Update: Janet Reitman's book "Inside Scientology"

Discussion in 'Media' started by LarryBren, May 30, 2011.

  1. LarryBren Member

    As many know, Janet Reitman's book, "Inside Scientology The Story of America's Most Secret Religion" is being published officially on July 5, 2011.

    And some know that people can preorder the book now at:

    A summary of the book and the first two reviews can be found on that page.

    Part of the update/new news is that the book will be in stores in late June despite the July 5 official publication date.

    According to Janet, for specific book information, including reading schedules etc., she will have a website up very soon —— and you can also check her Facebook page for updates, links to the book's Facebook page, and so forth.

    Janet interviewed me for this book for two days at my house over five years ago. Since then she has proceeded to spend five plus years interviewing, researching and otherwise working on this book in order to make it the most thorough writing on the subject ever undertaken.

    And this will be getting major worldwide publication beyond that by any other book on the subject.

    I highly recommend preordering the book, or getting it when available later in June. I'm getting copies for my local libraries as well. You know, those same libraries who often toss out or sell the scientology basic books for $1 as they do not want them in their libraries.

    IMO this will be the most complete and well documented book ever written on the history and development of scientology and organized scientology. And, given the huge publisher of this book, I suspect it will end up being a worldwide best seller and thus help get the truth out far and wide.

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  2. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    *waits for sci legal to drop everything and make a run for it*
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  4. RightOn Member

    thanks Larry!
    Do you know the reason why she chose to call Scientology a religion on the cover?
    Or is it just because it is still recognized as a religion in the US?
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  5. Horus Member

    Awesome... will be looking forward to reading the book! Think she called it a religion to avoid getting sued, "cult" might be seen as provocative by the publisher? :S
  6. Puppetmama Member

    I want it now.
  7. Anonymous Member

    She called it a religion because.............................................................................................
  8. Herro Member

    Probably because it's a religion.
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  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  10. 'Tisn't,
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  11. RightOn Member

    recognized as a religion by the US government due to COS strong arming
    tell me which other "religion" went to he IRS and blackmailed them to be sure they received tax exemption?
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  12. Not everyone is Anonymous that always call it a cult. She has to get the book published after all.

    Besides, a religion that allows and condones abuse is still a religion, just one I wouldn't wish my greatest enemy to join.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Ok, you and maybe like 20 other people in the whole world don't refer to it as a religion. Happy?
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  14. Herro Member

    Yes, obviously religious entities never engage in unethical actions. Such a relevant argument.
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  15. RightOn Member

    only 20? lol

    I will repeat the question..
  16. Nick_Nolte Member

    How does that make it not a religion? If you're implying that any organization that is corrupt can't be considered a religion, you should probably rethink what you're asking.
  17. RightOn Member

    No of course it is not the sole thing that doesn't make them a religion
    I asked what other religion has strong armed the IRS into tax exemption?... still waiting....

    and I really dont wan't this thread to derail into arguing about whether COS is a religion or not
    And I am pretty darn sure that the OP Larry also thinks it is not a religion.
    EDITED: Larry answers this himself in a later post

    Let's not take away from the glory of the pre-ordering of Janet's book.
    I posed a simple question about the title referring to Scientology as a religion. That is it.
    Then in came the trolls, and it was my fault for serving them lunch.
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  18. Nick_Nolte Member

    Whats the point of answering your first question tho? Will that be the definitive reason to why it's not a religion?

    If anything you come across as being a troll in this situation. If Scientology weren't recognized by the majority of the world as being a religion, would any of us even be here.....
  19. RightOn Member

    1. no! it's just ONE of the reasons.
    2. yeah, I come across as a troll. lol! The OP (Larry Brennan) knows me and my intentions on this board.
    3. maybe yes, maybe no.
    people are here for different reasons. I can only say why I am here and that is to fight the abuses of Scientology.
    Would I be here if I Scientology wasn't recognized as a religion? Yes. I fight their abuses whether their tax exemption is taken away or not.

    And back to Janet's book
    Sorry to Larry that this has turned into a derail
    Mods! clean up on isle 3!
  20. In a recent global survey, people were asked this very question :' Is Scientology a religion'

    The results were :

    99.7% said 'You're 'avin a laugh, in't ya?'
    0.2999% were Don't knows
    0.0001% said 'Yes, it's kinda like Buddhism, but more wacko'
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  21. Anonymous Member

    LOL @ requesting mod shit duties when you shat all over yourself.

    RightOn, I like you. But you come across pretty fucking closed minded and dense a lot of the time.
  22. RightOn Member

    mkay thanks
  23. RightOn Member

    My sincere apologies to Larry.
    My post asking about the title of the book, WAY back in post #4, was certainly not an attempt to derail this thread.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Why do you "BELIEVE IT IS NOT" a religion? It is important to everyone to know this!
  25. TinyDancer Member

    Preordered my copies months ago! :D Thanks, Larry. <3
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  26. Herro Member

    Ok, I'll answer. I don't know of any other religion that has done that. However I still fail to see the relevance of the question.
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  27. 3rdMan Member

    Another to add to the library, thanks LB.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    sounds interesting.
    looking forward to peeps giving a synopsis of it, here.
    i like janet.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Nick and Herro, you are silly boys.
    Silly silly boys.
  30. Herro Member

    By the way, this part of your post? Absolutely fantastic.
  31. Anonymous Member

    The Church of Scientology loves to complain about media bias and bigotry.

