Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Anon1720, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Anon1720 Member


    Almost all posts are showing up underlined? Is anyone else seeing this? How to I fix this? Please PM me. Thanks
  2. basil Member

    Re: Underlined?

    I've noticed this too.
  3. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Underlined?

    It is because some niggerfaggot didn't close their tag in the ad that appears under the first post on every page.

    I like it. Makes all the posts look angry.
  4. Re: Underlined?

    pft, explorer fags. use firefox tbh! :D
  5. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Underlined?

    That just excuses their sloppy coding of the ad. \o/
  6. Buttons Member

    Re: Underlined?

    Thanks for posting this thread.
    I'ts driving me crazy but I am computer challenged and was too timid to ask about it.

    I didn't understand any of the explanation---but that's ok.
  7. basil Member

    Re: Underlined?

    Simple translation: It's not your fault, it's a board fault, that hopefully the admins will sort out soon.
  8. me57 Member

    Re: Underlined?

    i wondered about the underlining also
  9. Buttons Member

    Re: Underlined?

  10. the_leif Member

    Re: Underlined?

    Moved to the Site Issues subforum.

    I'm not seeing this in either IE or Firefox, but I'll point it out to one of the site admins.

    Looks like someone left an open tag.

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