UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

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    UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    OK, I'll try to keep this brief:

    Extremely fucking condensed version

    Legal action involving release of Sci-related information pending at UK Information Tribunal. Currently making submissions to court. Need research help.

    Slightly longer executive summary

    This is an appeal to the UK Information Tribunal for the release of files from the General Medical Council concerning Christopher Brightmore, an ex-CCHR 'commissioner' (CCHR is a Sci front group) who sat on the GMC's professional standards panel - including at a hearing where the complainant was CCHR.

    I.e. CCHR got their own guy into the GMC to sit on the panel hearing CCHR's own complaint against a psychiatrist.

    Case is scheduled to be heard in Jan 2010 - court is now taking submissions from lawyers of the other parties involved, and from me as complainant.


    Read the papers at:
    Fitness to practise panel: Cosgrove / Christopher Brightmore - WhatDoTheyKnow

    What help needed?

    I'm making the argument that the release of this information is in the public interest.

    In order to support that argument, it would help if I can show as clearly as possible (i.e. with written evidence):

    - that CCHR is controlled by Scientology (i think there was a diagram leaked from Sci's own documents showing this? can someone help me find it?)

    - that Scientology has a history of trying to take over health-related organisations, particularly in the field of psychiatry, by injecting their own members into them. (the only example I have is from the 1970s - the other side's lawyers are rubbishing it because it's so long ago).

    Thanks. Can provide more info ifyou like, don't want to bore you.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Wasn't there a Scientologist that got himself on some medical board of a hospital somewhere in the North East United States since we started protesting? I know it's been discussed her on these boards.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information thanks cchr international for usage of copyright symbols etc.

    In "about us" on the website, you get

    Apparently Dr Szasz was used by CCHR to legitimise themselves - Scientology hatred of psychiatry and psychology // CCHR
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    I think you're talking about John Coale, husband of Greta Van Susteran, who's now on the board of the Maryland Medical System (not the right name).
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Amzingly their internal dox say different:
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Many thanks, guys.

    Looking fairly good on the Sci<->CCHR side, any more info on attempted takeover of health/psychiatry bodies wd be very useful.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Does this count?
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Sadly rather too broad, I'm looking for more recent versions of this type of Sci campaign:

    Believe What You Like - C.H. Rolph
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]Scientology's Campaign for the &quot;Global Obliteration of Psychiatry&quot; [/SIZE]

    Video - Scientology leader David Miscavige, speaking at the New Year Event for the International Association of Scientologists, recapping the 2006 Campaign for the Global Obliteration of Psychiatry - (from about 1:50)

    The video includes the CCHR seal as a background:




    The third image includes the CCHR's &quot;Psychiatry: Industry of Death&quot; campaign materials.

    And the text of Miscavige's speech makes it clear that the CCHR is implementing the IAS's campaign to obliterate psychiatry.

    [SIZE=&quot;2&quot;]Transcript :

    DAVID MISCAVIGE: ... we really did ignite all engines at the IAS Anniversary, just two months ago. To quickly recap, those campaigns were specifically engineered to halt the dwindling spiral. Or, more technically, to literally audit this planet from three feet behind society's head and thereby remove the surface charge before it builds up and blows the whole works. So, yes, indeed, as a combined whole you can label those strategies as planetary salvage, embracing all pivotal programs from the very top, in the creation of new ideal orgs, to the very bottom in eradicating the virus of aberration at its source.

    Accordingly, if not poetically, where better to begin a year-end review than with our 2006 campaign to break the dark spell cast across Earth by Psychiatry.


    By way of a recap, the campaign was expressly, maybe even “diabolically,” engineered to ignite both government action and media blizzard. It’s also got an internal kicker: our Mental Health Budget Adjustment Kit, which essentially works like a “smart bomb” in that it “sniffs” out psych fuel lines and blows the funding mechanism. And in that way—to put it bluntly—we booby-trap the whole psychiatric ecosystem.

