Translator's Café and scientology

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    Translator's café is the second largest platform for freelance translators in the world (187 467 registered users), and a weird gig offer made me suspicious. And scientology needs an awful lot of translations...
    The ad was posted by John Sommer vice-pdt of Advance publishing.
    Children’s Book Translator Needed for 36 Award-Winning English Picture Books
    "Advance Publishing is looking for professional translators for 36 children’s picture books that motivate children to become successful."
    So who is Advance Publishing ?
    Carl Sommer is the author of all these books, his wikipedia page seems fine but...
    When you google ""carl sommer" scientologist", you'll find some rather strange .xls files on page 3, and links which you'll have to open as cache.
    The spanish voice-over narrator for Carl Sommer children's books is Robert Moutal, and if you google "robert moutal scientology", you'll find some rather strange results as well.
    Let's take a look a the awards won by Advance Publishing : Sommer-time Story-Awards & Reviews.htm
    But if you google "advance publishing scientology", you'll find an award which doesn't appear on the official list :
    The ugly caterpillar won an award, along with books by Ron Hubbard.
    The results when you google ""international book awards" scientology" speak for themselves, you'll find many scientologists / weird publishers, like Bridge Pub ( ) for example.
    Here are two rather critical posts about the international book awards :
    So a little whois, to find out who Translator's Café belongs to :
    Zolotkov, Anatoly
    ANVICA Software Development
    1425 Bodmin Rd. suite 407
    Mississauga, ON L5J 3T4
    Promote your business to millions of viewers for only $1 a month
    Learn how you can get an Enhanced Business Listing here for your domain name.
    Learn more at
    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    Zolotkov, Anatoly
    ANVICA Software Development
    1425 Bodmin Rd. suite 407
    Mississauga, ON L5J 3T4
    (905) 823-2156
    Record expires on 20-Jun-2015.
    Record created on 20-Jun-2002.
    Database last updated on 1-Oct-2013 16:11:32 EDT.
    Domain servers in listed order:


    Ok, if you google ""ANVICA Software Development" scientology", or ""ANVICA Software Development" hubbard", you'll find several freelance translators who have worked or work for scientology, and openly state it on their CVs. But not if you google ""Translator's café" scientology".

    If you google ""anatoly zolotkov" hubbard" (the name of the website admin), you'll find one rather strange result with the cache (but not without) :

    http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...d. &cd=1&hl=fr&ct=clnk&gl=fr&client=firefox-a

    This is a bit weird, isn't it ?
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    So, clams hiding their connections again?
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