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    from what appears to be a reliable source

    RT @iran Important : Persian Kiwi is not arrested, but he/she does not have access to internet.# iranelection
  3. found on fark

    Tweets from OG:

    Repeat: Persiankiwi is safe and no other variation of the name is them. persiankiwi is safe. #iran #iranelection #gr88

    Reliable source: mousavi FB is still not hacked - but they R having problems in posting directly - mousavi cnt move is under guard #iran
  4. cfi tweets reverse order

    API Count: 100 knv: @oxfordgirl they blamed it on those that disguised themselves as basiji and police

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:33:14 pm
    knv: Video proof of basij on roof shooting demonstrators in Iran - YouTube - Tehran Uprising, 20 June #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:21:01 pm
    knv: Televised recount! what is going on in their heads is really beyond me... #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 6:36:42 pm
    knv: RT: @oxfordgirl: We always knew that GC would rule for Ahmadinejad. we must continue the fight, on the streets Iran RT #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 5:47:56 pm
    bahadorn: r @shanselman a long time ago, i listened to your advice and followed 50 more ppl, using

    Mon Jun 29 - 4:19:49 pm
    mousavi1388: Bon Jovi and Andy Sing for Iran: YouTube - "Stand by Me" - Andy, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora & Friends #Election #Mousavi #IranElection YouTube - Mousavi1388's Channel

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:26:58 pm
    2hamed: @tillski nothing important really. I some times feel that way.

    Mon Jun 29 - 11:04:49 am
    2hamed: توييتر جواب نميده. چه خاكي بر سر كنيم حالا؟ توييتر جواب نميده. چه خاكي بر سر كنيم حالا؟ - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Mon Jun 29 - 10:19:10 am
    knv: RT @madyar:Guardian Council announced the election final result tmrw. think Mousavi arrested for this reason.If that's correct #iranelection
  5. Monday june 29 reverse order

    TehranBureau: Detained in Tehran - Detained in Tehran – Tehran Bureau

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:30:09 pm
    TehranBureau: The Guardian putting face to arrested, killed, missing: Iran election: faces of the dead and detained | World news |

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:21:16 pm
    TehranBureau: We're concerned about his health given that Bijan is a diabetic. He has a wife and two small children. end quote

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:07:05 pm
    TehranBureau: We're unsure about his whereabouts but assume he is in Evin prison.

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:06:54 pm
    TehranBureau: detained at the airport in Tehran on Saturday upon arrival from the UK.

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:06:21 pm
    TehranBureau: From academic listserv: Bijan Khajehpour a renowned Iranian political economist was detained at

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:06:02 pm
    TehranBureau: end quote. also posted here Updates – Tehran Bureau

    Mon Jun 29 - 2:02:04 pm
    TehranBureau: sounded more loudly than ever before. More and more people are joining those chanting, and people sound angrier than ever.

    Mon Jun 29 - 2:01:50 pm
    TehranBureau: the sound of Allah o Akbar [protesters chanting 'God is Great']

    Mon Jun 29 - 1:59:15 pm
    TehranBureau: Source: [translated] After the 10 o'clock news, when the result of the Guardian Council's vote count was announced

    Mon Jun 29 - 1:58:55 pm
    TehranBureau: Dispatch from Iran: Iranian protester thanks people and media outside Iran for believing in their cause ‘Thank You’ – Tehran Bureau

    Mon Jun 29 - 1:41:06 pm
    TehranBureau: On Parkway right now people are beeping their horns, and basij has responded by smashing their windscreens and slashing their tires." end

    Mon Jun 29 - 10:54:03 am
    TehranBureau: they started hitting all the people around him, even the old women.

    Mon Jun 29 - 10:53:21 am
    TehranBureau: Updates from Tehran: I was at Ghoba [Mosque] yesterday. When [presidential candidate] Karoubi arrived, they

    Mon Jun 29 - 10:52:47 am
    TehranBureau: "Feminist" uprising? Just posted a great piece from Golbarg Bashi about it Feminist waves in the Iranian Green Tsunami? – Tehran Bureau

    Mon Jun 29 - 10:09:06 am
  6. I summon Wall Of Text! rvs ord IRE mon tweets

    IranRiggedElect: roozonline: Mon. ppl surprised guards&Basij by huge gathering at different squares in Tehran(instead of planned human chain) #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:59:49 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @oxfordgirl: Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister: G8 summit next week could impose sanctions on Iran. #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:20:44 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @lotfan lotfanVIDEO : Tehran YESTERDAY (Jun 28th) YouTube - IRAN- Tohid Square in Tehran 28 June NEW!!!!!!!! #iranelection #gr88

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:15:22 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Did they get what they wanted? Check the cartoon: Picasa Web Albums - iranriggedelect - Misc #iranelection #neda

    Mon Jun 29 - 6:55:06 pm
    IranRiggedElect: (BBC)US state dep rejected Iran's claim re visa denial of iran's envoys due to #iranelection citing very late application as the real reason