    So, while only nine weeks have passed since global activation, here’s the preliminary action report: The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, CCHR Central, has a tracking board designed to measure collateral damage from our campaign roll-out. It monitors both incoming complaints of psych abuse and outgoing “psych alerts” to state and federal prosecutors.
    And while it’s sometimes tricky to determine just whose “bomb” hit the ammo dump, this much is blazingly clear: while it takes a psych eight years to earn his license, we’ve already yanked 21 in the last four weeks.

    Then there’s all our campaign represents as a high-pressure system for an anti-psych climate, of which the best barometer is the anti-psych media index. And while CCHR trackers describe the recent weeks as “highest ever,” the psychs themselves have a somewhat more descriptive name for it: “Apocalypse now!”

    And here’s the satellite view: the first of four plagues to visit psychiatrists in the wake of our campaign was a veritable storm of British press—more than 800 column inches mushrooming up from our launch site in England. Then came the 2,600 newspaper, magazine and e-news articles like a cloud of locusts from elsewhere around the world, followed by a third swarm of news clips, documentaries and televised forums.

    Then, just when psychs thought the seas had parted and they could safely enjoy this holiday season, it all rained down. Because what with CCHR-inspired hearings on the menace of new generation psych drugs, the age-old secrets of how psychs cut deals with the FDA have finally come to light.

    And since the FDA can’t get “the toothpaste back in the tube,” they just agreed to smear new black box warnings all over the anti-depressant line-up. Which in turn fueled an anti-psych media fest like something out of Revelations and it looks like this: The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The International Herald Tribune, USA Today, Associated Press and all over network news. Until, as of tonight… well, let me put it like this: At our IAS Anniversary celebration, I told you psychs were about to believe in the Divine Wrath of God. And, sure enough, they now know that wrath is swift and certain.

    Because in just the last eight weeks came 37,824 column inches of anti-psych press to “mess them up but good”—and that’s our 2006 campaign for the Global Obliteration of Psychiatry.

    International Scientology News Issue 35 © 2007 CSI[/SIZE]


    [SIZE=&quot;4&quot;]John P. Coale[/SIZE]

    Appointment of John P. Coale to the Board of the University of Maryland Medical System Corporation

    John P. Coale is a Scientologist

    Mr Coale is actually a level OTVIII Scientologist - ie. higher than Tom Cruise, and at the top of the hierarchy of Scientology processing.

    &quot; My main experience with John Coale was in 1990 when we were study partners on Scientology's highest training level (technically called New OT8). I observed that John was very purposeful in getting what he wanted from the course and its promised super-human powers. From my experience I believe that John Coale is a deeply devoted and committed Scientologist. His attainment of New OT8 places him at the top of the Scientology pyramid. &quot;

    Michael Pattinson
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    This is from Denmark, but it is highly relevant to what you want evidence that they try and do: infiltrate other organisations, in order to take control/spy.

    From this site (Danish DCI (Dialogue centre)): Scientologer jager psykiatere

    They detail how Scientology/MMK/which is the danish chapter of CCHR on numerous occasions have attempted to infiltrate and take over an organisation for relatives tio psychiatric patients. The way I read it they HAVE in fact gained some power in the organization, which is causing trouble/dividing the members, and that our social minister has been contacted in this regard in 2007.

    I'm sure they will help you with further dox/translations if you contact them!
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    This is a bit old, but in the 80's 11 scientologists were convicted following "Operation Snow White", which involved over 5000 scientologists being planted in government and non-government agencies in 30 countries, including the National Institute of Mental Health and the AMA.

