Travolta STILL a Scientologist

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by BusterFriendly, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    I resemble that remark.
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    Ok, lets assume for a minute that JT and "wife" just want to hang out with cute lil' girl, and Mimi Rogers only wanted to get into heterosexual Tom Cruise's pants or TC was only interested in hanging out with the Beckhams because of his thirst to discuss German Philosophy with great European intellects. And lets imagine this was all true, in spite of the fact that they are all members of a cult that actively tries to recruit celebrities both for prestige and profit. See, it's easy to play what if-except when it comes time to back up speculation with facts, because you can't.
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    Regardless of lack of evidence or what. Travolta adored his son. Is a fucking wreck now after his death. $cientologies quackery, which he followed, lead to Jett's death. I would be shocked if he didn't get it. He is eventually going to blow because of this. Who cares if he fucked a dude or two? Once he realizes that he's gone.
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    Lol wut. All you just did was speculate without any facts to back it up.
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    You're all missing the point here which is that the story was published all over the place with the information that Scientology will release details on people from their PC folders. None of the pieces had anything positive to say about Scientology.
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    I deliberately made a "Herro" type statement for the sake of argument(although not nearly as exquisitely convoluted as you are capable of) and you quickly shot it down. Thanks for making my point.
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    Herro and BusterFriendly: You're both fags. Now start making out with each other before I start banning.

    Edit: Also, you both could potentially be right, but no one knows for sure. Both of you can stop acting like you're the authorities on [STRIKE]the mind[/STRIKE] Travolta's greasy asshole.
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    John Travolta: fear or faith?

    John Travolta leaving Scientology? If this had been confirmed the news would have had a devastating effect on the 'Church', in France considered to be a cult. But Travolta's spokesman denied the rumour: 'There is no change in the relationship between the Church of Scientology and John' said Paul Bloch to People. «He is a member, as before, now and for ever' he insisted, according to the American magazine.

    The Daily Mail on Monday published an article about the depression which has affected John Travolta since the death, at the beginning of January, of his son Jett, from heart failure. According to reports of the star's sleepless nights, punctuated by trips around his property in a golf cart and endless crying, the British newspaper claimed to know that the star of «Pulp Fiction» was seriously thinking of leaving Scientology. The Daily Mail relied on the witness of friends of the actor, who claimed that he regretted his strict following of the dogma of the controversial cult, notably in medical questions. Indeed, as many people who knew Jett recognised, he suffered from autism, a condition not recognised by Scientology.

    A possibility put forward by Rick Ross, an American specialist in cults, and a close observer of Scientology. «There are strong rumours within the scientologist world that John Travolta was very let down that his religion could not help his son. This could have led him to question his faith.». But the speaker had reservations. «I think that it would be very difficult for John Travolta at the level he occupies [in the hierarchy of the cult] and given the history of his involvement with the cult, to escape from it.». John Travolta is, with Tom Cruise, the most famous member of Scientology. Notably he made a film, «Battlefield Earth», adapted from a novel by Ron L. Hubbard [sic], founder of the church.

    Rick Ross also pointed out the capacity of the church for harrassment. «Scientology has shown in the past that it will make public compromising information about people who want to leave it (…) When celebrities want to leave, they do it quietly, being careful to say nothing.». John Travolta could be held back by the fear that the leaders of the church could confirm an old rumour, that Scientology cured the actor of his homosexuality.

    Would such a revelation damage the career of such a famous and popular actor? In denying the claims of the Daily Mail and reaffirming his attachment to Scientology, John Travolta will certainly start a new wave of rumours: is this due to fear or to faith?


    Where did they get the diagnosis of heart failure - 'une déficience cardiaque ' - from?
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    not a bit!
  14. Herro Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    That's the point i'm trying to make. Nobody knows, so really there's no point in speculating as to whether he's trying to recruit cyrus. Ok, i've said my peace.

    Now, buster, come here baby. You got a real purdy mouth...
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    Oh dammit there you go, you made me laugh :)
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    I agree with this, actually. Nothing surprising about that.
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    This is PR, not journalism. PR and facts are two different things.
    Thank you auchraw for the translation btw.
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    To be quite honest, it doesn't matter that the Daily Mail article was full of tabloid spin, nor does it matter that a Sci PR droid refuted the Daily Mail's allegations. The fact remains that both acts have given journalists a chance to write articles that portray the cult in a negative light... and that to me is a good thing.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    The billion year Sea Org contract is not for forever, its for 1 billion years.

