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  1. Syria, Aleppo now



  2. :mad:
    Russian ambassador to UN Churkin on Aleppo: -Young kids are being covered in dust in order to be presented as victims of bombings.-

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  4. Dec. 18, 2016. In the morning Russian occupation forces launched attack that was preceded by a long-lasting artillery preparation with the use of heavy artillery and mortars at Svitlodarsk salient. “As a result of fierce fighting while rebuffing militants’ attack the initiative was recaptured by Ukrainian troops. They counterattacked the enemy, throwing him back." The losses from each side ~20 killed, ~50 of wounded.
  5. A little positive

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  6. The Internet Member

    Yanukovych was close to finalizing a deal with ExxonMobile before the crisis in Ukraine. This deal likely worried Putin.
    Now ExxonMobile has partnered with Rosneft --so much so that it is fair to say Exxon is more a Russian than a US corporation.

    If Ukraine could develop alternative energy sources over the next few years that would help insure independence from Exxon. Exxon, I fear, is a monster with far too much power. I say that because Exxon has been spamming the US with false info on global warming for a couple of decades. Anyone who spreads deceptive propaganda like that is no friend of the people.

    Germany seems to be doing well with its renewable energy infrastructure. And China is producing electric cars and busses rapidly. Look to those countries for help.

    Donald Trump is our Yanukovych. I expect our Federal resources to be plundered. Maybe if we understand how Yanukovych robbed Ukraine we will catch Trump before it is too late for us.

    Google translate
    Янукович був близький до завершення угоди з ExxonMobile до кризи в Україні. Ця угода, швидше за все турбує Путіна.
    Тепер ExxonMobile має партнерські відносини з Роснефти --so так, що було б справедливо сказати, Exxon є більше російським, ніж американської корпорації.

    Якщо Україна може розвивати альтернативні джерела енергії протягом наступних кількох років, які допомогли б забезпечити незалежність від Exxon. Exxon, я боюся, це чудовисько з занадто багато влади. Я кажу, що, тому що Exxon був спамити США з неправдивої інформації про глобальне потепління протягом декількох десятиліть. Той, хто поширює оманливої ​​пропаганди, як це не друг народу.

    Німеччина, здається, робить добре з його інфраструктурою поновлюваних джерел енергії. І Китай виробляє електричні автомобілі та автобуси швидко. Подивіться в ці країни за допомогою.

    Дональд Трамп є нашим Янукович. Я очікую, що наші федеральні ресурси, які будуть розграбовані. Може бути, якщо ми розуміємо, як Янукович пограбували Україну ми будемо ловити Трампа, поки ще не занадто пізно для нас.
  7. The Internet Member

    Hey Den, I've been reading about Putin's favorite political philosopher, Aleksandr Dugin. Holy crap what a loon. I cannot believe that Russians take him seriously.

    Have you heard of this guy? Here is the English Wikipedia:
  8. Yes, I heard about him. A typical nutcase, but a close friend of putin.
    Sorry for the delay in the response (unfortunately politicians are the same everywhere, and now we are correcting this situation on the ground).

    Informnapalm published a book

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  9. The Internet Member



    It's good to know you are still alive and kicking.

    I recently learned I have second cousins living in Kiev the past decade or so. So now I have two reasons to worry about the people in Ukraine.

  10. Thanks!

    Report on the work done in the rear )

    1. We succeeded in stopping the trade with the occupied territories



    2. We prevented the escape of Nasirov (the corrupter, headed the tax service)



    3. Now we are trying to reform the system of allocating funds to civil organizations, in order to prevent corruption



    To be continued... )
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  11. Interesting article

    Why the Eastern Europe is in danger. How Le Pen issue worsened Putin-Hollande relations. What did the State Department communicate via diplomatic channels on the results of Tillerson's Moscow visit. Why Kyiv made an ultimatum to Transnistria. Russian military drills "Zapad-2017": possible threats of occupation of Belarus, Baltic states and Ukraine. Developments in Donbass. And why only the leader of Moldova visited Moscow's 9th of May parade. On this and more – reports.
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  12. The Internet Member

    Lots of interesting stuff there, Den. This graphic is a handy list of the power circles around Putin:
    Putin circle.jpg
    But Putin has been getting botox injections. His face now is smooth like a baby's bum.

  13. Yes, we are support Ukraine
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  14. The Internet Member

    "Sup" is English internet-speak for "What is up?" I think KKS was just wondering how you are doing.