    “Dianetic Sect Said to Spy on AMA; Criticized Over Dianetics.” New York Times. November 2nd, 1979.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Similar article:

    Scientologists "Spies" in the A.M.A. November 1, 1978 (AP wire)

    Leaders of the Church of Scientology thought of the American Medical
    Association and the National Institute of Mental Health as enemies and
    infiltrated the medical association to discredit it, according to
    documents made public Thursday.
    The documents, seized in a raid by agents of the Federal Bureau of
    Investigation at two Scientology offices in Los Angeles in 1977, were
    released by Federal District Judge Charles R, Richey. They assert that
    members of the controversial church planted spies and had a "doom
    program" aimed at the A.M.A,
    Church leaders also planned to "take over control" of the National
    Institute of Mental Health near Washington, according to the
    The Rev. Kenneth Whitman, the church's president, said in a
    statement that release of the documents "will tell nothing about the
    actual workings" of the church.' We have said we do not condone
    violations of law or established church creed by our own members" the
    statement said, "but by these same standards we deplore the cover-up
    and nonprosecution of Government agency criminal acts and conspiracy
    against our church and others who have been on government enemies
    Several medical organirations have criticised the church for its
    program of "dianetics," which the church terms therapy for certain
    mental and psycosomatic illnesses. According to other documents,
    Scientologists had copies of communications from William Colby, the
    former Director of Central intelligence and reports of confidential
    conversations among United States Attorneys who were trying a civil
    case against the church,
    The church describes itself as "an applied religious philosophy
    which believes that man is a spiritual being who is basically good."
    and, through counseling, "can better deal with his own life and take
    responsibility for the world around him."
    Church leaders were also said to have had files on Federal judges
    and copies of tax returns filed by Mayor Tom Bradley of Los Angeles
    and Frank Sinatra.
    Last Friday, Judge Richey found eight church leaders guilty of
    conspiring to steal Government documents. A ninth church member was
    convicted of a theft as a misdemeanor. Earlier last week, the judge
    released documents said to to provide details on thefts by the church
    of documents from the Internal Revenue Service, the United States
    Attorney's office and the the Justice Department.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    From Scientology cult contract - Wikileaks

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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information


    Two leaders in Britain still to face U.S. court in conspiracy case

    by John Marshall

    January 1, 1980

    One Guardian directorate was told to "place a very secure agent into the AMA Chicago headquarters in the best position to obtain data on their intended actions towards us."

    (Other documents filed with the court indicated agents had been planted with the American Medical Association, in a number of Government offices and in other private agencies.)

    One item in the massive documentation filed by prosecutors was numbered 354 in a 525-page inventory given to U.S. District Judge Charles Richey. Dated Oct. 12, 1973, it was a letter with Mr. Budlong's name on it to a U.S. Guardian.

    It was about an operation against the American Cancer Society code named "Smoke". (The prosecutors also filed a number of the church's codes with the courts.) The operation was "to see how much ACS has been doing against Sc ... indications fairly active ...

    "At this time we have operatives in their national headquarters (N.Y.) and in the following states: Massachusetts, Nevada, Cal. -- which should provide ample information."


    One document was a log of orders sent around the world from Mr. Budlong on World Guardian Kember's behalf on Feb. 18, 1977.

    Sandwiched between orders to the Deputy Assistant Guardian Australia and the Deputy Guardian Intelligence United Kingdom was one to Deputy Guardian Information Canada.

    Entitled "Shell Game", it ordered the Canadian officials to locate whoever inherited the papers of Dr. Brock Chisholm, the controversial psychiatrist who had directed the World Health Organization and who died in Victoria in 1971.

    "Using a suitable guise," someone was to go through the papers and copy anything related to Scientology or Mr. Hubbard.

    Current members of the World Federation of Mental Health were to be checked "in any way suitable" to see whether they might have any such documents. "If files are discovered, obtain them," the order said.


    One 13-page document seized by the FBI and submitted to the trial judge was a 1970 year-end report to the Hubbards with a copy to Miss Kember in England. It was from "Bob, D/G US" and headed: "U.S. Guardian Office Wins in 1970."

    A number of the wins were in Canada. They included: "Penetrated Toronto mental health hospital and established an agent as director of volunteers."

    And: "Successfully maintained clandestine operation against Canadian MHA (Mental Health Association) involving clandestine monitoring of files. Maintained continuous third-party actions between Canadian MHA and the Canadian Government."

