Update: Janet Reitman's book "Inside Scientology"

Discussion in 'Media' started by LarryBren, May 30, 2011.

  1. moarxenu Member

    It certainly looks like this is going to be call-in so do call in before the scifags jam the lines. You can also email in questions. I am sending one question in for each of mah socks:
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Taking calls now
  5. Anonymous Member

    She's also going to be on KGO 810 AM at 11 am (today Tues 13 Sep 2011) interviewed by Ronn Owens.
    Email and/or call.
  6. moarxenu Member

    Up next at 11:00 am: Janet on KGO with Ronn Owens.

    Talk Lines

    Ronn Owens looks like a cool guy. From Wkikpedia:

    In 2002, Talkers magazine named Owens one of its 25 Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts of All Time. He was ranked 13th, making him the top local personality in the country. [4]
    In 2003 and again in 2010, Owens won the Marconi Award for Major Market Personality of the Year by the National Association of Broadcasters. [5] [6]
    In 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2010 Owens was nominated for the National Radio Hall of Fame, but was not inducted.[7]
    In 2006, he was named 2006 Talk Show Personality of the Year by Radio and Records[8].
    In 2007, he was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.[9]
    His first book, Voice of Reason : Why the Left and Right Are Wrong, was published in 2004.
  7. Sponge Member

    Good show so far. Very emotional call-in at the moment on disconnection.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    She just admitted she never knew about bonuses/percentages given to recruiters who bring in fresh meat... some research :/
  9. Anonymous Member

    Not everyone can know everything....(except Z(X)inj and Smurf, of course)
  10. Anonymous Member

    Who would even think to look for such a thing? Imagine if the Mormons got kickbacks? They wouldn't wait until you were dead to baptise you a Mormon...
  11. Anonymous Member

    It's Pyramid Marketing 101, surely the marketing she encountered resembled that enough to follow that line of enquiry.
  12. greebly Member

    Your kidding right?

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  13. AnonLover Member

    somebody recording for those of us at work who cant tune in?
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  15. mnql1 Member

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  16. AnonLover Member

    <3 <3 <3 you so hard mnql1 !!!!!!!!!!!
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  18. moarxenu Member

    He mentions having a Scientology official on two or three times a year, prolly Tommy Davis, and said he was frustrated because he couldn't get straight answers from him lol.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I hope whoever records this one edits out the incredible amount of adverts.
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  20. anonakatie Member

    I think this is something that is not talked about enough.

    That's why I went into some length about it when I called into the God Discussion show when it had her on. So she should at least have known about it from then. :)
  21. mnql1 Member

    Janet Reitman KGO AM 2011-09-13.mp3
    Duration: 33 min. 09 sec.
    Size: 30.35MB
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  22. Sponge Member

    In about 30min I'll have mnql1's audio from the earlier show (KQED) up on youtube as one complete 45min segment.

    I'll see if I can grab some time to do the KGO one as well.

    Edit: Here's the KQED one (running time 45min)...

    Now the KGO AM (running time 33min)...

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  24. mnql1 Member

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  26. Anna_Asks Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Who is the person organizing that? They're not terribly great at generating interest; their posting history shows an average of one to two upvotes per AMA. Janet could probably have some real success if she posted under the normal IAMA subreddit, and not r/books. The scientology angle would probably draw a lot of attention.
  28. mnql1 Member

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  29. Sponge Member

    ^Thanks mnql1, here's a youtube version of your KVON audio:

    Running Time 27min
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  30. Anonymous Member

    It's so painful to hear her say nice things about Scientologists. Can't someone tell her that they are all deluded, ignorant, stupid, brainwashed ronbots?...and tell her enough times that she believes it?
  31. moarxenu Member

    tikk made excellent points in his comment on Tony O's article about Janet's press reviews:

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  32. Smurf Member

    They're still human beings. I would attest that you're a deluded, ignorant, stupid, brainwashed troll.
  33. Anonymous Member

    That's because you're an expert about other people and what goes on in their minds.
  34. Sponge Member

    She paints them in the best possible light and they still come across as deluded, ignorant, stupid, brainwashed ronbots. That's some achievement. (which is basically a tl;dr of the following quoted post).

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  36. Anonymous Member

    ITT: more words than in the book
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  37. Sponge Member

    America’s most secretive religion
    KPCC, Episode Airtalk 15th Sept 2011
    Audio stream and article here:
    Direct mp3 download:
    Church of Scientology Statement 14th Sept 2011’s-book-“Inside-Scientology”
    12 pages of the usual baaww and propaganda, with Karin Pouw's name on it.
    They were invited to take part in the programme but instead chose to send that statement.

    Janet starts off right away vigorously defending herself against scientolgy's criticism of her book/methods.
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  38. SPRTT Member

    I welcome such a response. They sound nutty and hyperbolic. If you want to do a "take down" on the basis of lack of evidence, you need to write in a matter of fact manner. If there are implied exclamation points, or numerous adjectives and adverbs, that's the clue to hackery. Given that we are a texting society, this is becoming even more true, and violation of these precepts proves the point. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    The best put down of a troll I ever read was on that old website, Glosslip, which in '08 was doing some good stuff on Scientology. A troll logged on and went on a tear. This was the put down,

    "You see, when you talk like that, you prove the point [that it's a cult]. Cause, see, those aren't real words." Summed it up nicely.
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  39. Sponge Member

    Added a youtube version of the above KPCC radio interview:

    Book event tonight in L.A......
    Sept 15th
    Book Soup, 7 pm
    8818 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Someone ask her how she feels about alternative medicine.

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