Transparency needed in Mexico

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Anonymous, Oct 14, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Hello all,

    I felt led to join this website to bring to your attention a problem. Allow me to describe what led me to join:

    I just returned from a lovely trip to Mexico. While Mexico is a beautiful country, it has two main, related, problems: drug wars and corruption. Criminal information is kept private and, more so, is not shared among the many states of Mexico. If one is arrested in one state, another state would not have a record of that. Moreover, impunity in Mexico is very high and many are denied justice because of this.

    Over lunch, I spoke to a few friends and a local academic about this problem. The local and I concluded that contacting Anonymous may help the Mexican people. We thought it would help to expose corrupt judges, politicians and high ranking members of the police force in all branches of government, local, municipal and federal, to illicit some transparency in governance. Transparency would help bring about change in that officials would serve to monitor and correct their behavior.

    Change is slow in Mexico as its bureaucracy is a bloated one.

    Lower level officials and officers may be corrupt, but they may just be victims of the overall system. Making an example of the bigshots (hierarchy is a big thing down there) may help bring about change through accountability.

    Of course, the impact of this on the drug war may bring about violence and only hurt the populace. While my intentions are good, I do not know if it would bring negative consequences. Maybe the group can figure this one out. Our purpose is to build, not destroy, to edify and not tear down and to ensure the freedom of the human spirit.
  2. The Wrong Guy Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for your kind post. I appreciate the literature and there is lots of overlap, thank you. Respectfully, this is more about hitting up the corrupt government authorities and creating transparency and,in doing so, making the government accountable to the people. Its not simply about the crimes of the cartels, which is of course equally disconcerning. I think the violence from the drug trade stems from an inadequate government. Once this institution is strengthened, people may begin to rely less on drugs and turn to more legitimate sources of income.

    I do hope you and others can join the conversation, especially Mexican members.
  4. Soy nuevo a qui , alguien me explica a como ser parte de su grupo anonymo me gustaría unirme y portar una mascara pero alguien me dice donde puedo encontrar a un anonymous y que me explique que es el movimiento y como le hago para ser parte de ellos?! Nunca había escuchado de ustedes y por eso quiero saber como puedo unirme y estar en un grupo grande y en donde se encuentran o con que me puedo comunicar
  5. DORI ANON Member

    i have bin in mexico for the past 4 years now and i would reely like to meet up with more ppl supporting the anon please let me kno if their is anyone active in the state of chihuahua saludos desde chihuahua
  6. @AcIdO_66@ Member

    hola ke tal, yo soy del estado de baja california de la ciudad de mexicali.
  7. AnonWare Member

    Is there anyone active in Mexico City? Let me know to support Anon in here.
  8. Uno cero sda Member

    Hay anonymous en mexico ????
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