Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

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    Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

    Today Dutch weekly magazine Revu publishes a second article about their undercover operation.

    First article can be found here:

    This second article

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    tells about a visit some journalists made to the Narconon drug rehab in Zuthpen, a city in the Netherlands.

    tl;dr: no real news for us, but an interesting read

    Highlights of the article.

    Visit to Narconon
    1. Reporters pretend that they think about putting their "cocaine-addicted friend" into rehab.
    2. Narconon staff-member Miranda (not her real name) tells the reporters that new clients have to "confess to their crimes" when they enter Narconon. One client said (s)he shot someone. Narconon checked this with the local DA, but he didn't know about such a crime.
    3. Belgian philosopher Pieter Blondeel (who graduated on the Scientology-subject) explains the Zone plan, by which LRH tried to infiltrate into government.
    4. The Zuthpen Narconon building looks like a mess, they are looking for a bigger building in Deventer, a city near Zutphen.
    5. Treatment costs 2.500 euro a month. Reporters count approx. 20 clients, so that would be 50.000 euro a month, or 600.000 euro a year.
    6. Purification rundown (vitamins, sauna) is mentioned.
    7. Again there are files on every client.
    8. Miranda admits there are no psychologists in Narconon. "We have all been trained at the Kopenhagen organization." From Kopenhagen they monthly come to check if all goes well. "Then we get money together.".
    9. Miranda suggests that the reporters apply for a personal grant on behalf of the Dutch AWBZ, which, in short, is a tax on income by which all care for elderly, handicapped and also drug related problems is financed. With that they would be able to pay for the first month in Narconon.
    10. Reporters can only get out after having eaten a plate of custard that is said to contain 3.000 mg of vitamin C against H1N1...

    Other Dutch front-organisations (CHHR-branch, TWTH-branch, Applied Scholastics, Lafayette primary school) are mentioned. CCHR-branch apparantly got money (9.500 euro) from a Dutch lottery.

    Since January 2008 Narconon and Applied Scholastics have tax status "ANBI", which means they don't pay taxes on gifts, and that someone who has given an amount to them can deduct this on income tax. (Remarkably Amsterdam org is NOT an ANBI. TTBOMK: i think however they are exempt of paying Dutch VAT-taxes. )

    Since June 2009 there is a "True Source Scientology Foundation" in Schiedam.

    There are some little consultancy companies, like Improved Conditions, Silhouet Management and Oxford. They use OCA.

    Belgian philosopher Blondeel explains Scientology is an organisation with a clear goal: make money. He mentions HCOPL 9 march 1972, in which A and J are the same: "make money", while K says "make more money" and L says "make other people produce so as to make money" . (I'll leave it to other to find source on this.) Blondeel on this: "Even if you look at Scientology as a religion, one should be free to follow or leave it. Make money on members is the last thing any religion should be occupied with, not to mention that you just cannot get people in so much debt that they are dependent on you for the rest of their lives. "

    Article also mentions OT3 in short.

    • Julia Rijnvis (Dutch OSA) calls Revu "merchants of chaos". She suspects big pharma is behind the articles and confirms ties between Scientology and Narconon / CCHR (NCRM in Dutch).
    • Dutch IRS cannot tell (because of confidentiality) why org does not have, but Narconon, Applied Scholastics and TWTH do have tax-friendly ANBI-status. Spokesperson: "But we do not close our eyes. If there is a good reason, we'll look into it."
    • Spokesperson for Dutch Health Inspectorate tells in the Netherlands everyone can start drug rehab. People can even stop drugs on their own, you don't need always professional therapistst to help you.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

    Basically, we need to be able to show where the money goes.

    Thanks for the summary, Trev. Much appreciated.
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    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

  4. Olrik Member

    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

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    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

    thanks for the write up
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    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

    Very Nice
  7. amaX Member

    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

    Wow. This is great!
  8. anonym0us Member

    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

    Oh shit, something new in Schiedam? -__-;; do not want
    For the rest, my pants is very pleased with this news.
  9. Belladonna Member

    Nieuwe Revu magazine articles

    I don't know what the date is on this. Nieuwe Revu is a Dutch weekly.

    Maybe someone could find out more about it. It seems like it is new.


    Here is their website

    It shows 3 articles from last year that don't seem to appear on WWP
    scientology – Search Results –
    They look good.
  10. TrevAnon Member

  11. Belladonna Member

    Re: Nieuwe Revu magazine articles

    Total search fail on my part - my bad. The pic in my OP has just been sent around recently. Thanks for your quick response.

    (merge request pending)
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    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

    does noes harm! iz free zone! has kewl dox! Tech alterations

    mayby anon can help update dox! and give back to scilons all around the world for epic lulz!
  13. AnonKat Member

    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

    Scilons got butt spanked in court about copyrights in the Netherlands

    Although that fucktard KittyKatSpanker (domed fucktard )found this site and posted it on WWP before this comment on it is insightfull

    Qoute at MR's blog

  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Undercover at Narconon Netherlands

    Scilon: What are your crimes?

    Anon: *Start readin tech alterations*

    Wonder what will happen?

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