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    /r/ pink background with caption:


    alternative suggestions:
    'Afghan Zeroes'

    The above png has a transparent layer, so you can put it against any background you want.
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    Anton Lorien
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    Anton Lorien, on the Borat set.
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    If anyone wants to troll Anton, create a parody twitter account, and be sure to tweet the people that he is targetting, except direct them to (which allows comments)
  10. Herro Member

    I talked to Nat again. She's having a great time and at this point is just laughing about all this.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Tell her I said Hi, we go way back you know
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I talked to your momma again. She's having a great time and at this point is just laughing about how much she enjoys not having you around anymore.
  14. getbeckyout Member

    I don't understand why some of the comments above, about Natalie and Silene are taking the piss, if it was your family or daughter you would think twice.

    I know some are trolls, culties, and that's there way.

    Silene is all good and Natalie is too.

    Natalie has just celebrated her birthday with her mum, and that's no help from the CULT.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I heard the Scifags she was answering to are fumed and pissed. Whatever Nat and Silene do from then is their business. I got what I wanted out of this: a good troll against an easy-to-troll cult. Consequentially if anyone gets a visible reaction from those Scifags, please get it on video.
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  16. getbeckyout Member

    That may be very soon!!!
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  17. Smurf Member

    Did Graeme or Anthony get some birthday cake, Tony? [IMG]
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  18. xenulondon Member

    Anton has a public facebook wall. He is going around spamming his shitty video, on every single, mother fucking forum that has any connection to the military

    /r/ troll to go post that he is simply exploiting the military to launch his pop career.

    It says that all profits to go Afghan Heros. For every £1 spent, at least 30p goes to Apple. After that, you bet he deducts a fee for his studio time (or any other bullshit).

    If you want some lulz, go troll him like this.
  19. Smurf Member

    Anton's continually being upstaged by his sister who's a working actress in Los Angeles.

    Anton's being applauded for being a supporter of the British Monarchy..

    "The British Monarchist League is comprised of several groups of members hailing from all regions of the United Kingdom and abroad that consist of monarchists, royalists, and their supporters, as well as various other groups of people that realise and understand the importance of the monarchy in modern Britain and the commonwealth. Our member base supports our cause to defend the integrity of the crown, the monarchy and more importantly our sovereign Queen Elizabeth II from groups such as the Republic organisation that seek to destroy Britain as we have known it to exist for centuries; in favour of a Republic that will bring less stability to the peoples of our great nation."!/people/Anton-Lorien/546700254?sk=wall!/uk_monarchists
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    Derailed thread. Off with your head. :)
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    "Whilst filming the video for We Are The Brits the crew met four squaddies who had just returned from tour of duty in Afghanistan and they were very happy to muck in and take part in the video, they loved it!

    The scene they were in, was the fish and chip shop clip where as Anton exits the chippy people descend on him from all directions and 'take a chip'. That scene was set up completely unknown to Anton and therefore was completely natural and unstaged. The look of incredulity on his face at the end when he sees the whole bag of chips vanish in a flash was totally genuine and it still makes us laugh out loud when we watch it."!/pages/We-Are-The-Brits/132153163509016
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  25. Smurf Member

    Now Anton & his mother, Avye, are scouring all the Facebook WWII-related memorial pages & promoting Anton's video.. an unflattering sign of desperation...

    "Not to be missed, brilliant new video for Armed Forces Day to celebrate delivery of home comfort parcels to each and every service man and woman in Afghanistan 13,500 in all. Please view, comment and pass on you tube link, thank you." Avye Lorien.
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  27. CarltonBANKS Member

    Thought - Anton is spamming the link to his YouTube video everywhere.

    If some creative people made videos (with similar titles?) - i.e. parody videos - could they be in the 'suggested' column on the right?

    That's a lot of work though. Just throwing it out there. ;)
  28. SwordofTruth Member

    Made my day.
  29. Herro Member

    Because it amuses me. And that's all that matters.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Indeed. Hell, that is why I helped the initiative on this thread to reduce the cult's influence on Nat and Silene (or get them out for that matter). A Scifag lost to the cult is a successful troll. Amusement gained.
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  31. Smurf Member

    Anton sounds like a bit like an uneducated fag... but I'd do him.

    Anton's girlfriend, Natalie Milsom.

  32. I'm glad things are moving in the right direction for your family :)
  33. getbeckyout Member

    Beck's future husband is still mind fucked by the cult, so until he gets his head together then our daughter still remains in Danger.
    We get fairroads and good weathers all the time from Becky, but trust me OSA, Sue and I are still and will remain strong in our fight against your money grabbing cult.
    We will never back down.
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    Tony... what level is David at right now? Has he only done the Infinity course in 2007?

  35. It is mind boggling how theey manage to take over minds and free will and destroy families! Hopefully he finds the clarity he so desperately needs to escape and free your daughter for good!
  36. Anonymous Member

    Make sure ARRSE know he's a scientologist.

    The LULZ will be mighty.
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    Is this Nat chick hot? Because if she isn't, why do we care?
  38. Anonymous Member

    Can I borrow your head for my rock garden?!
  39. Anonymous Member

    Who's "we" ?
  40. getbeckyout Member

    David Fryer - Scientology Service Completions

    TAS : Scientology Statistics : Individual Completions : D : David Fryer

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    Note: Preliminary analysis suggests that about 60% of people who try Scientology do only a single course or service, that 80% of new members become inactive within 2 years, and that 65% of those who reach the level of Clear become inactive within a year after doing so. The older a list, the more likely that a person listed on it is no longer involved in Scientology.
    Please read About These Lists for more information.

    David Fryer in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

    The following 1 individual completions for David Fryer appear in official Scientology publications:

    David Fryer ROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 67 2007-03-01

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