    (Prosecuting attorneys said that to "third party" someone is Scientology jargon for covert action not implicating the cult that will confuse and disrupt some individual or agency and that sometimes will damage their relations with some other person or agency.)

    There also was a letter from a Toronto intelligence office, "Tinkerbell", to a superior in the Eastern U.S. Guardian office called "Twinkletoes".

    It commented: "Re third-party letters (groovy!!!) what a way to shake them up." Tinkerbell's letter accompanied a pack of materials from files kept by someone in Canada in the mental health field.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Go for it guys. Good luck.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    President of CCHR (US), Bruce Wiseman, is interviewed by Anderson Cooper, 360:

    Aired November 30, 2005 - 22:00

    "Tom Cruise has a new bone to pick with psychiatrists. He's boasting that he has helped think nearly half-a-million kids off of meds. Tonight, we reveal what Scientologists don't like about psychiatry. You're going to hear from a church member.

    Also tonight, are we on the brink of a mini ice age? Some experts say things could be getting much colder in some parts of the world. We will tell you what makes them so concerned.

    From America and around the world, this is 360.


    COOPER: Tonight a surprising new claim from actor and super star scientologist Tom Cruise. You probably know Cruise led something of a crusade this year against psychiatric drugs. Apparently he is not done yet. Last night, before Barbara Walters asked Cruise regretting anything he said so far. Here's his response.


    TOM CRUISE, ACTOR: You look at -- you know, what has occurred over this past year where you have the kind of labels that have been put on these psychiatric drugs. Since I talked out about it, over 465,000 children have come off these antidepressants so I think it is exactly the opposite. It's been a successful summer.


    COOPER: Cruise saying he helped get almost half a million kids off antidepressants claiming credit for a drop in prescriptions that occurred after the FDA issued a public health advisory last year warning that antidepressants may be linked to an increased risk of suicide in children and adults and this, of course, just the latest statement by Cruise, who may you may recall told the "Today Show's" Matt Lauer he opposes kids taking Ritalin and anybody taking any antidepressants or any form of psychiatric drug.


    CRUISE: You don't even -- you're glib. You don't know Ritalin is. If you start talking about chemical imbalance, you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories, Matt. OK? That's what I've done.


    COOPER: That's what he's done. Cruise has said the antidepressants and psychiatric medications are dangerous, especially for children. For Cruise and the Church of Scientology, it is not just a debate but it's a war, really, against psychiatry. Tonight, we want to give you both sides of the battle. We begin with Bruce Wiseman, he is the U.S. National President of Citizens' Commission on Human Rights, a scientologist group dedicated to fighting with it calls "psychiatric violations of human rights." I spoke to him on an earlier edition of 360.


    COOPER: Tom Cruise keeps saying that he knows the history of psychiatry and he opposes it. And you do, too. Why?

    BRUCE WISEMAN, SCIENTOLOGIST: Well, one needs to just look at what psychiatrists do. The Citizens' Commission on Human Rights was founded in 1969 to investigate and expose psychiatric abuse, psychiatric violations of human rights. At that time, Anderson, patients were warehoused in mental hospitals, they were similar to concentrations hospitals. CCHR was founded, the church recognized this was an area of abuse that needed reform.

    COOPER: Well, what is the problem with psychiatry today in your estimation?

    WISEMAN: The problem with psychiatry today is that it's a fraud. Psychiatry pretends to be a science when in fact t is not. Psychiatry ...

    COOPER: The same criticism leveled against scientology, that it is all based on pseudoscience and that it's a fraud.

    WISEMAN: Scientology is a religion. It deals with the spirit of man. Psychiatry is a materialistic practice that pretends to be a science. Do you know, Anderson, I think it is important that the audience know that so-called psychiatric mental disorders are voted into their billing bible. There's no science here. None whatsoever. They vote. This is behavior. There's no science ...

