U.S. Hesitation to Invade Iran a 'Grave Mistake'

Discussion in 'Videos' started by iraniam, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. iraniam Member

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  2. grebe Member

    Headline made me go, "wat," cuz I think hesitating before invading is good.

    So first thing Mr. Sofaer says in that video is, "Missile Defense!" As I understand, missile defense is shooting bullets at the bullets being fired at us. For some reason academic physicists like Bob Parks at U Maryland say this is just retarded.

    Go count the working missile defense systems out there then come back. I will wait. Won't take you long cuz last I looked the total working missile defense systems developed since the Reagan administration equals a big fat ZERO.

    So wtf, I dunno politics. I'm just a shrew. Hope you humans catch a clue soon though.

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