Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Anonymous, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10


    My fellow Anon fell ill and so I went solo today.

    Thanksgiving cupcakes with [COLOR="SeaGreen"]Bucket of Acid Green [/COLOR]icing.

    You can't see it from this picture, but I had a plastic squirrel ring on.

    My thoughts on avoidance tech? If a Scientologist's "faith" in their "religion" was strong enough then they could hear anything that anyone said and their faith would not waver. OSAFlagots don't like for you to say that to them or the poor Sea Orgers. So continue to cross the street when you see me holding a signs asking what your Sea Org retirement plan is or how would you leave Sea Org if you changed your mind.

    Major honking at the Four Corners. One guy bellowing out the passenger window, "FUCK SCIENTOLOGY!"

    One bratty, young, male public Sci with advice for me to get a job. *sigh*

    A trio of bratty, young, female public Sci's who told me I didn't know what I was talking about. I told them I did. They said I didn't know the truth. I said what was true for me was true for me. They don't like it when you turn their crap back on them.

    I had a very interesting, enlightening and positive conversation with a young Swiss public Sci. We talked for about an hour and I got him to admit some things, but I'm going to hold off on posting about them until I find out if he was a spy sent to glean info. I told him I would hate him forever if the next time I roll into downtown some creepy guy walks up, calls me by name, and then discusses all the things Swiss kid and I talked about today.

    I will tell one part of the conversation. He asked why I focused so much on the "bad" part of Scientology (we'd been talking about Sea Org and children of the Sea Org.) I asked him why Scientology never, ever tries to rectify that bad part of Scientology. Lightbulb went off over his head.

    Everything we talked about will be posted here if Swiss kid tattles on me.

    Beautiful day here in C'water. Really no need to take pics of things you all have seen hundreds of times.
  2. AnonLover Member

    Re: Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

    i begged to differ. pics/vids of young sea org / epf kids are always valuable for multiple reasons any time you glorious bastards can be arsed to snap 'em. never know when you might catch a face where a family member who's never been in or recently gotten out might be inspired to go get their kids back where they belong.

    thats said - /salute balls of steel for the solo raid, sounds like being alone made you more approachable. here's hoping some good sense got thru to the swiss kid.
  3. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Re: Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

    Damn, missed it. I will be in the area next week.
  4. LocalSP Member

    Re: Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

    Good job. A solo raid in a city of clams, takes balls. Well done.
  5. lambear Member

    Re: Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

    Hey, how come the florida anonymous bucket of acid site has been down all week? I couldn't get info on the next raid because of that!:confused:
  6. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

    The site host has gone pay-to-use on us like Ning. In the meantime, watch WWP instead.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

    It sure does.
  8. Rockyj Member

    Re: Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

    All I can think of is "We Run This!"
  9. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

    Indeed. Brave Anon is brave. Go CW Anons!

  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Unintentional Solo-Raid Clearwater 11/20/10

    Yup, still <3 this video!

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