    COOPER: Do you claim that there's a scientific basis to beliefs of scientology?

    WISEMAN: There's a religious basis to it. These things are not comparable at all.

    COOPER: But you have like e-meters. You have these instruments which you believe measure things within the body. So you think there's a component of science to your beliefs?

    WISEMAN: I'm not here to talk about scientology. I'm here to talk about psychiatry. Scientology is a religion. It expands man's spiritual nature. It improves his relationship with his family, with his -- with the universe, and with the Creator. Psychiatry is a pretense at science.

    COOPER: So you don't believe it's helped anybody?

    WISEMAN: How can it help someone? You talked about the antidepressant drugs, Anderson. Studies at Harvard, studies at Yale, studies at Columbia and studies at the State University of New York, tie the drugs to acts of suicide and or violence. Yet the psychiatrists slaps a label on a child who looks out the window or butts into line and puts them on these mind altering drugs.

    COOPER: Just factually speaking, the actual number of suicides or side effects is actually quite small compared to the number of people say they derive very real life saving benefits from these drugs.

    WISEMAN: Factually speaking, studies show that people on these antidepressant drugs commit suicide almost twice as much as those who don't.

    COOPER: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. With that -- what you're saying -- there's no clear necessarily correlation between the drugs themselves, you can make the argument, people who are -- have real problems and maybe would have committed suicide anyway and perhaps the drugs didn't help them. You're saying categorically no drugs work?

    WISEMAN: No. And it's important to understand the difference when you say the word drugs. We are talking about mind altering drugs. We're not talking about medicines that actually help, insulin or antibiotics. Let me back up to something you said earlier. That these studies actually do show a causal relationship. If you lead the literature and psychiatrists should read their own literature. It makes it very, very clear that there is a causal relationship. The studies show people not suicidal or violent then take the drugs and become so.

    So -- I think it is a travesty. I think it is criminal. That psychiatrists pretend, pretend that they're a scientific discipline and in fact, push the drugs off on unsuspecting children.

    COOPER: Let me ask you, though. Because what you have been talking is drugs and what Tom Cruise keeps talking about is drugs and electroshock therapy and he makes it sound like anyone going to a psychiatrist gets pumped full of drugs and suddenly gets electroshock therapy against their will.

    That's misleading. The number of people that actually get electroshock therapy, electroconvulsive therapy is tiny compared to the number of people who enter into talk therapy. Are you opposed to talk therapy, as well, from psychiatrists?

    WISEMAN: A hundred thousand people a year get electroshocked, Anderson.

    COOPER: And 10 million get antidepressant medication. So, relatively speaking, it's a tiny number given the number of people who actually are in therapeutic situations. So are you opposed to talk therapy?

    WISEMAN: I'm opposed to any psychiatric practice that pretends to be a science and it's not. Let me go back to the instance of shock treatment. A five-year-old knows not to put a finger in the light socket. Yet a psychiatrist will run hundred of volts of electricity through someone's brain and pretend that it is therapy. This is barbaric. It's absolutely barbaric that this practice continues.

    COOPER: But what's interesting to me is that you're opposed to -- I mean, talk -- not every psychiatrist pumps you full of medication. The idea is and standards of care are that you're supposed to enter into a discussion, a dialogue, you're supposed to enter into talk therapy and medication is usually considered a last resort in the ideal. What is the difference between the classes which scientology offers which seems to me a very expensive form of therapy and going into a therapist's office and talking about your early life, your early emotional issues, the same things which scientology seems to address?

    WISEMAN: Scientology addresses the spirit. Psychiatry damages the brain. These drugs are brain damaging. Shock treatment is brain damaging.

    COOPER: That's a slogan. Sir, with all due respect, that's a slogan. Let's get away from bumper sticker slogans and let's actually talk what's wrong with talk therapy?

