Tory's youtube account suspended.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Isorn, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Magoo, its terrible they did this to you.

    I'm so angry.
  2. Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Tory. Have you made a format complaint with YouTube?

    I would strongly encourage you to do so. Maybe YouTube is waiting for your complaint before they can take formal action.

    Here are the instructions how do that. Perhaps you should call these Google number as well:

    +1 650 253 0000
    +1 650 343 2960
  3. Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Shall we man the harpoons me lady?

    EDIT: Disregard, I suck cocks
  4. anon91-19 Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Lets not call it a win till we get the 69 account removed. Keep firing those anon harpoons!
  5. rof Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    20 hours of downtime and you all got your panties in a bunch.
    20 pages of frantic wagon circling for what was merely a Youtube administrative hiccup.
    20 year olds' exuberance must grow patience, long cult war is long.
  6. adeathofcult Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    The more important it is to a) point out to YOUtube that the YOU matters and take wins where they can be had. :)
  7. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    And you know that her account would have been reinstated if we HADN'T banded together and swarmed YouTube with complaints?

    Really. Perhaps you should explain it all to us, then, since you know so much.

    No one even knows yet WHY her account was pulled.
  8. @n0nym0u5 Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    lets say this was quick
    for youtube..
    i bet they wanted to balete the other one and got them mixed up, lulz
  9. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    ToryMagoo69 offers a suggestion:

    proof.jpg .

    I'd suspect channers only if ToryMagoo69 exhibited a sense of humor, which he/she/it doesn't.

    Epic win, guys, they tried to counter the storm of bad press that just opened up on them and LOST! :cheers: We are the final boss of the internet!
  10. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Would you rather we sat around with our collective thumbs in our asses? Perhaps wring our hands while chanting "worry, worry"?

    "Administrative hiccup"? Proof plox?

    Also, we're NOT all 20 year olds, chum. Your bias is showing... may wanna do something bout that.

    TL;DR: Balls to you, ya wet blanket.

    Anyway, in other news it would appear that "ToryMagoo69" is, in fact, toast, gang. A search for the account takes you to WBM's account and his expose :D
  11. MomAnon Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Not quite, read the profile. Yes, it's WBM's video but with ToryMagoo69's spew and a link to his blog. Be sure to click on 'Report profile image violation'!
  12. Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Seriously, I don't think that's a scientologist doing that. It's some butthurt rogue anon attention whoring away.

    YouTube - ToryMagoo69's Channel
  13. mko Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Just in case should we still try to backup all Magoo's vids?
  14. Re: Tory\'s youtube account suspended.

    sounds more like a butthurt failing at sarcasm/irony troll to me.
  15. Apology Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Please make backups for your videos, Tory. If something like this happens again, you can upload your backups to rapidshare or a similar free service so enturbulaters can download them and re-upload them all over youtube or other, even more secure servers outside the US so you cannot be silenced entirely.

    Good job, everybody. I don't think Youtube even considers whether or not a complaint is legitimate before they pull content. It's (usually) easier for them to pull videos or suspend accounts than it is to actually investigate the complaints to see if they're legitimate.

    Uri Geller did something like this. He had all the videos of the Johnny Carson episode in which he was proven to be a fraud removed from Youtube. However, he was not the copyright owner for the videos; NBC was. The videos were reinstated. NBC never filed a complaint. They don't care if a fair-use clip of a 20-year old show is available on Youtube. Only Uri Geller cared (for obvious reasons).
  16. k8jde6 Member

  17. Magoo Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Sounds like a good idea, to me. I have them on my web there anything else I should do to "Back them up"?

    Can someone please explain it to me, "Like you're explaining it to a 4 year old"
    as Denzel Washington says in "Philadelphia" (A movie, for those unfamiliar).

    What a ***Great*** Day!

    Love to ALL :alien:

  18. k8jde6 Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    A backup is just a copy on something/somewhere else. The cheapest thing to do is to make a copy on your computer's hard disk, one on optical media (CDs or DVDs) and one somewhere else online. Knowing Anonymous, several of them are already archiving the videos off YouTube so its really for your personal convenience and peace of mind.
  19. Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    A good way to backup YouTube videos is to download them after uploading. This is essentially the only way if you have recorded them directly on YouTube. You can use this site to download them: DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS

    If you record them using some software on your computer, just keep the original video you uploaded to YouTube in a safe place.
  20. AlwaysLurking Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    I accidently flagged it:roll:
  21. captainslug Member

  22. Anongurl Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    WooHoo! Go anonymous! GO MAGOO!
  23. Kilia Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    That's what I thought too.