    It is hoped Sea Org veterans will re-sign for another billion year contract after this one expires, because veterans are valuable.
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    That is a good thing and definately the only piece of CONCRETE data we can gather from all of this. The PR Bot bullshit spin is obvious though and the fact that he said "NOW AND FOREVER" makes him and Co$ look even more fucktarded then before.

    BUT as a parent also, I know why was I allowed to reproduce??, what JT is doing is obvious signs of insanely deep depression. ALSO looking at picture of him and his son it's obvious he adored the shit out of him. LIterally I bet he cleand shit bare handed once or twice. So to assume, speculate, that he is having doubts about what he did/ what Co$ suggested or told him to do, isn't unfounded at all.

    I'd be shocked if he wasn't seriously considering leaving Co$. His reclusive actions do back up that hypothesis. Again who cares if he fucked dudes before? Kelly Preston is a babe and he obviously gives her the dicking, that earns him big time hetro points!!! I'll bet he g'stfo soon.
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    Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of the many who repeatedly call for Herro to be permadomelocked. Sometimes his posts make a lot of sense. Other times he is simply fagging up the thread. I take it on a case by case basis. As for your admonishment, I'm assuming that you don't want to see non-productive ego battles erupting on WWP. Neither do I, (although they seem to occour often) as I have seen egofaggotry cause damage to many a worthy cause.
    This advice I cannot follow-he bites too hard when I cum.
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    While, obviously, I hope he leaves the cult for his sake and gets the counseling he desperately needs, the part of me that's an asshole and a strategist makes me wonder which outcome would hurt the cult more: JT blowing and spewing all he knows about the inner workings of the cult (almost all of which is already well known), or JT staying in under the suspicion he remains out of fear instead of faith.

    As for JT possibly fucking dudes, who the fuck knows? Maybe he's bi, or maybe enough people in Hollyweird just hate his ass and took that rumor viral.
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    That's my point. No one will care.

    I think from a strategy stand point if he blew and went public w/Co$'s views on medicine/Pyschiatry it would be the biggest anal raping of Co$ yet. Who wouldn't listen to it? Oprah would shit bricks from her cuche and put him on her show.

    Honestly though if the details regarding what Co$ told him and Kelly to do, with regards to dealing with Jett, came out, it would be disasterous.
  25. NCSP Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    And that is one bitch of a stop-loss policy.
  26. Haruhi Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    Nope, I just want to see some boy-on-boy makeouts. Herro's teeth are your problem, not mine.
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    Miley's dad is a Country-Western singer from Kentucky who sported a mullet throughout the 1990's.


    For some strange reason, that I can't quite put my finger on, I get the feeling that Connor Cruise is not going to be his first choice for a potential son-in-law.


    I'm just sayin'...
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist


    brb sheets
  29. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    I don't think Billy Ray Cyrus is on the same level as Johnny Rebel. Just sayin'.
  30. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    They could do a movie together, Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner.
  31. LocalSP Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    Billy Ray will do what ever Miley says, after all she's the bread winner in that family.
  32. anon555 Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    good point. whether JT is in or not makes no difference until and unless he publicly admits it (which im betting wont be any time soon, even if he does want to leave)

    what does make a difference is how much publicity the possibility of his leaving is getting. Not just fear of PC folders, but the fact that the media is playing on the common opinion that scientology might have had something to do with his son's death (or at least lack of medical attention leading to his death).
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    A net win for the Marcab Confederacy!
  34. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    Scientology has all John Travolta's pc folders and ethics files.
    In those files are the record of all his shortcomings and things he would not want being made public. These are written down and stored in glorious minute detail.
    Scientology does not want to lose a top money-donating, PR worthy celebrity.
    The cult WILL USE blackmail style coercion to clip JT's wings if they think JT might fly the coop and go rogue or become a critic. This applies also to any top Scientology celebrity.
    He is between a rock and a hard place. Go free and get a PR nightmare or stay a slave to the cult and remain in wealthy misery.
    This is how the cult works. it was used on me so I do know. I just did not have serious enough stuff to hide, so threats of blackmail (which I did get) were ineffective.
    Top celebs, however, are in a more delicate and vulnerable place.
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    Can I watch?
  36. Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    I love you. Pics/vids or it didn't happen? Which one do you want to be the boy this time? Other mods take note; see how easy it can be to resolve conflict on WWP.
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    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

  38. Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    Pics or video or GTFO
  39. vegnej Member

    Re: Travolta STILL a Scientologist

    As was pointed out on another thread it may be all the LIES that JT has spun over the years about his sexuality but hey look at Elton John he married and pretended to be straight and LIED but he was still forgiven, what other things could they hold on him which could be worse apart from homicide, or maybe it would be access to his daughter if the shit hit the fan. !
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