    I like to hear how you are doing also. Because you have lived through the unreality of Russian propaganda efforts for a long time, I think of you as my elder brother. For us in the US, the constant circus of contradictory news stories is strange and still new.
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Who knows what will happen in the Ukraine now we have Bozo the Insane Orange Clown giving Putin blow jobs. I'm afraid it will make the situation in Ukraine more dangerous. Stay safe Den.
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  16. No I was supporting, after all Putin shot down innocent Dutch people

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  17. Putin and his grubby deadly hands happen in Ukraine and Donald Trump is sucking his cock for some reason:

    View attachment b16860d07db7aeb8fbd830285023f3a6.jpg?stmp=13968715


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  18. Whithout doubt in my heart
  19. Thanks you
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    Masquerading as Reporter, Assassin Hunted Putin Foes in Ukraine

    KIEV, Ukraine — Ukrainians have long struggled with fake news from Russia, but last week, they discovered something even more insidious: a fake journalist.

    The man was tall and dapper. He wore a dark suit and spoke with a French accent. When he met politicians in Kiev, he introduced himself as Alex Werner, a reporter with the French newspaper Le Monde.

    “He was elegant, calm and confident,” recalled Amina Okuyeva, who is a minor celebrity in Ukraine because she served with her husband as a volunteer soldier in the war against separatists in the eastern part of the country. Mr. Werner had interviewed her several times.

    It was midway through one of those purported interviews, in a terrifying flash of gunpowder, that Mr. Werner’s true identity came to light: He was, in fact, a Chechen assassin, the Ukrainian authorities now say.

    Continue reading the main storyUnder the guise of a journalist, the assassin, Artur Denisultanov-Kurmakayev, tried to murder Ms. Okuyeva and her husband, Adam Osmayev, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said.
    The plot went awry because Ms. Okuyeva was also armed, and the details of the attack and its aftermath are now shedding light on Kiev’s role as a testing ground for what Ukrainian officials say are hybrid war activities by Russia, including assassinations.

    The attack was the third high-profile killing or attempted killing in Kiev that the Ukranian authorities have attributed to the Russian security services, but the first in which the accused killer impersonated a journalist.

    In a statement published June 3, Le Monde said it “wants to stress that none of its journalists are in Ukraine at the moment and that its staff does not include an Alex Werner. Le Monde firmly condemns any impersonation of its journalists or of its title, for whatever purpose.”

    In 2006, the Russian government legalized targeted killings abroad of people posing terrorist threats, resuming a Soviet-era practice. But the Kremlin has never acknowledged using the authority granted under the law and has vehemently denied specific accusations, including those in Ukraine.

    As “Mr. Werner,” Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev had lived for more than a year in Kiev, mingling with politicians and anti-Russian activists before the shooting on June 1.

    The cover was good but not flawless, Ms. Okuyeva said in an interview, her first with a foreign news organization since the attempted murder. She was accompanied by two bodyguards who were on high alert throughout the interview.

    One indication that Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev was not who he said he was: He always carried a notebook but never bothered to write in it, Ms. Okuyeva said. He wore an expensive-looking suit, also a hint that something may have been amiss.

    There was nothing unusual in the request for an interview, however. “The press often asked for interviews,” Ms. Okuyeva said. “The media loves to write about us.”

    Ms. Okuyeva and Mr. Osmayev, both ethnic Chechens, are well known in Ukraine. In 2012, the Russian government accused Mr. Osmayev of plotting to kill Vladimir V. Putin, who was then the prime minister. Mr. Osmayev was arrested in Ukraine, but his extradition to Russia was blocked by the European Court of Human Rights.

    After the Ukrainian revolution in 2014, he was released, and he and his wife joined a unit of ethnic Chechens fighting in the war in the east, the Dzhokhar Dudayev battalion. Mr. Osmayev has been its commander since 2015. Ms. Okuyeva served as a sniper, wearing a camouflaged head scarf at the front.

    Gaining fame as enemies of Russia carried risks. The couple knew they were targets. “Putin is personally interested in getting rid of us,” Ms. Okuyeva said.

    The putative Mr. Werner met three times with the couple in Kiev coffee shops from May 20 until June 1, explaining that he planned an in-depth article.

    Before the fourth meeting, Ms. Okuyeva said, he asked the couple to pick him up in their car and drive to the French Embassy, and he also said he had a gift from his bosses at Le Monde.

    “There were a lot of small, strange things, and my intuition told me not to meet with him,” Ms. Okuyeva said, but she ignored the misgivings.

    As they drove, Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev asked the pair to stop the car for an interview and to sit in the back to receive the gift, which he carried in a festive red cardboard box.

