UK: Setting goals

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by rasputin, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. rasputin Member

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  2. Are there places where this is the case? I've been trying to find a list of drug treatment services across the UK (not rehab facilities, but day clinics implementing the government drug strategy), but can only seem to find this list of Drug Action Teams

    What is worrying is that if you google 'drug treatment centres' in the UK, you get Narconon as the first result.
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  3. rasputin Member

    possibly not - if so then ignore me.
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  4. nebulous Member

    I was thinking along the same lines too. Or at least, see if there's some legal avenue of attack based on the regulations around licensing and mental health.

    What I mean by that is, I know to practice as a medical doctor you have to be licensed, and even alternative and complementary medical people have to go through some kind of formalization. What I don't know is how that carries over to mental health. IE, is it even legal for someone who's not accredited with any kind of professional body to perform an alternative therapy on a mental health issue? In fact, where the CoS claim to be able to use mental techniques to fix physical problems (asthma etc) is there an angle there?

    I'm thinking someone NEEDS to approach the relevant bodies/ministers and see if some of this can't be shut down or at least made more difficult. People like the BPS should know where to start looking...

    The other big thing that's UK related is the 2000 (was it?) decision to allow them to get out of having to pay NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE to their staff. I think this is actually partly related to the tax issue. If they were forced to pay their org staff a minimum wage, you'd get the benefit of higher quality of life for the victims who are still in and being exploited and plus it drains money out of CoS.
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  5. nebulous, how did they get out of paying NMW, do they claim voluntary status?
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  6. nebulous Member

    In short, yes, in reality it's a bit more complicated than that.

    This is the NMW act ... 80039_en_1

    The "exclusions" for voluntary workers are in section 44. Part 1 doesn't apply, as they do recieve some money, just not much. Part 2 however does, as long as they are part of a voluntary organisation defined as

    Letter of the law would make that, in my mind, a struggle. Spirit of the law, it's a downright reach.

    The ruling that seems to make this possible was described here amongst other places.

    However, it seems that everywhere you look at this stuff, they've managed to lobby themselves into a "reasonable doubt" pile, and in the absence of any concerted objection, the HMRC have caved.

    If that decision was reversed, a lot could be done.
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  7. I have had recent dealings with the IR regarding NMW because of the industry I work in and its blatant disregard for the law. In my experience the best way to get them to do anything about this is to have someone who has worked for less than NMW contact them to claim their wages. The IR would possibly then look again at it and decide whether they were in breach of the law. I really can't see how a person can work for less that 50 quid a week and afford to pay for tech courses!
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  8. dani_anon Member

    The community

    I wondered if it was worth handing out fliers about mar 15th in birmingham - all the hurst street area, with the details on scientology's views on being gay it would precipitate a swelling in numbers for mar 15th - I am down in brum next week, so I would be cool handing out fliers - unless anyone disagrees?

    I was tempted to hand out fliers through the chinese quarter about LRH's babybabble, but they may turn violent - so decided against it
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  9. fluffbomb Member

    Re: The community

    Actually, what are their views on homosexuality?
    I read somewhere that they think they have a "cure", (John Travolta was mentioned, I'm sure he loved that!)

    Good idea to send out someone to gay venues before the 15th and leaflet the bars. Send young men with cheeky smiles and I'm sure the majority of the venues would put a stack of leaflets on the bar.
    We love a good fight, and our crowd are known to show up in good numbers. :)
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  10. musketeerwang Member

    Yep, Hubbard believed it was something that could be cured or got rid of just like a BT. One ex-scn poster here says that homosexuals are forbidden from having relationships until they've been "cured".

    Nothing that didn't go on in other religions at one time. The point is that this is a 20th century religion. You wouldn't catch Wiccans forcing gays to "convert".
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  11. Rotanee Member

    Re: UK: Setting goals

    With the new forum upgrades, there is now a General Discussion sub-forum: Think Tank.

    Thank tank is to be used for:

    "Focused discussion and debate on specific topics or proposed plans. Stay on topic and find the best solution!"

    For now, I will move the thread there and see how the forum plays out.
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  12. anon87 Member

    Re: UK: Setting goals

    I saw this thread and was so glad to see Narconon mentioned as a target, they are pure evil - i've spoken to them and they basicly deny being part of scientology but are unable to prove this, when i questioned harder they asked me to stop e-mailing. The dude i think his name is Doug or something who responds to emails claims not to be Scientologist but mehh i have my doubts, i will keep investigateing.

    I think we need to create some form of base of activity's for the narconon raid, international and local - they do seem to be fairly active in the UK.

    If we can prove a strong connection between narconon and Co$ (DM is in charge + DM's RTC gets paid for 'materials' by narconon) this is a great lever to use as the rising tide of disgust in Co$ will then count fully against narconon. The fact their tech is dangerous needs to be highlighted, the fact it has no medical backing, scientific proof, etc. The Statistics they use are all false, info on drugs outdated, etc, etc. Many many many reasons for people to worry about them.

    Some good info packs to send out to places they target is a great idea too.
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  13. Good show sir, Good show, carry on

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