UK press release for approval by everyone

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  1. UK press release for approval by everyone

    Having been presented with a comprehensive list of UK media contacts (can be found in the London section of the April 12th protests) I have compiled this for approval before release:

    Does anyone have a problem with this? I will email it to everyone on the contact list tomorrow at 1pm ish, allowing time for changes should anyone have any problems.
  2. "bring the Church’s policy of Disconnection into the public domain."

    bring... to light

    ... into public view

    or "expose the church's policy of Disconnection"
  3. AnonNow Member

    We are Anonymous
    We are Legion
    We do not Forget
    We do not Forgive
    Expect Us

    a) Because that's what it is no matter how hard people try to change it.
    b) Because 'awoken' makes people outside of America sad and want to shout "It's 'awakened'!!!" and you are writing to British journalists. (Yes, I know 'awoken' is a *cough* word, it's just not used much in the UK). It's an awkward sounding word anyway.
  4. anoni Member

    Bring to light may sound best.
    Expose sounds too "harsh" for the protest we're all doing.

    Yeah, that sounds about right. The motto should be kept as it is.

    Other than that, the text sounds great.
    I say send away!
  5. It is

    We do not Forgive.
    We do not Forget.
    Expect us.

    and honestly, I would leave that whole thing off of a press release anyway
  6. stuwyatt Member

    Please mention that there will be simultaneous protests around the globe, including 'x' UK cities. The media need to be aware that this is a global thing...

    Great press release.
  7. anonforlulz Member

    Leave the bit at the end off if you want them to take you seriously. Also you might want to emphasize that this is an international protest to get their attention.

  8. Personally I think we should avoid describing ourselves as an activist group. Although we share some methods in common, the protests are really just one part of our ongoing war with Co$. When the media take this on board, it makes for much more compelling story, and should help sustain press interest over a long period of time.

    Other than omitting that one word, and the comments above I thought it was quite good.

    The media like to have leads. If you were able to contact 2 or 3 ppl from the UK who've experienced disconnection, and find out whether they'd be happy to have their details included. It would make for an easy link, and there's a good chance that they'd cover it as a full story.
  9. ANON E MOOSE Member

    looks damn good

    Stick with the classic anon ending though.

    dont fuck with the classics.
  10. argh Member

    Definately just refer to Anonymous as a group though, not an activist group..

    Definately the change from "bring into the public domain" to "bring to light" - good imagery.

    Also... I'd leave the "legion/expect us" bit off too. It is right, but this is the press we are talking to, and although I'm happy for Co$ to see Anonymous as a bunch of annoying kids (makes our job easier when they underestimate us) we would like the press to see that we are adult about this Serious Business.
  11. Strongly disagree, there's times when it works, and times when it sounds too real-life-role-playing-game. This is one of them.
  12. Ok guys thats some great feedback. I will post up a revised version ASAP. Could people PM with contact details of ex-sci's? Anyone know any who will be willing to speak?
  13. Plus, if anyone has seen videos showing UK citizens who've experienced disconnection, pls can you post links below.

    I know that I did see one recently, but I can't remember where. Once we've got access to the vids, it's to locate the ppl who were featured.
  14. ^ are you wanting me to add those to the press release? If so, I would suggest adding them as an afterthought almost, a kind of "For evidence of the harassment techniques employed by the church, please take the time to watch: ..."
  15. No, I was meaning as another way to locate people willing to provide their story.

    Once we've access to the footage, you, me or whoever would be able to locate the people interviewed, and see whether they'd be willing to do so in the future.

    I'm quite happy to track them down if you want.
  16. Revised version. Added a bit here and there, made changes as and where suggested:

  17. That sounds like a pretty good plan. StuWyatt has a video floating about the net of him getting harassed in Plymouth (I think?). The Scifags love him.

    Sorry, I must be really crap at explaining things.

