Tustin Protest, April 18th

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Anonymous, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Tustin Protest, April 18th

    I wasn't able to make the protest myself, but I was able to drive by the org.

    I saw a number of protesters (maybe about 7 or so). What was really interesting was that the Scilons had put up their big banners promoting and I'm curious if they did this in other areas (they did this last September, along with counter-demonstrations, which they also did in a number of other areas).

    The funny thing is when they put up their banners before, they anchored the bases in some cheap plastic plant holders and they kept blowing over.

    They apparently learned their lesson and this time, they had had the bases secured in buckets filled with poured concrete, as well as ropes anchoring the tops of the poles. It seemed like they wanted to keep the banners up without having to worry about coming out and fixing them.

    Also, the Scilons were apparently engaging Anons, as there was a big pow wow going on. I'm sure the rest of the Tustin contingent will be checking in to tell you all how that went.

  2. ohioanon Member

    Re: Tustin Protest, April 18th

    wow that's a beautiful thing, haha
  3. i'mglib Member

    Re: Tustin Protest, April 18th

    Hey, what time did you drive by? You must have gotten the picture before we got there because we had a lot of signs and stuff piled up on the sidewalk. You're right, we were having a big powwow with Marie and Blueshirt Guy and Greenshirt Guy. Marie's actually not a bad person. She said that it's not fair that we protest in front of her org because that's not where the abuse takes place. Blueshirt and Greenshirt said, "Blah blah helps religion is perfect...are you perfect?" and a bunch of typical stuff that comes straight from their training routines. I have to say, at least Marie doesn't do that.

    So, we had another great day. SOoooo much horn love. Also, a few people flipped us off (2-3) and I swear it's always Scientologists in pickup trucks. What's up with that?

    Here are a few quick photos. More to come....after I get my desktop computer back from being repaired. Please pray to Xenu with me that it's not my hard drive!








  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Tustin Protest, April 18th

    It was a little after one. I was actually going to say hi, but most everyone was busy talking to the Scilons and I didn't have a chance to hang out.

    That almost makes sense, until you consider that she's the one who has coordinated the PI's/Scilons to follow us after the protests.

    As far as I'm concerned, stalking critics is as equally bad (if not more so) as abusing their own members.
  5. beret Member

    Re: Tustin Protest, April 18th

    I lol'd at Mr. Incredible.

  6. Anonylemmi Member

    Re: Tustin Protest, April 18th

    Look at that weather. I am sure the rest of the world are eating their hearts out.
  7. daile100 Member

    Re: Tustin Protest, April 18th

    hey all. i was one of the ones talking to Marie, Blue Shirt Guy (fake name Bob), and Green Shirt Guy (Pat, i think). We ended up talking for about an hour, i was in a good mood and was being polite so Marie offered to give me a tour of the org and to bring me to NARCON to see how it helps people, even bringing over a person going into the org to tell me that its helped her. Some logic from them, i haven't been involved in it so i couldn't form a proper opinion, which they then did when talking about psychiatry. Some good quotes from the conversation, (Bob) "Have you read dianetics?" (Me) "I don't like science-fiction" and (Bob again) "Orange is pathetic" (Me) "Is that the pathetic with 6 letters?"

    Bob then went and got me a Way to Happiness, i told him he should be smiling, he didn't get it. LA had way nicer versions with covers and better paper, i felt cheated.

    Marie does give good hugs though. <3

    Overall was a good protest.
  8. Re: Tustin Protest, April 18th

    Here's a little video of the pow wow with Marie et al. Sorry I had to narrate over most of it - the camera was not close enough to capture the actual conversation, but this gives a flavor of our attempt to have a conversation with them. :)

  9. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Tustin Protest, April 18th

    Lol, well thar's a new 'tech' for Truthseeker's tech list -- 'Shrubdivision' tech, sometimes known as a 'bush-barrier' or 'plant-protection' (PP 'tech)


    Great picket too!

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