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    When I started this thread there wasn't any interest in transcriptions and most anon agreed that everyone had access to audio equipment. Projects for the benefit of the hearing impaired were being established through sign languages (in my local area anyway). Even though I think getting accurate text for maximum quotability is important, I didn't continue with it because I didn't know where to begin.

    Well, some anons have picked up that banner, and anyone that wants to recommend or participate in projects can post here and get a quick response in the OP. Feel free to PM me as well!


    Mark Bunker / Jeff Hawkins Interview
    Jason Beghe


    Marc Headley Interview

    Express Dictate
  2. anonimo Member

    Re: Transcriptions

    I'm not sure... in general I agree with that, it's only a question of limited capacities:
    In any case I think translators should not move away from their very important work, this can be done by all anons...

    I guess we should at least have a version for hearing impaired people if the most important videos. I'm not sure what radio shows might have a similar importance as the videos from Pelvidar (Road to February 10, Onward - Road to March 15), but if there are any they should be put in the list.

    Let's use this thread to gather material that might be relevant enough to get translated given the possibly scarce time capacities of Anonymous.

    Things that come to my mind:
    - Road to February 10
    - Onward - Road to March 15
    - Anonymous vs. Scientology (youtube user thunderf00t)
    - Strategy for Anonymous vs Scientology (youtube user thunderf00t)
    - Message to Anonymous (Mark Bunker)

    Also, we need to discuss if videos with subtitles should be created or if videos should be reposted with transcription. In any case the transcription should be available through youtube with proper tags to reach most people . Also the videos can be passed on at places/organisation of hearing impaired people.

    I don't think transcription for people without sound is an argument. You need would need to point out to me who is affected by this? People at work or in university/school etc...? Mmmmh, they can watch it at home, I don't think, someone not involved would read through a transcription...

    I guess also people living in poorer countries nowadays generally have audio, but I could be wrong about this.

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    Re: Transcriptions

    of radio shows maybe the recent -though its been some weeks- interviews with former high execs talking about violence at int base, e.g. the guy being thrown in a cold lake -a february night in a high desert- at an age of more than 50 and having his head slammed at a computer keyboard, also according to his statement being beaten by David Miscavige in person. i dont know, i think his name was something like Larry Brennan? and i think a few days before that there was another interview with someone saying he had audited Tom Cruise or something and who was a really long time in the RPF and talked pretty specifically about the conditions there.
    That would be another good idea by the way: To make a collection of quotes about the RPF and i mean quotes not just describing the general nature, but the details and then make a report about what can be said about them, also including the foundation in Hubbard texts etc. but maybe that has already been done by Prof. Kent. if i find the time, i'll have a look at that once more and then see if that is what im thinking of and if not i might create such a thing or take these parts out of his essay that can be used for this and then add the rest. i dont know, maybe this has already been done by someone else or it may partially be contained in the great info package, which had its gold release a few days ago and which i strongly recommend btw. right now, i havent got any time for this. but this might change. i just imagine this collection of quotes from sources combined with cold analysis without "propaganda", something to send to Amnesty International and the likes -and the relevant authorities first- you know?
    maybe before transferring it to authorities it could be shown to someone with knowledge of US law who could provide an analysis how lawful that conduct there is and which paragraphs may be violated if any, so we could build a convincing case. for this it would imho be absolutely necessary that this is not a sensationalist propaganda document.
    so maybe not the entire shows, just the most incriminating statements from a point of view of priorities. i think there are already some of the quotes in verbatim out there, which could be used after being checked once more with the original audio, i think, ive seen something about this on OCMB when that interview came out.
    an advantage of transcripts is the availability. if you're in an argument and can just copy and paste that will be taken into account rather than when you say: heres a link to a rapidshare of 40mb if you listen to it and then go to 17:30 there are two minutes that support my point of view. in principle i think most people have access to audio -if its mp3 at least- by now, but still there are advantages of transcripts.
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    Re: Transcriptions

    I do a lot of lurking from work/school and I also am not always able to use sound at home. I know a lot of people who work hard at home on this project are probably tech savvy enough to already own headphones or speakers, but there are always exceptions.
  5. anonangl Member

    Re: Transcriptions

    I'd volunteer, but I can't hear well enough. I am planning on doing a signed message for next month, with a transcript in the description. Most of the time I hear enough to know what the message but I know there are people who know nothing about us and may have the wrong perception of us.
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    Re: Transcriptions

    I tried to start on a couple radio interviews, but I didn't download the right ones. I will start all over tomorrow and get the OP updated with a list of recommended projects.
  7. An0n1nNZ Member

  8. An0n1nNZ Member

    Re: Transcriptions

    I am trying to take the transcription process further, there is a group of people keen on providing transcriptions of video and audio content (which is of benefit to the hearing-impaired, those with low-fi internet connections, and search engines).

    My thought is that the appropriate location would be in Translation and Text Composition Projects, and for a new subforum in that, English (Transcriptions).

    I have put a request in Site News, Announcements, and Discussion, just waiting for a response.

    Please let me know if you are able to assist with transcription -- the latest project is the Glosslip Interview with Marc Headley. Would love to have you join us!! :flowers:
  9. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Transcriptions

  10. indeedindeed Member

    Re: Transcriptions

    good ideas.

    I think this is true in general when there are texts, fliers, websites or information materials being produced. It's also important to use them at all, i.e. to distribute them after they were created.
  11. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Transcriptions

    I agree that we don't necessarily need a new sub-subforum to get this job done.
  12. its.an0nym0us Member

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