    Mon Jun 29 - 6:40:25 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Today has been the first day that gov resorted to outage of fixed phone lines as well as cell phones to hinder demonstrations #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 6:34:15 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Breaking NEWS statebacked PressTV: Iranian Embassy comes under attack in Bern Iran's embassy in Bern-Switzerland is under attack by protesters #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 6:19:46 pm
    IranRiggedElect: AP: "We're going to take this a day at a time", answered sec of state Clinton when asked whether the US would recognize AN #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 6:15:40 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan The letter written by Hajarian's physician جان حجاریان در خطر است - #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 6:09:38 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan Hajarian's physician warned: Keeping him in jail might cost his life #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 6:09:05 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan Saeed Hajarian's medical doctor is summoned, his life is in danger #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 6:08:24 pm
    IranRiggedElect: TimesLondon: Life will be worse than before the #iranelection Life in Iran will be worse than before the election - Times Online

    Mon Jun 29 - 5:10:18 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan Only 11 countries have congratulated Ahmadinejad موج سوم؛ پایگاه اطلاع رسانی «پویش (کمپین) دعوت از خاتمی» #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 5:00:28 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Telegraph: Gordon Brown warns Iran over embassy staff Gordon Brown warns Iran over 'unjustified' arrests of embassy staff - Telegraph #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 4:48:35 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @lotfan lotfanVIDEO: Rafsanjani's political life, 5 minute clip on BBC Persian ‭BBC ‮فارسی‬ - ‮ايران‬ - ‮ویدئو: نگاهی به زندگی سیاسی هاشمی رفسنجانی‬ #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 4:46:23 pm
    IranRiggedElect: (link to video added) RT @lotfan NYTimes Cohen: We've now learned how ruthless Khamenei is Charlie Rose - A conversation with Roger Cohen #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 4:44:29 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan Tonight, people shouted AllahAkbar much louder and stronger than prev nights in objection to GC's certification of#iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 4:39:12 pm
    IranRiggedElect: AFP: US sec of state, H. Clinton, condemns treatment of British envoys Clinton condemns Iran's treatment of British envoys - Yahoo! News #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 4:21:28 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Guardian: "Faces of the dead and detained" post #iranelection impressive Iran election: faces of the dead and detained | World news |

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:58:34 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Guardian: EU threatens mass pullout of ambassadors from Iran EU threatens mass pullout of ambassadors from Tehran | World news | The Guardian #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:55:19 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @lotfan Mohsen Namjoo's new video clip on recent events YouTube - mohsen namjoo-محسن نامجو- سه راه آذری #iranelection #gr88

    Mon Jun 29 - 3:52:22 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan no representatives of Mousavi is nominated to the vote recount board هیچ نماینده ای به هیات بازشماری آرا معرفی نشده است #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 2:09:03 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan tonight, again, people shouted AllahoAkbar from rooftops.

    Mon Jun 29 - 2:08:06 pm

    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan Jannati: GC deemed the complaints and irregularities irrelevant and thereby accredited the results of #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 2:06:37 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Larijani: This (unrest) is not a very important event, it's another experience for IRIB which we'll easily overcome. #iranelection #neda

    Mon Jun 29 - 1:55:35 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Larijani (head of Par):CNN has given money&cellphones 2 protesters 2 portray a wrong image of Iran ISNA - 06-29-2009 - 88/4/8 - سرويس: / مجلس / شماره خبر: 1363423 #iranelection #neda

    Mon Jun 29 - 1:53:39 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Iran's Guardian Council confirmed the result of the election.

    Mon Jun 29 - 12:40:09 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @AnnCurry "I know but one freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who was born on this date.

    Mon Jun 29 - 9:13:15 am
    IranRiggedElect: F. Hashemi:There's no point in re-counting because ballot boxes are filled up with votes 4 Ahmadi. #iranelection #neda

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:53:23 am
    IranRiggedElect: F. Hashemi:Ahamadi's supporters R Basij & Ansaar which won't let Khamenei stay in power if he doesn't support them #iranelection #neda

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:48:00 am
    IranRiggedElect: F. Hashemi: Khamenei wants Ahmadi to be fully in charge, which he couldn't do before with Hashemi or Khatami #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:44:56 am
    IranRiggedElect: Faezeh Hashemi's open and direct remarks about the election at Qoba Mosque: #iranelection #neda 2shared - download faeze.wma

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:42:19 am
    IranRiggedElect: WTimes: inside TOR, a US navy technology originally that keeps the flow of bits in and out of Iran Iranian protesters avoid censorship with Navy technology - Washington Times #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:25:52 am
    IranRiggedElect: At least 60 of imprisoned women R in the public ward, only given a blanket&sleeping in corridors gooya news :: politics : گزارشی از بند نسوان زندان اوين و وضعيت دستگير شدگان اخير، مجموعه فعالان حقوق بشر #iranelection #Neda

