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  1. paypal cust service #

    PayPal Customer Service: 1-402-935-2050 (a U.S. #)4:00amPST to 10PM PST M-F 6AM PST to 8PM PST S&S
  2. this seems obvious but since it is not spoken I feel compelled to ask ...
    These uncensored videos and news items are being compiled and burned onto cd's inside Iran? Everyone who sees the videos will know the truth.
  3. I guess everyone who access the internet has downloaded them,personally I did it once and distributed it to some people who were not reside on the Tehran because youtube is still filtered and either facebook, but its not an organized action,
    Its a good idea!
  4. Screw Paypal website

    Thought this might get some chuckles as well as major sympathy for Austin Heap. Ppl reporting how PayPal really stinks. Real contact numbers available for anyone wanting to contact PayPal regarding Austin Heap's problems.

    Austin Heap is one of my heroes btw. Free speech for Iran!
  5. Austin Heap's blog July22

    Here's the link to AH's blog. He talks about progress with Haystack 1.0 and PayPal.

    Austin Heap
  6. Hechicera Member

    From IranRiggedElect

    حرفهای دل -

    Link to Farsi blog. His tweet said it is stating it would be helpful to the green movement if the US officially recognized Ahmadinejad. Can anyone conform? Auto-translator isn't so good with this post.

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