Translation of article in Trouw, Dutch newspaper

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    Translation of article in Trouw, Dutch newspaper

    English translation of “Biograaf: Tom Cruise is een man van zwart en wit”

    Article in Trouw, Dutch newspaper 28-05-2008

    Biographer: Tom Cruise is a man of black and white

    Tom Cruise has made it in Hollywood with his purposefulness, determination and his almost instinctive talent. "But he is a man of black and white" , thinks his biographer Andrew Morton. "There is no place for doubt on planet Tom." The lack of the colour 'grey' in the moviestar's worldview is reflected by his belief, Scientology, thus is the scope of 'Tom Cruise: unauthorized biografy'.

    The controversial religion, which in a lot of countries is known as a sect, plays a just as large role in the work of Morton as the actor, who in the eighties conquered Hollywood with films as 'Top gun' and 'Rain man'. "For his fellow-Scientologists he is a hero, a living Messiah. Someone who has spread his belief over the world" , the British author explains. "For many people who have suffering from his religion, he is seen as an enemy."

    The biography of Morton, who more earlier wrote books concerning princess Diana and Madonna, is corn on the mill of the many critics of Scientology. In the book many ex-Scientologists talk describe how the church took their money and freedom away. The expensive courses that people who want to be Scientologists must follow, the oppression of critical sounds; according to Morton Cruise is the nice outlet that must cover up the abuses.

    In January already some salient details came outside to when the English edition of the biography appeared. According to those the actor would be the most powerful man in the church community, after leader David Miscavige. The British and American tabloids had been especially delighted with the statement that some Scientologist believe that the daughter of Cruise and his woman Katie Holmes, Suri, had been conceived with the frozen seed of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology Church.

    Morton himself attaches little value to that theory. "But fact is that Scientologists believe in reincarnation" , he says. "L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986. They all said he would return twenty years later and there you are: the girlfriend of the figurehead of the organisation, Katie Holmes, is pregnant in 2006. A rumour went round that this was the reincarnated spirit of L. Ron Hubbard."

    That such aspects of Scientology sound too fantastic to be true, one should not underestimate according to Morton. "Don't think this phenomenon is extremely. They have built a house, which is called Bonnevue for L. Ron Hubbard, for when he returns in California from his, as they call it, galactic journies through the heavens. They get him ready clean clothing each day."

    Science fiction-writer Hubbard founded the church in the fifties. Since then, the religion has got in the news frequently because of its violent fight against psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry. Writings and projects of Scientology Church are strictly kept secret. Morton therefore feared that his biography would lead to violent repercussions. "Hubbard himself said that you must get people who are standing in your way to fear you. I had been always prepared to the battle, but it never came.”

    However, the religious movement reacted with a declaration of fifteen pages in January, in which the biography was taken off as a chain of lies. " Of course there have been threat-letters and intimidations by the lawyer of Tom Cruise, who spoke of a lawsuit of hundreds of millions of dollars" , Morton tells. "Nothing of it has been carried out, because the book is valid." The writer refused to take extreme precaution measures."When I was in Hollywood, a private investigator asked if wanted a gun to protect myself. I said: no, thank you, this is a simply a star's biografy."

    Critics point to the lack of evidence in Morton's book, something of which the writer thinks that they have a point. "Of the things that I regret is that I have not added footers" , he says. "If I had used footers, I had prevented this type of criticism. The book is absolutely valid. I have done research for two and a half years, I have spoken to hundreds of people. Everything has been examined and described very carefully."

    What most disturbs Morton in Scientology is the linear thought, which, according to him, has broken up a lot of families. "I have met people whose lives have been devastated by it. Fathers who haven't seen their daughters for many years." Tom himself being a father of three children must know better according to the writer. "There is one question I would want to ask Tom Cruise: you are a fantastic family man, you love Isabella and Connor and Suri has really conquered a place in your heart. Why are you so heavily entangled in an organisation which routinely devastates families?"
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    Re: Translation of article in Trouw, Dutch newspaper

    Thanks for the translation. Added to the list of Anonymous work.

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