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:18:05 am
    IranRiggedElect: HR activists report on unsanitary&inappropriate conditions for imprisoned women protesters in Iran's overcrowded jails. #iranelection #neda

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:15:13 am
    IranRiggedElect: Spiegel: "Carrot or Stick?" Germany's dilemma over how to react to Iran? Carrot or Stick?: Election Violence Upsets Berlin's Stance on Iran - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International #iranelection #neda

    Mon Jun 29 - 8:11:07 am
    IranRiggedElect: Iran officials denied rumors about downgrading diplomatic ties with the UK Iran: No downgrade of ties with Britain - Middle East, World - The Independent #iran #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:55:40 am
    IranRiggedElect: Times London: Iran has arrested more than 2000 dissidents, says Intl federation of human rights Video: Iran 'has arrested 2,000’ in violent crackdown on dissent - Times Online #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:50:50 am
    IranRiggedElect: It's getting interesting, Press TV (gov. media): Basij "imposters" are arrested Police, Basij 'imposters' arrested in Iran #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:43:43 am
    IranRiggedElect: NYTimes, Journalism Rules are bent covering news of Iran #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:40:06 am
    IranRiggedElect: (Gooya)Dr. Mehdi Khazali, the son of Grand Ayatollah Khazali, who unlike his father is a critic of the government is arrested #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:29:22 am
    IranRiggedElect: Mousavi's representatives met today with the guardian council which according to GC speaker ensued "no clear result" #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:22:31 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @bbcpersian Iran's intelligence minister "I told mousavi this trajectory would go nowhere" #iranelection #neda

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:20:57 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @bbcpersian AN, in a letter to the head of judiciary system, asked for investigation of #Neda death #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 7:19:52 am
    IranRiggedElect: Latest,Mousavi's FB: Mousavi NOT under house arrest,not abt 2 leave iran,under pressure 2 end this,but will stand4peoples will #iranelection

    Mon Jun 29 - 2:34:49 am
  7. Tweets about hour ago

    Mousavi's FB posts guidelines 4 protests,but says"now that Mousavi is not here&official pub announcm. R only access 2 him..."#iranelection
    16 minutes ago from web

    FB guidelines: using religious seclusion days (Jul 6-8) as an opportunity for green strikes. - photo sharing - download image Fasle Aval 1.jpg #iranelection #neda
    13 minutes ago from web

    FB msg contains suggestions. 4 cont. protest collectively agreed upon(AllahuAkbar,Writing Mousavi's name on bills,...) #iranelection #neda
    7 minutes ago from web


    <b>Man, this place does not even have a link to a tweet grid....somebody want to post one?<b>
  8. IRE tweets Tuesday June 30 20099:53am-6:17pm

    IRE tweets Tuesday June 30 2009, missing early am

    API Count: 100 IranRiggedElect: London Times: Nick Ferrari, host of a program in Press TV, quit his job over the media's slant about #iranelection Presenter Nick Ferrari quits Iran Press TV over &lsquo;bias&rsquo; after election - Times Online

    Tue Jun 30 - 6:17:35 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @LaraABCNews buzz continues over a video of Ayatollah Hady Ghaffari, saying Khamenei "sinned against us all" in handling of #Iranelection

    Tue Jun 30 - 4:21:46 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Note: Ahmadi's comment was made during his visit of Ministry of Intelligence yesterday. #iranelection #neda

    Tue Jun 30 - 3:46:05 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Ahmadi:MinistryOfIntel is a 'house of worship',where D best&purest suporters of Imam&Sup leader R gathered #iranelection ايران

    Tue Jun 30 - 3:44:57 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Guardian: Obama is urged to punish US firms aiding authoritarian regimes' internet censorship Obama urged to punish US firms for aiding internet censorship | World news | #iranelection #gr88

    Tue Jun 30 - 3:07:59 pm
    IranRiggedElect: (BBCPersian) Ahmadinejad: Soft subversion plot in Iran failed. *BBC *فارسی‬ - *ايران‬ - *احمدی نژاد: براندازی نرم در ایران شکست خورد‬

    Tue Jun 30 - 2:50:27 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT lotfan Please RT, English and Farsi Strategic Nonviolent Defense مرکز مطالعات دفاع استراتژیک بی خشونت #iranelection #gr88

    Tue Jun 30 - 2:34:04 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Karroubi:"I'm ready to work with individuals&groups who want change as 'Republic' is in danger along W 'Iran'&'Islam'" #iranelection #neda

    Tue Jun 30 - 2:28:51 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Karroubi 2 Iranians:"This gov is not legit.I'll continue fighting in any condition & with any means" حزب اعتماد ملی | #iranelection #neda

    Tue Jun 30 - 2:23:59 pm
    IranRiggedElect: @EileenLeft Yes he was on the Daily show a while ago

