[UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

Discussion in 'Media' started by chanson, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. chanson Member

    [UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

    Managed to nab a copy of this week's Imperial College student newspaper. :D Interesting sections of the 4-page article include the reporter's personal experience with a certain possibly-OSA man I remember seeing at the Queen Victoria St location, as well as attempts to speak with CoS staff that day.

    Rar file of all pages here:

    For those of you who remember Red Tie Man at the TCR protest, apparently his name is 'Felix', too.

    EDIT: Emailed comments and cookies can be sent to 8)
  2. Yeah I've dealt with "Felix" a couple of times before.

    Obviously I will not mention what I know about him because then I'd be just as bad as the OSA.

    And two wrongs don't make a right.

    But three lefts do.

    I digress.

    By the way I can't read that paper because the words are tiny.
  3. fr33lanc3anon Member

    very nice article
  4. chanson Member

    Does your browser have a zoom to full size option? If not, try the .rar file instead and use your computer's image browser to zoom in.

    Sorry for the size, I was trying to reduce it so it wouldn't rape people's computers too much. :(
  5. Ash Member

    Very nice indeed. Bravo, Felix!
  6. Citybeatnik Member

    I'm halfway through this and just finished the journalist's dance with the "Totally Not Hired By The Church, Really, But I'm Going To Intimidate You" guy. If similiar things happen to other journalists... mmm. Delicious, delicious shit storm.


    Just finished it... crap, that very last part raised alarm bells in my head.
  7. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Great article. God help the guy who wrote it, but having said that, as he says journalists don't wear masks , and should i think be applauded for standing up to report on it rather than backing down after reading about fair game etc.
  8. Good article.

    I'm glad I didn't go up that alley beside the church. I did think about doing so.
  9. UTANON Member

    I love the "Chicken, Cult, Chicken, Cult" part. The image is just beautiful to me somehow.

    I enjoyed the article. It seemed rather unbiased.
  10. NUSerenity Member

    Ah god damnit!

    I was just about to upload my issue of the felix newspaper, but it seems i was beaten to it this time around.

    Well, my fellow imperial-fags can look forwards to witnessing my second posting spree on the walkway about March 15th sometime soon.

    I must say, the legion works fast.

    p.s One or two of you impfags phail at staying anonymous during protests 8)
  11. Drink Member

    Yeah, that run-in with the "security agent" was a bit unnerving. Hope the guy who wrote this is spared from retribution, litigious or otherwise.
  12. chanson Member

    Need a hand? :wink: You know, I was just thinking a couple of hours ago that one of the best places to go on a posting spree would be the toilet cubicles. People put up stuff there all the time anyway, and whoever goes into a toilet is always looking for something to read... talk about a captive audience.

    sry :(
  13. rasputin Member

    from the first page:

  14. chanson Member

    ...I didn't notice that.

    We should make a sign for the next QVS protest telling them to come out of the wardrobe.
  15. Re: [UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

    Safe a lot.
    The best piece I've seen I reckon.
  16. Re: [UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

    Excellent reporting.

    The 'man with red hair' is Graeme Wilson, head of CoS PR in the UK. The 'not security' guy was possibly from Saint Hill. A real security guard would identify himself if asked, and would be in serious trouble with the police if he did not. CoS security normally behave like that.

    Did Sky News or BBC London actually transmit anything?
  17. chanson Member

    Re: [UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

    Need to make a mental note to bring that up with the police overseeing the next protest then, if that happens. 8)

    Nothing apart from a small Internet article on the BBC's website:
  18. Voice Member

    Re: [UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

    Good article. I approve.
  19. mlpoulter Member

    Re: [UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

    Great article! Go go go Felix!
  20. saerat Member

    Re: [UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

    Its a sad day when a student press that has many spelling mistakes is more unbiased and fair then the main press o.o
  21. an0n348 Member

    Re: [UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

    Awesome article. Also, lol at the head of CoS 'PR' in the UK. I want to say more but I think I'll just leave it at that. Funny, though and I hope they're keeping up. If they are, I'd just like to take a moment to say: You guys are lyk relly relly relly gud at tihs. I'm lyk in or of ur skils and bilitees. Srsly.
  22. Re: [UK London] Felix - An Anonymous Protest

    That's a bit more winsauce on the fries I reckon.
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