(UK) March on GCHQ?

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Anonymous, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Given the constant revelations about NSA/GCHQ surveillance (thank you, Messrs. Snowden and Greenwald), has anybody in the UK thought about the possibility of organising some kind of march on the GCHQ offices in Cheltenham?

    How this whole situation isn't a nationwide (and worldwide) scandal is beyond me, and with the exception of the Guardian, it doesn't really seem to be getting the coverage it needs.

    It needs to be brought into the public eye.
  2. Anonymous Member

    BBC News has covered it, and several of the British newspapers also. I would think very carefully about marching on GCHQ, but this is not the place to explain why I made this comment.
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    That's pretty unfortunate. I think if anything's worth protesting about, it's this.
  5. Anonymous Member

    It is worth protesting about , but not at the place itself is what I am trying to tell you.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Fair enough, say no more. Regardless of the location, it should be done. I'm new to this, help. :p
  7. themadhair Member

    Bollocks. It’s the perfect place. Any such protest movement needs a symbol to grip and capture the public interest, and such headquarters seem ideal for the role.

    If the UK government freaks and goes full retard on some protesters then all the better - because that action would be public vindication of the concerns such a protest would be trying to highlight.

    It really comes down to two simple questions.

    1) Do you want any such protest movement to have its best possible chance of being effective? If yes, then the headquarters are the natural choice because of the symbolism and the direct challenge to said headquarters that the protest movement should represent.

    2) Do you have balls and/or an understanding of how shit like this goes down? If you’re recommending a different location for matters of safety then, frankly, you haven’t been processing the news of late. No matter what location you chose you are going to come to the attention of these folks, and that should be a standard assumption of any potential participant. Given this, why would you choose an inferior target of protest since you are going to come to the attention of the spying apparatus regardless?

    If a protest is to be had then don’t half-ass it or cut it off at the knees before it starts by denying it the needed symbolism such a protest demands. Get the attention of the fuckers responsible and bring the public fight right to their doorstep – win the PR by turning the headquarters into a symbol around which the public anger can focus and coalesce.

    Let’s not forget that this spying apparatus requires people to implement it. Those people are potential recipients of your protest message, and a protest action on their doorstep might tug a few conscience strings to inspire another round of leakers. Think Chanology and protests targeted at Scientology buildings for examples of the practice.

    The headquarters is the perfect symbol around which to build and inspire a protest movement, the ideal target with which to win the PR with. Should the UK gov go full retard the all the better. Let’s be real here, we are talking about a fucking government agency that doesn’t think twice about wantonly and grossly violating everyone’s privacy here – do you think any such protest movement has any hope of any success unless the fight is brought right to these fucker’s doorstep???
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  8. themadhair Member

    Thinking about the potential leakers line a bit more, maybe that is another approach to consider in tandem with protesting.

    It is a reasonable assumption that, for the vasy vasy majority of employees, a ‘division of information’ occurs where none of them are aware of the big picture. Each of them has their own particular duties and, without information outside of that scope, are simply unaware of the role their activities are playing in the wholesale debauchery of people’s privacy rights.

    It should be possible to construct leaflets which take this perspective into account. Complete the big picture for those employees with the information Snowden leaked. Really drive home the invasion of privacy their actions are contributing to. Include information about how to leak safely and effectively, giving tips on encryption and other spy tradecraft need to put information into the hands of those who can circulate it. Give details on what to leak, how to leak and who to leak to.

    Should cause the higher ups to freak out if nothing else.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    That's the reaction I was looking for. I sincerely hope they do go batshit about it, it only strengthens the point.

    I do like the potential leakers bit, too.

    As I said before, I'm very new to all this, so I wouldn't feel confident trying to plan anything just yet. All help gratefully received.
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