    Tue Jun 30 - 2:21:12 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @Fingertipnews: RT @TIME: After the crackdown: Iran opposition down, but not out | After Iran Crackdown: Reform Movement Shows Resilience - TIME #iranelection

    Tue Jun 30 - 2:04:19 pm
    IranRiggedElect: PressTV reports that military serv. cut by upto 10mo for conscripts with a uni degree (my $0.02: trying to appease intellectuals)

    Tue Jun 30 - 2:02:40 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Bahari wrote for Newstatesman in Sept 2008 putting AN government under scrutiny (Recommended read) New Statesman - Inside Iran #iranelection

    Tue Jun 30 - 1:53:35 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Maziar Bahari is an adroit Iranian-Canadian Journalist and filmmaker, who has penned for Newsweek and Newstatesman #iranelection

    Tue Jun 30 - 1:49:32 pm
    IranRiggedElect: (BBCPersian) Maziar Bahari has been forced to confess in a press conference #iranelection

    Tue Jun 30 - 1:48:46 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Bloggers are having a blast with evidence of #IranElection fraud in official state media footage: بالاترین - موضوع داغ: فاش شدن دروغ و تقلب شورای نگهبان با انتشار تصاویر تعرفه های تا نشده

    Tue Jun 30 - 1:34:27 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Official pics of vote recount show new unfolded slips+identical handwriting+ballot boxes from previous elections! #IranElection

    Tue Jun 30 - 1:32:22 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @TehranBureau: A story about the attacks on the school dormitories, from first-hand accounts: No Refuge – Tehran Bureau

    Tue Jun 30 - 1:08:25 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Rehashing Mick Jagger:"I see a red door and I want to paint it GREEN!" #iranelection

    Tue Jun 30 - 1:07:28 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Brilliant Perspolis style cartoons illustrating the chronicle of #iranelection Iran's Post-Election Uprising: Hopes & Fears Revealed � Part 1

    Tue Jun 30 - 12:51:21 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @lotfan: Help identify the dead and detained Iran election: faces of the dead and detained | World news | #iranelection #gr88

    Tue Jun 30 - 12:39:49 pm
    IranRiggedElect: (DW) Germany's Green party asked for immediate release of all #iranelection detainees

    Tue Jun 30 - 12:33:02 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @shariatmadari: RT @iranproxy: Video: Iranians demonstrate in front of their embassy in Brussels: YouTube - Iranians Demonstrate in Front of their Embassy in Brussels #iranelection

    Tue Jun 30 - 12:13:11 pm
    IranRiggedElect: (video) -- Riot police in alleys! Tehran @30 June! YouTube - Riot police in alleys! Tehran @30 June! #iranelection #neda

    Tue Jun 30 - 11:49:52 am
    IranRiggedElect: Guardian : How Iran is filtering dissents (review of internet censorship tech and strategy deployed for #Iranelection) Internet censorship: How Iran is filtering out dissent | Technology |

    Tue Jun 30 - 11:38:16 am
    IranRiggedElect: From now on, translations of @iranbaan tweets in English can be followed from @iranbaanEn it's legit

    Tue Jun 30 - 11:04:24 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan There are many who need your help, write of them rather than me

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:53:05 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan I am just a plain journalist, no more. Isn't it waste of your pen and your energy? (cntd)

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:52:35 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan (cntd) use your energy to address these and please help cooperate with each other

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:50:57 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan Friends! They are killing our compatriots, torturing our colleagues, and acknowledged the coup gov. (cntd)

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:49:45 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan just 2 make a note to those who have forgotten all about AN & the coup and are exerting themselves to slander me and my penning

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:48:35 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan The choice of title was said user's discretion and had nothing to do with me بالاترین: دستگیری رئیس جمهور موسوی(فرشته قاضی)

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:37:29 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan My mis-citation by a user of Balatarin, has apparently become a good incentive for some to discredit my reports

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:36:32 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan names of some of the recently detained politicians and journalists پيشخوان :: پايگاه اطلاع رساني نوروز

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:18:16 am
    IranRiggedElect: my apology for typo, @bbcpersian Iran proposed creation of Iran America TRADE council (not trace)

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:16:55 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @lotfan Nokia Siemens addresses recent allegations of selling intercept equip 2 Iran Provision of Lawful Intercept capability in Iran - Nokia Siemens Networks #iranelection

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:15:39 am
    IranRiggedElect: @Russa Dear Russa, the language spoken in Iran is not Arabic, it's Farsi aka Persian, and so is the link, try google persian translator

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:13:05 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @bbcpersian Iran proposed creation of Iran-America trace council *BBC *فارسی‬ - *اقتصاد و بازرگانی‬ - * پیشنهاد ایران برای تشکیل شورای بازرگانی ایران و آمریکا ‬

