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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by flapjacker, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. flapjacker Member

    Make a Trump Debt Clock website where it tracks how much money President Trump has wasted to date. It would be similar to the National Debt Clock on Wall Street however it would list a breakdown of the reasons for his debt.

    Proposed Debt Actual Debt
    (all proposed projects) (approved projects)
    Total Proposed Debt Total Actual Debt

    1. Border wall with Mexico 1. Security for Trump Tower
    $21.6 billion $500k-1 mil per day
    2. End NAFTA

    Trump wastes money like it is nothing. When voters see how much he is actually costing them they won't be so keen to approve his presidency. Security alone is a $1 million dollar per day expense. Compare this to the president's salary of $450,000 and it puts it in perspective.

    This would get a lot of media attention. The goal should be to get people to decide Trump should be impeached because he is too wasteful.
  2. White Tara Global Moderator

    Nice idea, but to be fair and honest you would have to document and adjust for savings made as well. Ultimately costs will far and away outstrip any savings made, as I suspect is so with most administrations. To avoid automatic dismissal as an anti-trump trick, it is sensible to start out with accuracy and fairness in mind.
  3. the anti Member

    well, we still haven't reached 20 trillion yet, while many obama haters have for sometime claimed we've surpassed that.
  4. The Internet Member

    Even if Trump manages to save some money we can still fault him for blowing money on shit we do not need. Like his retarded wall that has to go over mountains, across wetlands, and private land.

    Belarus has relatively open borders. You can fly there for a visit without a visa. And still the place exists. So I am not buying the line that we have to seal the borders in order to have a country.

    I was just a kid when the USSR fell apart. But I remember thinking the USSR must be a sad place because Russians can't fly to Disneyland or anywhere else they please, and people can't visit the country without a lot of hassle. So I don't want the US to be closed like that.

    The people here who think we need a wall have been sold a fake problem and a fake solution.
  5. White Tara Global Moderator

    LOL I am no fan of no wall either, I am just anticipating the 'bleating liberals' 'media lies' 'alternate facts' approach that seems to get thrown up towards anything remotely critical of Trump. IOW Carry on :)
  6. coelacanth Member

    this is why Poland is invading.
  7. flapjacker Member

    I agree with you. Cost needs to be broken down by project and not offset by savings in other projects. So if Trump shows you save $10 million but it really costs $100 million for a project then the total cost is $90 million and you don't get to offset it by something else that is unrelated.
  8. eee, no? why? are you trying to justify and rationalize your obvious attempt to make trump's administration look bad by dismissing the overall spending/saving ratio?

    it seems like there is absolutely no way trump could ever be considered a good president by you fags even if he saved a billion puppies, made the whole population of usa richer and happier by at least 500%, colonized mars and whatnot, since you are trying to black pr him even though he didnu nuffin yet
  9. no, u
  10. The Internet Member

    You are misunderstanding the point. When Trump spends money on shit we do not need, we can criticize that without knowing about other issues where he saved money.

    To bring it home for you: When you get your welfare check, hey it's cool that you spent it wisely on groceries. Still wtf, Lotto tickets.

    The way Trump is blowing our money on trips to Mar a Lago suggests the guy is not going to put taxpayers first. He's only going to "save" money by slashing useful regulations and services. We will wind up paying more in the long run. Like when we have to clean up our rivers.

    I think we should call our congress critters and ask that they pass legislation to cap the President's discretionary travel budget. Figure out what Obama spent per year on average and give him that. Anything beyond that comes out of Trump's own pocket. Because getting robbed sucks.
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  11. I don't remember any such heroic projects being planned when Obama had won two times. But Trump is a conservative and this site is leftist extremist, so I guess that's that. I don't actually care, I don't believe that US politics are relevant for my everyday life as I'm not a US citizen, but I have just been wondering if it never really occured to you that your (as a community as a whole, not you in particular, so nothing personnel bro) eternal lack of objectivity and rage jumping on everything remotely conservative could have been a factor contributing to WWP's mass user emigration? WWP is dead by now. How many people post here regularly, 50? Pathetic. When did you last organize some proper Op? People don't like you, because everytime you attack Trump, or anyone/anything conservative, people can smell your pure hatred, prejudice and rage.

    But nvm.

    Welfare is one of the major factors contributing to the fall of society. My bets are that no more than 10% people who get welfare in US can't actually go to work for some reasons. The rest are lazy shits who just want to fuck around all day. I don't receive welfare checks, because I'm too proud and I'm not a lazy, useless parasite on society. I am able to work for my living, therefore I do.

    And thanks, I didn't know "groceries" was a new slang term for drugs. I like that. Even if your phone is bugged, the pigs won't get suspicious when you call someone and say "Hey let's go for some grocery shopping". Clever.
  12. The Internet Member

    If you don't like parasites on the system, you should be upset about Trump blowing our tax dollars on Mar-a-Lago. He's spent more on personal travel in 3 weeks than Obama spent in 1 year.

    Abusing the pubic trust is not a left or a right concern. It is everyone's concern.
  13. I agree. The pubic trust and its abuses are the concern of all merkins.
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  14. Trump would agree with you. He's always grabbing someone's pubic area out of concern. And I'm reliably informed his merkin is made from the hair gathered from his bathroom floor .
  15. how about that thing in 2008


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