever directly addresses the core disagreement between the anti-Scientologists and the cult apologists and reformers, namely: whence the abuse? Is Scientology's madness and cruelty due to central tenants of the belief system or is it a byproduct of "extremists" within the organization?

    I think when you have whole time-track SPs inventing psychiatry to enslave humankind, you necessarily develop a paranoid organization at war with the wog world. If Hubbard had picked a less specific bogeyman, like, say, "the unbelievers" or even "the Jews," his followers might have figured out a way to re-frame Scientology's eternal jihad as a metaphor representing a more inner, psychological struggle.

    Really, I don't think the masks are the problem. I think it's Anonymous' anti-Scientology that Reitman finds distasteful. But for some reason, she'd rather engage Anonymous with matters of style rather than matters of substance.
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  33. afternon Member

    We know that, and I expect the majority of the public also know that. Janet is helping expose the cult and doing it with a wide appeal to the general public, "my enemies enemy is my friend"!

    It's up to Anon to ensure we keep the media informed that we are (largely) a comic street theatre with a a message against a humerlous and milignant cult hell bent on power and money at all costs.
  34. Anonymous Member

    WTF is this Street Theatre shit? I don't anyone in fours years has ever considered calling Anon raids "street theatre" unless Ms. I Know Better Than You showed up. Kill this meme ASAP!

    No, Anon is not a hacktivist group, and no Anon is not doing street theatre, just raiding you ignorant slut.
  35. Anonymous Member


    Also: Make money, make more money...
  36. Anonymous Member


    Come on WWP, fix your code.
  37. Sponge Member

    Bit of a late reminder for this New York event...

    Title: Making Book: A Literary Reportage Series
    Date: October 03, 2011
    Time: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
    Description: A Conversation with Rolling Stone writer Janet Reitman about her book, Inside Scientology: The Story of America's Most Secretive Religion

    All events are open to the public unless otherwise specified.
    Location: 7th Floor Commons
    Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
    New York University
    20 Cooper Square, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10003

  38. Anonymous Member

    Please do more radio shows Janet so I can explain everything that has been done over the 3 years 9 months and fill up the radio show.
  39. LIKE^^^
  40. Sponge Member

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