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:09:56 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan (fixed) link to Mojahedin's statement بیانیة سازمان مجاهدين انقلاب اسلامي ايران به مناسبت اعلام صحت نتایج انتخابات ریاست جمهوری دهم از جانب شورای نگهبان

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:07:41 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan the elaborate report of Mousavi's Vote Safeguard Committee موج سوم؛ پایگاه اطلاع رسانی «پویش (کمپین) دعوت از خاتمی»

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:05:54 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan The intelligence ministry announced that a number of detainees will not be released

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:02:32 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan The intelligence ministry announced that a number of detainees will not be relesed

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:02:00 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan Government's eschewing answering questions regarding post election affairs پارلمان نیوز : فرار دولت از پاسخگویی به حوادث پس از انتخابات

    Tue Jun 30 - 10:01:10 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan Ahmadinejad cabinet, with or without excuse, dodge answering the questions of the members of Imam's Way faction of parliament

    Tue Jun 30 - 9:58:39 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan The identity of challengers should be known so we can see whether or not we are accountable to them

    Tue Jun 30 - 9:57:18 am
    IranRiggedElect: Rt @iranbann statement of Mojahedins of Rev بیانیة سازمان مجاهدين انقلاب اسلامي ايران به مناسبت اعلام صحت نتایج انتخابات ریاست جمهوری دهم از جانب شورای نگهبان

    Tue Jun 30 - 9:56:20 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan (cntd) annulment lacks jurisprudence and legal standings

    Tue Jun 30 - 9:55:55 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan A government risen up from an election sanity of which the populace has not accepted and insists on its (cntd)

    Tue Jun 30 - 9:55:07 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan Mojahedins of Rev.: The election case is closed undeterministically after GC's affirmation

    Tue Jun 30 - 9:53:18 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @iranbaan (cntd) especially after the leader's endorsement, no other outcome but affirmation of the vote could have been anticipated
  9. June 30th tweets above: Not June 29. mods fix plz?

    soz, wrong date in title
  10. TB Tues June 30, 2009

    TehranBureau: A story about the attacks on the school dormitories, from first-hand accounts: No Refuge – Tehran Bureau

    Tue Jun 30 - 1:04:13 pm
  11. cfi Tues 30 2009

    2hamed: بخوانید: SmarterFox افزونهای برای راحتی بیش از پیش: سلام SmarterFox افزونهایه که خیلی ها آرزوش .. ۷ سال بایگانی وب‌نامه (وبلاگ) SmarterFox افزونه‌ای برای راحتی بیش از پیش
    Tue Jun 30 - 2:45:03 pm

    mousavi1388: Allahu akbar was heard louder than all the previous nightsبانگ الله اکبر بلند تر از هر شبی شنیده شد، خدا بزگترین است، خدا و نه هیچ کس دیگر
    Tue Jun 30 - 5:00:38 am
  12. TB Wed tweets july 1 2009 rvs order

    StopAhmadi: SMS is back all of a sudden. Now that's bcz gvmt tracking SMS. Ppl shouldn't use it 4 spreadin #iranelection info

    Wed Jul 01 - 4:04:27 pm
    StopAhmadi: Source says 11 dead yesterday, Tuesday 30 July in Tehran. #iranelection

    Wed Jul 01 - 3:35:45 pm
    StopAhmadi: Iranian protester repeatedly raped & beaten while arrested Iran protester was arrested, beaten and raped, friend says | World news | #iranelection

    Wed Jul 01 - 3:30:13 pm
    TehranBureau: Dispatch from Tehran: The Writing on the Wall The Writing on the Wall – Tehran Bureau

    Wed Jul 01 - 7:25:38 am
  13. moar wed tweets

    bahadorn: RT @shanselman: Bing for Firefox!

    Wed Jul 01 - 1:52:53 pm
    bahadorn: Choices that you have to make if you are a geek in Iran: use TweetDeck OR keep connected to your TFS in VS! (hint: system-wide proxy!)

    Wed Jul 01 - 1:26:48 pm
    bahadorn: At last! We have SMS again. I want to avoid using it for a while. Funny thing is nobody ever apologized for it being down for about 3 weeks

    Wed Jul 01 - 1:20:26 pm
    bahadorn: @shanselman When are you going to remove that "hosted by Carl Franklin" part? If you can't tell Carl yourself, I can do it for you ;)

    Wed Jul 01 - 1:16:25 pm
  14. knv tweets Wed July 1 2009 reverse order

    knv: can't add my FB account to tweetdeck. any hints?

