[UK][GLASGOW][POST GAME][2008-08-23]

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by genome, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. genome Member

    [UK][GLASGOW][POST GAME][2008-08-23]

    mini raid in glasgow yesterday as the scilons had their stress test tables out on buchanan street. we have a couple of post game reports in the mini raid section of our boards so i'll just be a alzy bastard and link to them.

    Glasgow does it again
    Saturday 23rd Glasgow


    video online. i just realised as i was typing this i forgot to include the illegal parking pics.
    YouTube - 2008-08-23 glasgow raid
  2. Silent Member

    Re: [UK][GLASGOW][POST GAME][2008-08-23]

  3. vegnej Member

    Re: [UK][GLASGOW][POST GAME][2008-08-23]

    Didn't recognise any from Sunderland, so maybe locally recruited, remember keep enturbulating and get the Sea Org in for a mere $15,000 a day LOL
  4. genome Member

    Re: [UK][GLASGOW][POST GAME][2008-08-23]

    viedo disabled: innapropriate content


    i'll vimeo and rapidshare it

    where do i direct the abuse for it being taken down?
  5. genome Member

  6. anonymous44 Member

    Re: [UK][GLASGOW][POST GAME][2008-08-23]

    that scilon was just rude.
  7. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: [UK][GLASGOW][POST GAME][2008-08-23]

    YouTube's has GONE TOS!?
  8. musketeerwang Member

    Re: [UK][GLASGOW][POST GAME][2008-08-23]

    So far, all of them appear to be from the Edinburgh Org (naturally enough). Never done Glasgow myself (edfag only), so full credit to Genome and the gang.
  9. genome Member

    Re: [UK][GLASGOW][POST GAME][2008-08-23]

    musketeer, i may be mistaken about not seeing them before but its only 2 i didnt recognise. the old woman and the dude with the red inlay(?) in his jacket. the others are well recognised by all the glasgow dudes and edinburgh ones most likely seen them too. was just those 2 that we didnt recognise.

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