    Anyone who's seen or can find videos of people who've suffered disconnection, pls can you post links below.
  19. Ah terribly sorry, I thought you meant people who had experienced harassment. Damned Thetans must be playing up again.
  20. How many people are we expecting? I'm not keen to give a figure in the press release due to my paranoia that we wont get the numbers, but if anyone wants to convince me otherwise then go ahead and make your point...
  21. Ok, I have re-thought this a little. I will send it tonight, after watching something on TV I want to see. That way, its in their inboxes tomorrow morning. Sooo... Be quick if you have an issue. 5 to midnight is your deadline, I'm aiming for a midnight launch
  22. It's not looking as though anyone's gonna answer by tonight. Whether you think it's worth hanging fire a few days, so as to locate a few disconnected individuals willing to speak, is your call entirely. It's by no means essential.
  23. I think its better to send it out tonight to be honest. If necessary, we can send out another memo saying "look, this is who we've got. They are the genuine article and this is what they have to say...".
    The media don't like to rush stuff, so the more advance the heads up the better.
    Press release, AWAY!
  24. endCOSsoon Member

    First up, I think Insert name is entirely correct. This release doesn't need to go out right now. Besides the release is focussed on the protest so better to wait until nearer the time say the Monday before. Otherwise the release will end up forgotten.

    I've had a go at rewording it to reduce the word count and make it punchier. See what you think.

    Other points of note

    Replaced "Attention members..." with a title reflecting the nature of the event.
    Ordered the info differently based on what I think is most relevant.
    Made suggestions for a couple more links to be added.

  25. Ah, well... shame that wasn't posted earlier to be honest... It took like 20 minutes to email the whole list (gmail is annoying sometimes) so I didn't check back after the midnight 'closing time' I alloted. There were a lot of people on that list... I was aiming for something a little more helpful/informative, rather than a 'cold' here are the facts, do what you like with it... Sorry
  26. A Nonnamus Member

    I'll help too

    If you need any proofreading, I've more than once been called "the Proofreader from Hell." I'd be happy to proof/edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.. Just say the word.
  27. endCOSsoon Member

    Not to worry tipster, you did the right thing starting the thread and the release has plenty of relevant information in it.

    Just a note on cold facts. Unfortunately this is the way a press release has to be. The recipients will be receiving several of these on a daily basis. I've been told, by a PR professional, that 20 seconds is the maximum amount of time that a journalist spends reading a press release. Hence the terse, concise sentences.
  28. K_J Member

    Were you looking for this?
  29. Ok, it went out, got a couple of "postmaster couldn't deliver the message" but only to a couple of small magazines...

    So far, one reply from a journalist whose name I will withhold, no one famous but privacy eh? Rather odd request actually...

    Sooooo... do we know of any lesbian ex-sci's? Can't say I've come across any... bound to be one though right :confused:
  30. Crusty Member

    Feel free to use or not any of the revised wording below as you think is appropriate - mostly I've just (to my mind) tightened it up, and changed from passive to active voice to make it more punchy.

    List of cities is important to get right - esp UK - and shouldn't mix countries and cities.

    Compromise on the signoff - just a touch of Anon ending....

    If we say we're going to answer questions and Enturb, we MUST set up the thread and provide a direct link - the key is to make it easy for these folks.

    Change church to cult - if it's gotta be church please use quotes :)
  31. Acknowledged, can anyone please help locate lesbian ex scientologists?
  32. endCOSsoon Member

    Good job. I've posted a link to your post in the Media subforum.

    Not so odd really. Sometimes a particular demographic is being targeted with a story.

    Crusty, I think the release has already gone out.
  33. Crusty Member

    Yup - while I was playing around with it - doesn't matter - I'd just say keep working on terseness, especially use of active voice, for the next one.
  34. Right well, bikerchick informs me/us that there are no known lesbians, and the church takes a homophobic stance, which I must say, I did not know. However, that could work to our favor with the gay/lesbian magazines.
  35. Ok, I've changed this a bit... put it in a press release format. I've bolded bits that I've added/changed. Hope this is ok!

    I made the press release a little more formal as we're going to be vying for coverage with people who do this professionally. Also, I think the bit about asking questions should go in the body of the email, whereas the press release itself should maybe be a pdf in an attachment.
  36. I appreciate we are vying for the attention of journalists, which is why I went for something for a little different, so that it stands out from the crowd. I think, on the whole, one reply is great for the moment. Its a bank holiday today and Monday so people are out the office, I got a few automated responses saying "I'm out the office, I will get back to you on Tuesday" so we shall see what happens I guess. We don't really want to send out another press release re-iterating what we already have, but its useful to have input for the sake of the next press release - (possibly in the wake of the protests? Like, "Operation Reconnect was a grand success, we all had lots of cake and fun")
  37. Draft for response to Diva magazine:

    Criticise away! I would like to send it by 2pm though...
  38. K_J Member

    Possibly add in homophobic quotes from LRon & the Scientology literature to prove the point?
  39. Done:

  40. K_J Member

    Like it!

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