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  3. Den Eternal Member

    Sniper shot a young girl
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  4. Den Eternal Member

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  5. Den Eternal Member

    Yanukovych appealed for military assistance to Putin
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  6. Den Eternal Member

    In the hotel Ukraine 13 dead
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  7. mip Member

  8. Den Eternal Member

    Lviv military defected to the people
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  9. Den Eternal Member

    SBU (Ukrainian KGB) and call up their friends to warn that were leaving with the center will to shoot people
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  10. Den Eternal Member

    Titushki and the police together with identical identifying marks
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  11. Den Eternal Member

    35 activists killed
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  12. A.O.T.F Member


    Fucking lethal in the wrong hands. Too expensive for the average citizen. Government snipers need to be taken out (Not Killed) but taken out!

    Un fucking believable!
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  13. mip Member

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  14. mip Member

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  15. Den Eternal Member

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  17. A.O.T.F Member

    Den .. Try to get hold of as many laser pens as is humanly possible, and then distribute them to "Sniper spotters" you will need around 20 to 30. LIGHT THE FUCKERS UP.
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  19. White Tara Global Moderator

    would this not then make the holders of the laser pointers sniper targets themselves?
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  20. Den Eternal Member

    It has been practiced since the beginning of protests
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  21. A.O.T.F Member

    Having any number of those things pointed at you, while "sighting in" .. it'll blind the fuck out of you.
    Can't fire on target. And if you have "Multiple" lasers coming at you from many positions .. it's very difficult to take any one of them out.
  22. A.O.T.F Member

    Not good enough - RAMP IT UP!
  23. White Tara Global Moderator

  24. mip Member

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  25. Den Eternal Member

    Сommunication may be cut off any moment, sources confirm the shutdown of the Internet, mobile and television
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  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    Good luck Den, stay safe all of you.
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  35. Nancy Beazley Member

    Den, you are doing a great service to your cause by posting these pictures here. Please take care of yourself and your friends. Your country will also need you later.
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  36. mip Member

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  37. Den Eternal Member

    Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych called about an hour ago Vladimir Putin and asked to provide guarantees in case of escape from Ukraine.
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  38. Den Eternal Member

  39. Den Eternal Member

  40. Nancy Beazley Member

    Saw this retweeted: "If Ukraine descends into full civil war, Moscow will seize Crimea." (Tweet by an ex-US military intelligence chief)
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