    Wed Jul 01 - 12:17:59 pm
    knv: Faeze Rafsanjani interview in Ghoba Mosque (low quality In farsi) 2shared - download faeze.wma #iranelection

    Wed Jul 01 - 12:07:02 pm
    knv: RT @oxfordgirl: HOW U cn HELP Pls if not in Iran email/phone/write media TV/papers/radio & say U wnt 2 hear more abt #iranelection

    Wed Jul 01 - 12:01:03 pm
    knv: Nick Ferrari quits show on Iran-funded Press TV channel Nick Ferrari quits show on Iran-funded Press TV channel | Media | #iranelection

    Wed Jul 01 - 11:58:05 am
  15. Various tweets Thurs July 2 2009: reverse order

    bahadorn: Funniest mailing list thread ever: Yahoo! Groups (click next message to see the 2 replies, remember that this is the TDD mailing list)

    Thu Jul 02 - 3:53:53 pm
    2hamed: بعدشم جیش بوس لالا بعدشم جیش بوس لالا - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:18:02 pm
    2hamed: برم آشغال ها رو بذارم بیرون. برم آشغال ها رو بذارم بیرون. - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:17:34 pm
    2hamed: RT @iranmulah is a spammer changes link and retweets, BLOCK RT RT

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:15:33 pm
    2hamed: جالب بید... آمريكايي هاي كم سواد ايراني هاي باهوش؟! كلام جالب بید...... - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:04:21 pm
    bahadorn: @KirstenWalters Yeah, best casting ever!

    Thu Jul 02 - 1:32:04 pm
    bahadorn: Watched Valkyrie. Great movie. Now staring at a photo of the real Stauffenberg: File:Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1984-079-02, Führerhauptquartier, Stauffenberg, Hitler, Keitel---Stauffenberg.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Thu Jul 02 - 12:20:18 pm
    2hamed: یه سر با سابسکرایبر ها بزنیم ببینیم چه خبر. یه سر با سابسکرایبر ها بزنیم ببینیم چه خبر. - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 11:34:13 am
    2hamed: دورویی هم زیاد بد نیستا! [pic] دورویی هم زیاد بد نیستا! - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 11:28:00 am
    2hamed: @onlymehdi I checked that account, he did say bullshit but they weren't fake news.

    Thu Jul 02 - 11:11:27 am
    2hamed: نمیدونستم مشت خار دار ۶ تا بوده! من فقط سه تاشو دیدم. نمیدونستم مشت خار دار ۶ تا بوده! من فقط سه تاشو... - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 11:07:55 am
    2hamed: تو فکر ۱۸ تیربا کلی شاخه گل بریم راه پیمایی. تو فکر ۱۸ تیربا کلی شاخه گل بریم راه پیمایی. - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 11:01:06 am
    bahadorn: I don't think I have much use for gmail's new drag 'n drop feature, the *v* shortcut works well enough for me

    Thu Jul 02 - 7:06:34 am
    2hamed: خودمون هم خودمون رو گذاشتیم سر کار. خودمون هم خودمون رو گذاشتیم سر کار. - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 5:43:49 am
    2hamed: میرم توی ویندوز. میرم توی ویندوز. - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:55:30 am
    2hamed: بقلی بگیر... بقلی بگیر... - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:51:49 am
    2hamed: دو روزی صبح ها به پارک محل رفته و نیم ساعتی می ورزشیم. شاید بالاخره توی یکی از این دعواها دو سه تا لباس شخصی رو له... دو روزی صبح ها به پارک محل رفته و نیم ساعتی می... - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:49:35 am
    2hamed: ۱۸ تیر کیا هستن؟ ۱۸ تیر کیا هستن؟ - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:47:49 am
    2hamed: فقط امیدوارم ریپوزیتوری های مربوط به فایرفاکس فیلتر نشده باشه. اسمایلی فایرفاکس زدگی

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:40:19 am
    2hamed: بیاید شبکه پیامک کشور را تحریم کنیم.

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:38:26 am
    2hamed: Fwd: مسیرهای تعیین شده برای راهپیم... دوستاااااااااااان.دوســــــــــــتان اعلامیه راهپیمائی 18 تیر... Fwd:... - Hamed - FriendFeed

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:20:33 am
    2hamed: there is going to be a massive Rally on 18th of Tir in Tehran. #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:00:48 am
    2hamed: لعنتی ها کلمه partner رو هم فیلتر کردن. حالا دیگه نمیشه از مخازن اوبونتو اونایی که توش partner داره رو استفاده کرد.

    Thu Jul 02 - 1:17:03 am
    2hamed: منتظرم نسخه جدید فایر فاکس توی مخازن اوبونتو قرار بگیره بدانلودم.

    Thu Jul 02 - 1:03:21 am
    bahadorn: @mrtaikandi Hmmm. You're right. I should try that option. Thanks!