    As the couple sat in the back seat of the car, Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev said, “‘Now, here is your gift,’” Ms. Okuyeva said. He opened the box, pulled out a gun and opened fire on Mr. Osmayev.

    A shot hit Mr. Osmayev on the right side of his chest. But he was not immediately incapacitated and struggled with the shooter for control of the gun. Ms. Okuyeva, however, long fearful of assassination attempts, was carrying a pistol under her coat, as well as a tube of the blood-clotting agent Celox in her purse. She shot Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev four times as he and her husband fought. Both were gravely wounded but survived.

    “I will always be thankful,” Mr. Osmayev said in an interview of his wife’s quick draw. “Because of her reaction, we are both alive today.”

    The survival of the assassin could elevate the importance of the case, should investigators obtain his cooperation.

    In March, a former Russian lawmaker who fled to Ukraine, Denis N. Voronenkov, was gunned down on a sidewalk outside the Premier Palace hotel in Kiev. Mr. Voronenkov’s bodyguard shot and killed the attacker. Last year, a car bomb killed a journalist, Pavel Sheremet, on a central street of the capital, and no arrests were made.

    After the attack on Mr. Osmayev and Ms. Okuyeva, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry and lawmakers blamed the Russian intelligence services. Ukraine’s SBU intelligence agency, however, has said there is insufficient evidence to determine whether the killer pretending to be a journalist was a Russian agent, but it has not ruled out that possibility.

    “For the world community, what is important is we have proof Russia is committing terrorist acts in other countries,” said Anton Gerashenko, a lawmaker. “His tongue may loosen to say who sent him here and why,” he said of Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev.

    While it remains unclear whose bidding Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev may have been doing, it was not the first time his name had arisen in similar circumstances.

    In the 1990s, Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev was all but openly associated with a Chechen organized crime group operating in St. Petersburg, and he once appeared on Russian TV to speak as a representative of the organization.

    In 2008, the authorities in Austria questioned Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev about his contacts with a Chechen asylum seeker and whistle-blower, Umar Israilov, who had testified to the European Court of Human Rights against Ramzan A. Kadyrov, the Chechen leader. Mr. Israilov said Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev was an envoy of Mr. Kadyrov sent to Austria to threaten his life.

    Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev said the Chechen leader had sent him to Vienna to persuade Mr. Israilov to return to Chechnya and, failing that, to murder him. He said that Mr. Kadyrov kept a list of 300 enemies to be killed.

    Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev said he had declined to carry out the assassination and instead turned to the Austrian police for protection against retribution for failing to fulfill the order. Two months later, Mr. Israilov was shot and killed by unknown gunmen on a Vienna street.

    Mr. Denisultanov-Kurmakayev said at the time, “I do not want to break any laws, and I am not a murderer.”
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  21. My squad (2015-2016yy) - managers, lawyers, programmers, salesmans, businessmans ...

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  22. Boris Korzack is my sensei:

  23. It is not that I like you or anything but maybe telling the thruth will take your stress level off.

    Me: I am a 43 year old fat guy of 105 killos that still thinks he is a catch for a young woman.

    Honesty amongst drawing them out
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  24. The Internet Member

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  25. Lost 5 kilo's by the way:

    Some European leaders with Ukrain leader:

  26. The Internet Member

    Hey Den my brother I hope you are well. I'm sharing something The Wrong Guy posted in the Trump thread below.

    The US and Ukraine have suffered the same covert attacks from the criminals in control of the Russian government. Watching Scientology made me more sensitive to the methods of intelligence collection and manipulation of public figures and public opinion. So I can see how Russia has been using black PR to manipulate public opinion in various places. But most Americans are not aware of these operations or their significance. They say, "Oh everybody digs for dirt and tries to make their political enemies look bad." They don't yet understand that democracy itself can be broken if an intelligence organization can coordinate misinformation attacks repeatedly.

  27. Congrats to the US with the first open battle with the Russians ;) . The result is two hundred killed Russians :rolleyes:

    P.S. Unfortunately, russia will try to take revenge - in the near future there will be an attempt of terrorist attacks or the murder of high-ranking US officials

    turn on subtitles with translation
  28. Information from friends - In russia, an order was given to prepare for the mobilization of the entire population, with the possibility of transferring more soldiers to Syria
  29. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  30. In Armyansk (occupied Crimea), an unknown substance was thrown out (previously - during the exercises the russians damaged something) - if the direction of the wind changes, Europe should expect acid rain. At our border, the first consequences can be seen in these photos:





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  31. Masks dropped. russia opened fire on our ships - six people injured, two seriously injured. Tomorrow will be considered the introduction of martial law.

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