    WISEMAN: It is the truth. And whether it's talk therapy or drug treatment or shock treatment, all of these things are designed to treat disorders which the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, which is psychiatry's billing bible, clearly admit have no biologic basis. They say they can't even define what a mental disorder is and they say they can't tell the difference between one mental disorder and another mental disorder.

    COOPER: So is any form of counseling other than with a scientologist or scientology-approved group inappropriate.

    WISEMAN: Communication is a universal solvent. Pretending ...

    COOPER: So ...

    WISEMAN: ... that someone has got some kind of chemical imbalance, that's the falsehood. There is no chemical imbalance.

    COOPER: If communication is a universal solvent, then it's OK to go to a psychiatrist and communicate and talk and talk about, you know, experiences, cognitive therapy. That's OK?

    WISEMAN: But the psychiatrists pretends that there's a chemical imbalance and they're going to treat this with drugs or shock ...

    COOPER: No, no. But that's not true, sir. Not all psychiatrists pump you full of medication. That's just simply not true. Plenty of people who are with psychiatrists who don't receive medication who are in talk therapy and I'm just want to make sure we're accurate. You're saying that is still wrong because the person is a fraud basically?

    WISEMAN: I'm saying that they're pretending to be a science when they're not. That they're a pseudoscience. That whatever treatment they're using is based on a falsehood. It's based on a lie. It is based on a pretense that there's some underlying chemical basis that there's a medical problem when, in fact, there is not.

    And I think the public is being misinformed. Teachers have been misinformed about the subjective nature of psychiatric diagnosis and the violence inducing nature of the drugs used to treat them. I think it's criminal, frankly.


    COOPER: Well, is psychiatry pseudoscience? What do you think? Tom Cruise says yes and so does the Church of Scientology. We've had their say. Now we are going to hear from the other side when we return."
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    fuck you guys are impressive

    hope OP appreciates the substantial help
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information


    Fitness to practise panel: Cosgrove / Christopher Brightmore - WhatDoTheyKnow

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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Don't have dox to hand, but I know CoS UK tried to take over MIND, the Mental Health charity.

    Who's got the details? OGs? Exes? Anyone?
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Christ, I used to work in one of their shops as a volunteer....
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    APA Learns to Deal with Scientology Campaign Against Psychiatry
    By John Gever, Senior Editor, MedPage Today
    Published: May 20, 2009


    SAN FRANCISCO, May 20 -- Physicians gathering for the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting here were greeted with a noisy street protest by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), an offshoot of the Church of Scientology.

    From its earliest days in the 1950s, Scientologists have waged a campaign accusing the psychiatric profession of a range of abuses. Now conducted under the CCHR's banner, the campaign currently portrays psychiatry as an "industry of death."

    Demonstrations like the one at this year's meeting have become a fixture at the annual gatherings.

    In this exclusive MedPage Today video report, APA President Nada Stotland, M.D., explains what it's like for a medical society that has, as she put it, its own dedicated hate group -- the impact on practicing psychiatrists, and how the group has responded.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    John Coale, Greta van Sustern's hubby, University of Maryland, I believe.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    from email 15 of the leak:
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    It was the NAMH, later called MIND. Here are all the details....

    "Believe What You Like" by C.H. Rolph. "What happened between the Scientologists and the National Association for Mental Health".

    For Gaiman fans, Neil's dad, the late David Gaiman was involved.

    I've put a thread up on Clambake pointing to this thread, hopefully for some more input/insights:
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    This thread reminds me why I love Anonymous so much. :)
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    I've always been fascinated with this NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness | Home
    CCHR's presence at a congressional hearing on AD/HD, where the anti-psychiatry views took center stage. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) sent out an outraged press release about it, and was then forced to retract some statements by CCHR.

    I've always wondered the extent of involvement CCHR had with the proceedings.

    Maybe someone more experienced that me has more info?
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Having the CCHR on a mental health panel is like having the Jehovah’s Witnesses of a blood transfusion panel.

    I’m all out of info at the moment. The OP would probably prefer more evidence/dox for specific infiltration tactics but I don’t think those will be easily obtainable. Hammering the denial of mental health would seem to be the way to go here.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Hi. It's the OP here again.