    Wed Jul 01 - 11:28:54 pm
  16. IRE tweets July 2 2009: Reverse order

    IranRiggedElect: Sam. Hash postulated that defeated candidates fully knew that #iranelection was "true" insasmuch as they refused sending reps(NON SEQUITUR)

    Thu Jul 02 - 5:28:07 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Sam. Hash.didn't consider Mousavi as "opposition" leader maintaining that his views are not reckoned as opposition to the gov. #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 5:24:29 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Samareh Hashemi, AN's campaign manager told PressTV that SMS outage and marring mobile services was to "ensure security"during #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 5:22:00 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT: @dominiquerdr: WashingtonTimes reporter detained 4 more than a week by Iranian gov is to be released Washington Times reporter 'to be released' by Iran | Media | #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 4:30:14 pm
    IranRiggedElect: (DW) Several German politicians of various parties lambasted Siemens for selling net monitoring equipments to Iran#iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 4:22:25 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @LaraABCNews Rooftop AllahAkbar still on, despite Basij raids-1 case where all res of a 5-floor apt buldg were bused 2 Evin #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:58:19 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @LaraABCNews Src:protest is mutating in2 a more subtle but potent form. It's changed from 1st week,but definitely not over #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:57:07 pm
    IranRiggedElect: (BBC) Iran's state run AlAlam(Arabic) and PressTV(English)'s operation permits in Jordan are abrogated by Jordan's government #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:52:22 pm
    IranRiggedElect: Music video created by Iranian-American artists about #iranelection: "Freedom, Glory, Be our name" YouTube - FREEDOM, GLORY, BE OUR NAME #neda #gr88

    Thu Jul 02 - 2:16:57 pm
    IranRiggedElect: (BBC) In a meeting next week, EU countries will consider pulling their ambassadors of Iran #iranelection #neda

    Thu Jul 02 - 1:59:03 pm
    IranRiggedElect: The Economist latest piece on #iranelection 'A hollow victory' Iran&rsquo;s disputed presidential election: A hollow victory | The Economist

    Thu Jul 02 - 1:57:16 pm
    IranRiggedElect: "It's all our fault& we were instigated by VOA&BBC!Watch the confessions shown by state-run TV YouTube - Iran Media Caught Lying and Deceiving People"ENGLISH SUB" #iranelection #neda

    Thu Jul 02 - 1:41:27 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @dominiquerdr Amnesty International is tweeting for Iran. Follow here -> @AmnestyOnline. In multiple languages #IranElection Plz RT!

    Thu Jul 02 - 1:12:02 pm
    IranRiggedElect: RT @lotfan Mousavi faces prison threat Mousavi faces prison threat - Middle East, World - The Independent #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 12:07:12 pm
    smileofcrash: Mahsa Amrabadi, Etemad Melli journalist, has been detained for over 2 weeks & her family are worried. #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 9:41:11 am
    IranRiggedElect: Spiegel has an interview with Mohsen Kadivar "This Iranian form of theocracy has failed" Iranian Regime Critic Mohsen Kadivar: 'This Iranian Form of Theocracy Has Failed' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International #iranelection #gr88

    Thu Jul 02 - 7:58:05 am
    IranRiggedElect: RT @TweetIran: Mahsa Amrabadi,EtemadMelli journalist, detained 2 weeks ago, was(is) pregnant,no info about her since 2 weeks #neda

    Thu Jul 02 - 6:15:59 am
    IranRiggedElect: "Don't hit, brother!" Read the translation of Ebrahim Nabavi's piece for Hajarian here: Iran Rigged Election: Don't Hit, Brother! #iranelection #neda

    Thu Jul 02 - 5:42:54 am
    IranRiggedElect: HRW director: terrible condition of the jail and the pressure on Hajarian to confess put his life in danger. #iranelection #neda

    Thu Jul 02 - 5:40:03 am
    IranRiggedElect: Human Rights Watch asked Iranian officials to release Saeed Hajarian or transfer him to a medical center as soon as possible. #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 5:31:32 am
    IranRiggedElect: Another shocking shot: a protester beaten by gov forces, graphic content, discretion advised Picasa Web Albums - iranriggedelect - Misc #iranelection #neda

    Thu Jul 02 - 4:07:48 am
    IranRiggedElect: #IranElection statistics have apparently been taken off the Ministry of Interior's website.

    Thu Jul 02 - 3:36:40 am
  17. TB tweets July 2 2009: reverse order

    StopAhmadi: Which Iranian gvmt websites are hosted on US servers? #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 12:03:48 pm
    StopAhmadi: New song by Siavash Shams "Neda" Video: I am Neda YouTube - New song by Siavash Shams : "Neda " Video: I am Neda #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 12:01:18 pm
    StopAhmadi: 7 arrested in Qazvin (English transl.) Google Translate #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 11:55:42 am
    StopAhmadi: 7 ppl arrested in Qazvin ‭BBC ‮فارسی‬ - ‮ايران‬ - ‮بازداشت هفت نفر در قزوین‬ (farsi) #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 11:46:27 am
    StopAhmadi: Src said some IR telecom employees get trained in China 2 learn new spying & monitoring techniques. #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 11:21:06 am
    StopAhmadi: Ayatollah Seyed Jalaleddin Taheri: This election is invalid. This Election is Invalid - #IranElection

