UN should not allow Ahmadinejad to use it as a podium

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  1. Ahmadinejad is an isolated and illegitimate president of Iran. He is not a representative of Iran's
    people. This has been clearly demonstrated by Iranians in Iran and throughout the world.

    Also, more importantly, Ahmadinejad has no influence over foreign policy and is merely a puppet
    for Khamenei. His policies have destroyed Iran and are being used to isolate Iran.

    "North Korea II"- 2010

    Talks are merely a ploy to buy time and gain legitimacy. What is there to talk about?

    Both the US government and UN should not allow this to happen!!!!!!!!!

    See below press clips:

    Speaking at a meeting of medical school deans, Ahmadinejad said Iran "will soon pursue a new round of diplomatic activity" amid a new position of strength for the Iranian government, the Iranian Student News Agency quotes him as saying.

    "I will go to the United Nations and will invite Obama to negotiations," Ahmadinejad said, adding that such talks would be "in front of the international media, not a sit-down behind closed doors in order to talk about matters."
  2. This man has done enough harm to Iranians and other members of the World community.

    His platform is illegitimate and unworthy of news coverage. It is merely a tool for raising
    tensions in the Middle East and serving towards the purpose of affecting the Geopolitical
    and strategic situation in the Middle East.

    This ploy is now transparent to all Media and persons with heightened attention to the
    complex Middle East situation.

    Israel looking for justification towards continuing Palestine conflict and using the Nuclear Card.
    Palestinian entities and political parties looking to prolong Palestinian conflict.
    Arab countries looking to reduce Iran's regional power
    Ahmadenijad looking to exert or maintain Iran regional power while completely neglecting the internal
    will of his people.

    Welcome to the world of Geopolitics
  3. Take away Ahmadinejad Media Platform

    Ahmadinejad will be 0 without media coverage. Foreign media should not report
    facts from Iranian government officials who are actively participating in shutting down
    down media in their own country or detaining persons for their political views.
  4. Ray Murphy Member

    There's no way Obama will give him any credibility by talking with him. The only thing the U.S. needs to do now, is find ways to stall him until he's out of the picture (in the next several weeks).

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  5. Biden engagement

    Any engagement should be on the articles of the United States constitution.
    Iranians in Iran should have the same rights as US citizens before any engagement is started.
    You cannot engage with persons that do not represent Iran and are illegitimate in view of the
    citizens of Iran.

    "Biden said if the Iranian government seeks to engage in a dialogue with the United States, the U.S. will engage. "If the Iranians respond to the offer of engagement, we will engage," Biden said. Biden said. "The offer's on the table.""

    My advice is don't fall into this trap as it will harm US!!!!
  6. Ray Murphy Member

    No, that implies coercion to do things the the U.S. way. The only issues should be whether a government is recognised by another country (such as the U.S.) or recognised by the citizens under their law.
  7. I guess that leaves talks off the table.

    A military strike against Iran is not wanted by Iranians. This means a medium term of continued
    and more strict sanctions. Iranian government increasing repression and a rise of discontent
    among population.

    The only way out for Iran government is to allow Green movement in order to minimize
    discontent. The current rift between security forces, population, clergy, and politicians should
    strengthen the movement as it is the only force capable of saving Iran from a North Korea scenario.
  8. This is definitely a cross road for Iranian Society
  9. Ray Murphy Member

    The issue is still fair voting -- not the power brokers giving in to any movement. If the green movement got fair voting and lost, they would be able to campaign enthusiastically to change things through their elected politicians.
  10. Ray Murphy Member

    For the whole world - and we can say were we there when it happened.

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