UK: East Grinstead: 81 year old Scientologist jumps out of plane to raise money for Narconon

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Sponge, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    £200 for Narconon UK - donated by scientologists.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Why would an OT need to... ? oh, never mind.
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  4. BlooAnon Member

    I doubt they had much more to donate, so can you blame them? They're milked for cash every other week.
  5. Anonymous Member

    UK Anons; if this woman is soliciting donations for NN UK when it no longer exists maybe a few phone calls would be in order. Over here we call what she is doing FRAUD and via the internet WIRE FRAUD a Very Serious Charge.
  6. booski Member

    No let me rephrase, it DOES exist as a charity right now.

    Narconon UK as a treatment center no longer exists. When asked in the video she said its to help Narconon educate children to which they do have a valid charity for educational purposes. As much as I do not like this Charity I don't see any Fraud here, Just idiots giving to a rubbish charity.

    The issue needs to be raised on if they are eligible to keep their charity status. And that I believe is already being looked into. I for one have raised a complaint with the Charity Commission regarding the Charity they have which claims to offer treatment to addicts as this is no longer in operation I fail to see why it should retain its status.
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    Add Another let's all get this one going through the roof!
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    Done and at 12 now.
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  13. Maybe "Doctor" Colleoni wants to leave a public statement about his support for Narconon:

    His house number is 0208 6510028, his Mobile number used to be 07834 589187, both UK number (add +44 for international prefix).

    Or you might want to write him a postcard, and send it to his home in Croydon:

    Massimo Colleoni
    47 Bellfield Pixton Way
    Croydon, CR0 9JX
    United Kingdom

    PS: He *did* study Chiropractic, but never took any exams. He was never a Chemist.

    He would not be able to tell the difference between sugar and salt using his kinesiology skills... and he already did miserably fail in that simple task... :)))
  14. SeenTheLight Member

    Louis Scott (East Grinstead auditor and financial advisor) has since passed away, on October 27th at the age of 59. Saint Hill held a memorial service for him on November 9th.
  15. Anonymous Member

    The jump cost £200.

    Nothing was raised for nobody.

    PR trick, and that's all it is.

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