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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by AnonEaskUK, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. AnonEaskUK Member

    This is the thread for the up and coming Norfolk and Suffolk cell. Expect us.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Goals? Initiatives you want to pursue? Campaign statement?
  3. Anonymous Member

    go East Anglia!
  4. AnonEaskUK Member

    Working on it.
  5. AnonEaskUK Member

    Our focus will be on maintaining internet freedom, and activities against the UK surveillance group GCHQ.
    We care about our freedom to remain anonymous on the internet. We care about our privacy. However GCHQ Has been violating our rights. We will not stand for this. We will take action against GCHQ to retain our privacy.
    We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are Anonymous. Expect us.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Identified the GCHQ bases in your region yet? Might make a decent target of protest.
  7. Anonymous Member

    It's in Cheltenham.

    Could I suggest that a better locus for protest would be the politicians who set the rules and give the orders, rather than the techies (many of them I suspect not entirely unsympathetic to your POV) who carry them out.

    Also: you will be getting someone from outside Norfolk involved, to do any thinking that's needed? Right? for Norfolk
  8. AnonEaskUK Member

    Got it. Problem is that my cell consists solely of me. So I plan to start with handing out information about why data surveillance should be opposed.


    Not everybody in Norfolk is an inbred moronic sheep-fucker with more toes than IQ points.
  9. AnonEaskUK Member

    The UK government surveys the British population every day, collecting emails, texts, internet histories and phone calls. However these activities are legal under UK law, but only because of legal loopholes in documents written before the invention of modern communications technology.
    However these activities are illegal under Article 12 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Which states that:

    • No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

    The government will tell you that you have nothing to fear unless you have nothing to hide. But these are the same people that will not give out information about themselves upon request.
    Saying that data mining is acceptable is akin to saying that being stopped on the street by police every time they see us is just fine, because we have ‘nothing to hide’
    This is wrong, because it assumes that government is just. It is not.
    Governments are bodies of people, notably ungoverned. Power corrupts.
    Those in places of power will use information from surveillance for their own corrupt agendas, possibly even against the general population.

    The United States’ National Security Agency has given over a hundred million pounds to GCHQ over the last three years to ensure that the British government spies on its’ citizens, and then passes the information over to the U.S.
    Verizon Business, Vodafone Cable and BT are among those who give GCHQ unlimited access to their networks. These collaborations allow GCHQ to harvest millions of phone calls, emails and Facebook conversations.

    Furthermore, GCHQ sidesteps many legal requirements by using information taken from PRISM and XKeystroke, both NSA surveillance programs that spy on other countries as well as the U.S. Last year GCHQ generated 197 intelligence reports from data obtained via the program last year, allowing the agency to bypass legal checks.

    What can you do? Firstly, sign this petition to stop GCHQ’s activities;

    Then please sign up on this website and post in this thread, or send a private message to the original poster.
  10. Anonymous Member

    E-petitions are, generally, cancer. Aside from generally doing nothing, in my experience they can actually be detrimental to a given cause because it gives people an easy way to convince themselves they have done something – thus encouraging inactivity.

    To get a parliamentary debate you have to hound the fuck out of your elected representatives. If that strikes you as requiring work then tough. Signing a petition takes no effort but it also has no payoff, whereas going after your elected reps actually has at least a chance of succeeding.
  11. Hi, I'm from a town near here, anything happening?
  12. I hate it when people or companies exploit loop holes to carry out there agendas!! Its not only people in governments but there a lot of people in positions of power who do the same also (Bosses etc), obviously not all of course, but a lot do.

    The whole spying on peoples personal lives through text messages and emails infuriates me! This also reminds me of the big brother society in the Kings Lynn area that i have seen.... there are security cameras everywhere!!! and there only growing in number! Police cars on constant patrol. In a small way i feel safe, but in a big way i feel under scrutiny! All of this is no doubt under the guise of our safety and protection of course!!

    Observe this link as an example:
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  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    O OK I thought these were spam links never mind
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  15. Anonnorfolk Member

    5.11.14 20:00 Norwich train station/ whos coming?
  16. Anyone know of any cells or forum posts related to north somerset/bristol area?
  17. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Charlie try using the search bar, you might want to message people who have commented here. Many don't check in often and a PM will get their attention. There isn't a separate section for the UK because UK/ USA are interwoven
  18. Well im a new member, but is there any possibility of you organizing something about the Sky Shield ban?Even though easily removable, Sky should not have a right to put a ban on our internet service.
  19. And im not in Norfolk or Suffolk, im in Sussex
  20. Website down at the moment, election stuff
  21. Anonymous Member

    If you don't register and become a member, you won't be taken at all seriously.
  22. a d Member

    the UK and USA are interwoven!! Feck! Well they shouldn't be should they? They are at least a different consideration although we share their fate. I want to know when we became airstrip one officially for a start. I want to hear what people think of the recent developments in respect of internet/mobile pone and asynchronicity communications surveillance in the UK - which seems to have gone by with a whimper. In the UK we are perhaps more at risk of government monitoring than anywhere on the planet and unlike the USA we arent armed by the proceeds of methamphetamine sales.( nor should we be ) We are waiting like sheep in a slaughterhouse. (MIlton?)
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