UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Xplorer_eX, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Xplorer_eX Member

    UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    I will cut straight to the chase, basicly i live so far in the sticks there is no one else that is involved in this for me to start up anything or even to help me start up a public-education event (IE, handing out flyers, talking to the public about why we are in protest ect.) my query is basicly, can anyone thats started events or could help me out let me know.

    Also if theres anyone from wales here, i could probably go as far as swansea, if we could start an event there that is not too far away for me (80+ or so miles), also atleast then it wouldnt just be me on my lonesome. I thnk i would be better in a group, as people wont think im some lone nut then talking shit.
  2. Soul Intruder Member

    Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    I'm from Cardiff!

    Lets get some more Welsh Anons and get some fliers out!
  3. Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    I'm from Bridgend, travel to Swansea almost every weekday. Had planned to goto London today, but stuff came up :(
  4. AnonCelt Member

    Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    im in swansea :D
    and ive got my guy fawkes mask coming in the post....

    if u guys are coming up to swansea lemme know we can go hug peoples and give em fliers and stuff
  5. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    We in Bristol got something started from nothing back in July so either come to us on the train for the 6th Dec ( - christmas fancy dress is recommended) or just get hold of the local police, tell them what you're going to be doing in your protest, set a place and arrange a date.

    Raiding places where there are no Scilons is important since it innoculates the local populace should the Cult ever start trying to move there. I remember an Anon telling me of a Way to Happiness foundation poster found in Torquay, miles from the Plymouth org - he went in and explained to the owner of the shop what it was about and the owner immediately tore it down :grin: If he hadn't then fuck knows how long it would have stayed there enticing innocent members of the public. - this is the original Bristol thread. Someone did exactly what you guys are doing - started talking and we've been raiding ever since :grin:

    PM me or any of the other Brizzle Anons for a template letter that we send to Plod each month to inform them of what you intend to do or for any other advice on raiding virgin soil. Also links to places that give good advice on writing press releases can be provided.

    Swansea is a good place to raid since it has the Uni there and is fairly sizeable in its own right - not to mention the more raids we have each month the more bricks the Cult will shit.
  6. WindyMiller Member

    Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    Beat me to it Anon1990.
    More the merrier.
    I think the Bristol bunch should have an outing in the New Year. Cardiff way may be good too :)
  7. AnonCelt Member

    Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    I am in no way associated with the Uni in swansea
    i be a noob anon so i'll prob wind up running thru the campus yelling gibberish that nobody will understand lulz
    that will be fun..and i'll get exercise :D

    any anons near swansea pm me :D
  8. Gentlemen Member

    Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    I may or may not have had intrests towards that town in the past.

    There is noting within 100 miles worth protesting. The way I amused my need to protest was doing secondary research into criminality of scientology on the hopes of writing a report to try bring down the cult.

    The best advise I have if you want to be protest active is find a friend in a protest town where you can crash the night and if your traveling by train book tickets really early i.e. as soon as you know protest dates otherwise your forking out 50 quid a time.
  9. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    Or you could just start mini-raiding the town. There's nothing in Bristol worth protesting (unless you count the Freezone moonbats) but we still do because we realise that the wider the message is spread the better - we're on the verge of getting ourselves put in a local guide book (if my source is right, at least) so it's always worth raiding locally.
  10. Enron Hubtard Member

    Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    Innoculation is better than curing the infection once it has taken hold. So even in towns where there aren't any $cilons, it can be worthwhile to leave a few stickers, posters and the like. People move around, and sooner or later they'll find themselves visiting a city where they'll be offered a free stress test. So it's great if you've already given them a warning of some kind.

    Stickering or postering can be done as a stealth mission if you're new to all this and you don't feel confident enough to wander around on your own with a GF mask on. That's how I started, in fact.

    One thing every new 'solo' Anon should do is visit their local libraries, and make sure there aren't any Dianetics books there. If there are... a few polite pencil notes can be added to the margins, identifying certain websites such as 'whyaretheydead'. Tuck a few leaflets inside as well!
  11. Anon1990.572 Member

    Re: UK, near Swansea (Starting Events)

    ^^^ Basically, what he said. I do it in my home town all the time - insomnia and 4am are a great combination.

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