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    Cops used automatic weapons have killed people
  6. Den Eternal Member

    Sniper shot opposition on stage (Turchinova)
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  8. Den Eternal Member

    Делаю все что могу. Если янык думает, что сможет спрятаться теперь в Крыму у меня для него будет сюрприз ;) .
  9. Den Eternal Member

    Face of the government
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  10. Indeed.
    They have just asked Ukraine to declare a state of emergency.
  11. A.O.T.F Member

    I would strongly advise Ukrainian protesters, to not post ANYTHING on Failbook. All communications coming out of Kiev are being monitored. Use alternative contacts.
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  12. Den Eternal Member

    Not yet heard about it. If one declares the - I in the list on the recruitment - these idiots give me the gun.
  13. From news/comments I don't think they have the man power, even if the did.
  14. Den Eternal Member

    Unknown Hero saved the girl that was on the 5 th floor of the burning House of Trade Unions. Glory to the Heroes!
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  15. Anonylemmi Member

    This shit is getting serious. I know it is tempting to run into the fray, but your first priority is to protect yourself and your family.
    Stay safe.
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  16. Den Eternal Member

    I'm not afraid to die. Life is given to sacrifice for another person
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    Lviv seized arsenals of weapons
  18. Den Eternal Member

    To the previous post. I am a lawyer and as no one else know that the law in Ukraine is long gone.
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  19. Anonylemmi Member

    Wars should be fought by old men like me who have already lived their lives. It pisses me off to no end that young people pay the price.
    Use your head, not your anger. Live to fight until you win.
  20. Anonylemmi Member

    I am not religious, but i am praying for you anyway. That is all i can do from here.
  21. Den Eternal Member

    Everyone who wants to support our struggle in other countries if you can put the near any embassy yellow blue ribbons. We need all the support. (I am sorry for my english)
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  23. Den Eternal Member

    Are actively working government Trolls on the west media.
    Who can help our group to discredit them.
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  26. Anonylemmi Member

    Freedom is difficult to obtain. It is even more difficult to keep. Be wise.
  27. Den Eternal Member

    Undermined on his grenade (police).

  28. Den Eternal Member

    Martial law imposed.
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  29. Den Eternal Member

    4 corpses of protesters in the cathedral
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  30. Interior ministry troops have joined the police.
    I think it's going to get worse.
  31. Anonylemmi Member

    I agree with you, but I also hope it does not get worse.
  32. Den Eternal Member

    Foto. Unknown Hero saved the girl that was on the 5 th floor of the burning House of Trade Unions.
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  33. Den Eternal Member

    Firefight on the outskirts of Kiev
  34. amaX Member

    My thoughts are with you all.
  35. Anonylemmi Member

    This is frustrating. My anger burns.
  36. Den Eternal Member

    General Internal Troops Alyerov ordered to law enforcement officers make up weapons
  37. amaX Member

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  38. Anonylemmi Member

    Den, are you still here?
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