Translate medical advice?

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. contains emergency medical advice, but only in english. If someone is willing to translate the advice into farsi, that'd be great.
  2. don't most young Iranians read English?

    Something they could print out and distribute to crowds would be good, like pepper spray treatment.
  3. work has begun on this. the cpr section still needs translation. broken bones and gunshot wounds are done or being worked on, as is the short version of what to do about pepper spray.

    perhaps an even better route would be diagrams? there's got to be some out on the web.
  4. نکاتی که باید در یک تظاهرات رعایت شود

    Hello I have translated this link and want to post it here.I will translate other Pages today and put them here.
    شما می توانید برای دریافت اطلاعات به این سایت مراجعه کنید
    pleae visit this site.
  5. regarding the cpr guide translated fron english to farsi

    I think it should say "place your hands between the nipples" instead of in the middle of the chest. That is much easier to do for someone who hasn't been educated in CPR by a professional teacher and that's what we are told in medschool in Sweden. Also it'd be good to have pictures of both the free airway part and on someone doing heart compressions.

    Thank you,

  6. CPR Card it won't let me post attatchment, so the link:

    CPR pics only

    I can't find a card with pics only for knife/bullet wounds, so I'm trying to translate the instructions from some in english.
  7. Cypherninja Member

  8. English to Farsi translation: help with homemade masks

    I hope this helps

    ل* زدن* به*،ميزند،ه* نهايى* منطقى*، د*ار*ا*ى* سکته* منطقى*، د*ار*ا*ى* سکته* مليح*، درجهتکيسه*حمام*، ليتر، مرطوب*، خيس*، بار*انى*، *اشکبار، تر*ى*، رطوبت*، تر کردن*، مرطوب* کردن*، نمناک* کردن*با، بوسيله*، مخال*ابليموسيب*، مردمک* چشم*، چيز *عزيز و پربها، سيب* د*ادن*، ميوه*ء سيب* د*ادن*سرکه*

    Pepper spray can be deterred with a piece of cloth soaked with apple vinegar or lemon juice.
  9. Primroses Member

    Greetings :)
    I have seen some wonderful medic advice posted on this forum! :) Yet, i must also remind the posters that this situation is an emergency sitation and reading thru a mass of medical information is not at times possible sadly!

    Maybe we should have an area that will be fast medical info?

    I tried to keep mine as some thing i would tell a friend calmly over the phone.
    Yes, it is very Dick and Jane. But, thats what is needed when you are watching a loved one in pain.

    Please, keep a lot of this great and well needed advice in short so it does not make it more confusing to anyone in an emergency situation. RPM and things like that to you and I are normal and to one that is not trained it is not. If they are going to read this so they know how to do this if needed is very different and the work i have seen in these posts was wonderful :)

    Just a sugjestion...

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