    First up, thank you to everyone who's posted info - there's clearly some useful stuff in there. I'm going to take some time to read through it properly.

    Thank you also to sponge for relaying to clambake - I'll keep an eye on that thread too.

    The key things I'm looking for are that the evidence be:

    - authoritative (e.g. court documents, governmental reports)

    - recent

    - specific (to infiltration by Sci of health/psychiatry bodies).

    so if anyone has any more info then don't be shy. :)

    - yes, but there's another sort-of public interest test in the Data Protection Act ( Data Protection Act 1998 (c. 29) search 'legitimate interests' of the data controller or of the third party to whom the data is disclosed). Which is the one that this evidence could be useful for.

    Also, can challenge the application of this exemption, although that's a separate issue.

    Anyway, many thanks, keep it coming. ;)
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Oh, and I already have details re MIND, that's the example I'm using at the moment, but it was some years back so more recent ones would be better. But thanks for the thought.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Oh and just fyi, re Sci/CCHR representations to legislative committees, they've done that in the UK too, see:

    Scientology / All-Party Parliamentary Group for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction (APPGITA) - WhatDoTheyKnow

    and if anyone has the time/interest to request that info from the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction (APPGITA) directly then that would be useful - I've asked the Information Commission to review the House of Common's decision that the APPGITA is not part of the HoC for FOI purposes, but it might be possible to get the info directly from the APPGITA instead.

    Sorry about all the TLAs.
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  35. Anonymous Member

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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    It's rumoured that uk nhs doctors involved in these 2 groups have received or been listed for scientology front group CCHR awards:

    The Critical Psychiatry Network

    The 'Bradford Group' of psychiatrists

    Could be worth asking for clarification to clear names as necessary.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    A scientology run recruitment agency brings overseas nurses into the uk under the name Job Connections Ltd.
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    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Quote from scriptures:

    "We are not even vaguely propitiative toward medicine or psychiatry, and we are overtly intent upon assimilating every function they are now performing."

    Hubbard, L. Ron, Professional Auditor's Bulletin no. 53, "Ownership", 27 May 1955, In HUBBARD Lafayette Ron, Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology, vol III, BRIDGE PUBLICATIONS, LOS ANGELES, 1991 ISBN: 87-7336-654-4, 622 Pages, P. 99

    Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - UK legal action / Jan 2010 / CCHR / freedom of information


    Ability, Issue 131, august 1961
    Scientology's future

    Authority belongs to those who can DO the task in any given field.


    The psychologist could not change intelligence quotient or personality at will. The scientologist can. The psychologist could not restore sanity and happiness to the insane. The scientologist can. The medical doctor could not heal without consequence, when he could heal at all. The scientologist can.


    Scientology will inherit the hospitals, the clinics, the asylums, the halls of learning where humanity was abused. Scientology will inherit the task of signposting man upon a better road.

    Ther are only two reasons why this is so; they had their chance and did not do their job; we have our chance and are doing ours.

    So do not blink when you ask your doctor, your psychiatrist, your savant in the humanities, and he says we are vile. Who has ever admired his own executioner?
  39. NotMike Member

    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    Thanks. University of Maryland Medical Board. Sucks for them. Here is our old thread on that.

    A newspaper article on it.
    Former Comcast exec Burch tapped to lead UMMS board - Philadelphia Business Journal:

    And since this is John Coale we can bring up his infiltration document.

    PAC disguised dox thread:

    I nice little review of the juciy parts of those dox on Gawker:
    Sarah Palin Adviser's Secret Scientology Plot to Take Over Washington - sarah palin - Gawker
  40. timthephoto Member

    Re: UK legal action Jan 2010 CCHR freedom of information

    not wanting to state the obvious, but wasn't John Sweeney's trip to the industry of death somewhat "scientology in nature" ? like with mike rinder and tommydavis there?

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