    Thu Jul 02 - 4:44:43 am
    StopAhmadi: RT: Six people were hanged in Tehran’s Evin prison today Six people were hanged in Tehran's Evin prison today - Iran Human Rights #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 4:32:38 am
    StopAhmadi: Additional info abt this being planned 4 months. From Abbas Milani @ Tyranny Loses In Iran - #iranelection

    Thu Jul 02 - 1:56:42 am
  18. weird or gov twitterer

    mms777 looks like either a gov or a very weird twitterer. Followers look totally random; "following" mainly news sources.
    Nut some oblivious American because misspelled English.

    seems to think protesters are terrorists.....
  19. Visionary Member

    Iran Uprising Blogging (Thursday July 9)

    The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
  20. ICFCBL00 Member

    3alpha-3numeric twitter users

    mms777 and all other 3aplha3num usernames in twitter are all spamming popular hashtags and tor references with the url *.ieves.*

    If you are in Iran stay the f**K away from these basij spam bots. The link is an IP logger and it will identify you.

    There is a thread here but I do not know where that addresses this very issue.

  21. Further, the site redirects to is, which is hosted on the SAME IP as Nameservers for both domains also have the same IP.
  22. donjoe Member

    Turn it to our advantage

    You know what we should do with these bots?

    - No-one RT from them.
    - All Iranians avoid clicking their links.
    - Everyone from outside of Iran click their links every now and then.

    - They get the impression their scheme is working to a certain extent, enough to keep them going.
    - Since they're constantly generating new bots that keep making new #IranElection posts, the #IranElection hashtag is automatically being kept at high popularity. :D

    Thus we would be hijacking their hijack and keeping the revolution popular on Twitter without giving the spies any of the info they're out to get.
  23. JohnDoe Moderator

    Anyone have a list of offending 'twitters' so that we do this?
  24. donjoe Member

    A list would be useless, their names keep changing all the time.

    Look for any users named like this:
    <3 letters><3 numbers>
    <4 letters><3 numbers>

    ... who keep posting links with the word "ieves" in them.

    (Their messages used to be only about "sending anonymous emails" and "bypass Internet block", but after a while they started making them more realistic and included "MJ" and "FireFox3" and other stuff like "right now I'm doing X", where X is some common daily action.)
  25. JohnDoe Moderator

    Thanks that's enough to be looking out for them!
  26. Nichol Member

    ieves ip logger?

    if they are all pointing to the same site, and the site is outside iran, then isn't the simplest course of action to get that site closed down? Send complaints to the provider, or DDOS? .. their reaction would of course be that they move to a different IP.

    By the way: if many people from all over the world click on their link, should it not be relatively easy for them to find the adresses from iran?

    I expect that Iranians behind TOR would have ip-adresses that look as if they are outside Iran. Or am I understanding this TOR-stuff incorrectly?

    So: can this IP-tracker only catch the newby-iranians? And those are exactly the ones that might fall for the trap, while they are still looking how to get the TOR-stuff.
  27. donjoe Member

    Doesn't seem to matter anymore. I haven't seen the *ieves* links for days now.
  28. Visionary Member

    Iran - Twitter Search
  29. Urgent:Shadi Sadr(Lawyer& #Women Rights activ.)kidnapped by plainclothes walking 2 sermon
  30. tension related diarrhea /ahmedinajat has diarrhea/long live IRAN

    Personal note: Soo good to hear
  31. from-iran Member

    about friday

    they arrested some people n they laid them down on bussed , took them to some safe houses n invested them n beat them n released some ,n took some to Kahrizat Camp or Evin
  32. from-iran Member


    recently , i heard wen some certain words are said , the phone connection get disconcted after a short beep
  33. I'm only speculating, but this may be due to a problem with their telephone monitoring equipment. Usually, when keywords are spoken, the conversation is supposed to be recorded, not disconnected.

    It would be a good idea to make a list of these words. Later this list can be used to overload their system with inocuous converations.
  34. Haystack fundraising acct. frozen by PayPal

    "Freezing @austinheap Haystack fundraising account? Major #PayPalFail (via @lissnup)"
    20 minutes ago from Tweetie

    "I was just told the @PayPal account is locked because of the Patriot Act... no joke."
    35 minutes ago from Tweetie

    Can they do that?!
  35. a desert Member

    Yes they can. It's legal, if not what we'd call ethical. Somehow, I don't see them shutting down Amazon (or some other such site, I don't know who uses Paypal) for the same shite.

    Best response I've seen so far about it:

  36. Thanks for the quote! I'm going to re-tweet it now. This is really messed up.
  37. Haystack paypal frozen

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! This is so screwed. Can austinheap/haystack find a way to bypass using paypalfor donations?????????
  38. a desert Member

    Perhaps, but I think it would be in Austin's best interest to have more than one channel open for donations. Waaaay back in the day I knew some names of other sites that let you pass money.. unfortunately I'm an ancient woman know and I can't remember their names. But if people can find reputable ones that would be great.

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