    The current neutral title -- backed by a book that one hopes will thoroughly document cult-like behavior -- gives more room for people to draw their own conclusions, which can be more persuasive than a more sensationalist approach.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Scientology defined as a religion changes one's perception of what religion is.

    I believe that besides the money, LRH's intent in making scientology a religion was to make a mockery of what most people see as valid religions and their believers.
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  33. LarryBren Member

    Oh my dear you have no need to apologize to me for anything. I have nothing but the greatest of admiration for you and what you have done. I would not have cyber adopted you as one of my beautiful Anonymous daughters if I did not <3 you and love working with you:)

    The question of scientology being a religion or not would take a smarter person than I to give a simple answer.

    I really like Janet Reitman and know for a fact that she was trying to give a true story of scientology and its development without personal prejudices of any kind (certainly not intentionally). I admire her for that.

    I suspect that neither hard core scientologists nor hard core critics (whatever that means) will like 100% of what she covers as she tries to be fair. I love the fact that she only wanted the truth no matter what that truth was and I trust that she did her very best to be fair and truthful.

    Thus I am excited about her book and I do not think of why she had "religion" in the title. When she spent two days with me as she just started her research some 5 1/2 years ago she was already thinking of a title. A title that included "for the greatest good" seemed kind of cool at the time as we spoke of it. Her research and interviews took her in many directions, I'm sure some of them unexpected.

    I was not involved with her picking that final title. I do know that I like it. And I certainly love that auditing room door image on the cover.

    As for the religion part I think it completely depends on the context, as well as to whom you are speaking, whether or not scientology is a "religion". In March and April I testified in a case in California explaining why in my opinion study tech was religious. I was one of the authors of the original "What is Scientology" book (in 1978) and have spent many years defending scientology as being a religion. The scientology directive on what is scripture in scientology (written in late 1982, published as from the "Watchdog Committee" and entitled "Scriptures Defined") was written by myself.

    I also was very familiar with how scientology uses their religious cloaking I helped to develop but then uses front groups pretending their actions are not religious in order to covertly get into schools and other areas to get money from them and make them scientologists. I do not believe they can have it both ways. Hubbard himself wrote in "Ethics and Study Tech" that study tech was organized scientology's primary bridge into society. It was indeed the main way to get scientology to an unsuspecting public by pretending IMO that it was not religious when they claimed otherwise in other forums.

    Last week I had a long interview with a major media outlet and covered more on religious cloaking, corporate shell games, Miscavige's take over, abuses by Hubbard and his taking millions from organized scientology than I have in any interview I have done to date. (I cannot say who is doing the interviews just that many have been done and there can be a major national coverage in the USA fairly soon in multiple parts. On the other hand nothing may happen by way of coverage. We'll just have to see).

    Anyway I mention this last point as I was asked in that interview if I thought that scientology was a religion or if Hubbard and Miscavige thought scientology was a religion. In part I said that it depended on the context. I said that I was sure that in the heart and minds of many scientologists it was a religion. But I said that I did not agree that many of their abuses should be allowed even if they were to be considered one legally in the USA or elsewhere.

    I also said that IMO almost none of them, if any, really knew just what lengths were gone into to develop a religious cloaking so as to avoid compliance with many laws.

    I said that I could not know what was always in Hubbard's or Miscavige's mind and hearts as regards religion and scientology being one or not. But I did tell of many abuses by both Miscavige and Hubbard as well as Hubbard constantly lying about his motivations as he took tens of millions out of organized scientology while telling scientologists he took none. I read to the television producer parts of a 1979 order from Hubbard telling how to get scientology missions international "SMI" launched and how it was pushed as a major money maker and tax benefit. I told of many of his orders about getting tons of money and blowing away anyone in the way of same and asked that producer if she/he thought that was from someone with a religious view or purpose. I then explained similar motivations behind all major scientology sectors including WISE and more.

    Lastly, in my mind the IRS's granting of tax exemption in 1993 to various scientology organizations under section 501(c)(3) was not some granting of a religious recognition. I believe it just means that the IRS determined (if they did) that the organizational and operational tests for exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code were passed and thus tax exemption could be established. (Of course organized scientology says that the IRS determination letters establish that they are a religion in the USA which I think is nonsense legally and factually).

    Was the IRS pressured into this and did Miscavige and his people hide information from the IRS and lie to the IRS in order to get the tax exemption determination letters? I believe so but I alone cannot prove it. I believe that if some people spoke out of what they knew that enough evidence could be produced to bring about revocation letters. I do not know if that will happen but I myself have reported to the IRS' Criminal Investigations division and hope more people who have other pieces of the picture do so as well.

    Anyway my dear sorry for the TL/DR. I don't think that you asked a dumb question at all. I think you asked a question that is indeed a very difficult one to answer, it depends on the context and it depends on who you ask.

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  34. AnonLover Member

    Quoted for great justice.... ^^THIS is absolutely fantastically fabulous news Larry!!!!!! Thank you Sir, you reign supreme amongst the glorious bastards doinitrite. I hearby dub u "BIG DADDY KHA KHAN ANON" for your fine exploits at exposing the truth about this dreaded cult.

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  35. RightOn Member

    thanks for taking time to explain your views Larry
    and I hope your interview makes it's way to the public.
  36. Anonymous Member

    What are "valid religions".
  37. Anonymous Member

    After Larry reads the book he will probably let us know how much made it into the book.
  38. JohnnyRUClear Member

    oh hai MartyR
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  39. jensting Member

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