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Discussion in 'Translations' started by Jabberwocky-IRAN, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. I got this message via internet, hesitant to post it until it is translated and verified.

    Ebrahim Nabavi at 6:53pm June 18 امروز در مراسم اعلام شده که آقای موسوی تا روز شنبه برنامه ندارند. کسانی که دوست دارند برای نماز جمعه بروند می توانند این کار را بکنند، ولی از سوی حامیان آقای موسوی یا جنبش سبز چنین برنامه ای بنا نیست برگزار شود
  2. it reads:

    There is no plan for any demonstrations until saturday. people who like to goto friday prayer are free to go, but there is no plan for such thing from Mousavi spporters or green movement.

    (there was a plan for friday prayer: people goto friday prayer and make an opposition gathering, which it seems it's not approved)
  3. Message says: "In today's events, it was announced that Mr. Mousavi does not plan any events until Saturday. Those who wish to participate in the Friday prayers may do so, but there is no event planned by Mr. Mousavi's supporters or the Green Movement."

    (Of course, I don't verify the truth of that or take any responsibility for the message, I just translated it to English.)
  4. Would not make sense if true, why the heck would they want to stop the momentum they've built up so far.
  5. because friday prayers are traditionally dominated by Ahmadinejad supporters and chances are it will get hot down there
  6. I've heard this is government spam and the Friday rallies are on.
  7. I think it's true cause if the people from Green revolution go to the prayers on Friday, they could use that once again to fool everyone with edited broadcasting and showing the peace between two groups! they have done this a lot of times!
  8. EDIT: Conflicting info from sources...dunno whetehr or not Friday protest is still on.

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