    Haven't looked to see if the "ToryMagoo69" account is still up tho- which I seriously think should be banned for sure!
  24. Kilia Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended. made me feel good doing that! :cheers:
  25. DemonEnturb Member

  26. Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Whoops! Finger slipped! :smile:
  27. David Marcab Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Did they inform Tory why they Suspended her account and how to avoid it in the future? Better still, why doesn't Anonymous have a friend of a friend on the youtube staff that can check on these things? I am sure theres at least ONE anon near that media giant. Maybe not to get information changed, but just to leak some info on what is going on behind those mile-high walls.
  28. An0n1nNZ Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    I have messaged Tory on YouTube -- I expect Tory will be overwhelmed for now but perhaps Tory will see it sooner on here, perhaps some Anons can advise for now.

    Perhaps some Anons can start uploading Tory's videos to other video sites, such as,,,, and Magoo69 has been at some of these sites already.

    And can anyone advise on copyrights -- it seems Creative Commons allows modification of content, which permits nasty stuff like ToryMagoo69.

    On with the message:
  29. kcm744 Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Belatedly, I don't mean to go off topic with this, but...

    These ads that are showing up are Google Adwords. - - as seen at this link.

    As youtube is a part of google, it would make sense that they use the adwords. It's like on here, because we talk about Scientology a lot, you'll see the ads for show up in the banner of ads just underneath the main menu. It's part of the same system. I've been seeing that same scientology ad pop up in various places that utilize the adwords system.

    I didn't notice if anyone had made note of that. It doesn't necessarily mean that google/youtube has sold out. It's incredibly easy for *anyone* to get an adwords account setup.

    Oh yes! That's it. I've also been seeing the ads show up on Livejournal. The exact same banner ad, in fact.
  30. Magoo Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    I can hardly believe last night at this time (nearly 10 pm) I was writing about
    how Scientology Stops Free speech, and talking with a friend about how
    it's nearly impossible to re-instate a 'suspended' youtube account.


    I know I've said it more than once, but thanks to all!

  31. David Marcab Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    I hear that Anonymous does indeed deliver.
    This includes information, media, pizza, results, and quite a lot more.

    You are doing a fine job, ma'am. *salute*
  32. aluminumcanoe Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Man, I'm learning a ton today about FLV files and converters and all sorts of crazy stuff. Tory, with your permission, as soon as I get all these videos converted I'll mirror them on Vimeo for you, just in case. It never hurts to have backup.
  33. Magoo Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    It's literally been an AMAZING 24 hours!

    (Sigh).......first we had Jason Beghe, and his 24 hours of "Wow!"
    (300,000 hits in less than 24 hours!) This was still going on, yesterday morning, and frankly, is still going on and will continue--but the first huge rush was going on with media calling me re "How can we contact Jason?" I got an e-mail for him posted, and my friends called suggesting we go to lunch.

    Then, I went out to lunch yesterday (seems like weeks ago),
    only to walk in my door here and get a call from WBM, telling me, "Your YouTube account
    is suspended--do you know why?".

    What followed were numerous kind people calling me, and to the few
    I was super snippy with, I'm sorry! (Some kind Anon from Chicago called. He was the 5th person I'd gotten a call from in 15 min's who said, "Did you know your YT account is suspended?" So when he called, with 2 phones ringing, I said, "IF You don't have a solution
    to this problem, please don't call me". I'm sorry for being so snippy---but I was confused, and truly needed some answers.

    Then to my great surprise, some people made excellent videos, and Anonymous people began calling with helpful suggestions, and making posts about what to do, links, etc.
    Thank you to each one of you! :flowers:

    Anyways---------Man! Everyone jumped on this, and truly, it shows
    the tremendous power of Anonymous! Thank you ALL~!!!
    I woke up today, less that 24 hours later, to read here on enturbulation: "WE WON!" by Zoe :cheers:

    Wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo!:alien:

    Have a great night, one and ALL :wink:

  34. Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    I have to be honest, i just use the extremely annoying real player downloads, the download tab pops up on the vid, I download, the RP files play In VLC , and have the advantage of no conversion you can just post em straight back up to YT.

    yes I KNOW realplayer sux, but its handy for some things.
  35. captainslug Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Someone is claiming that they were the one that got you suspended.
    ANONYMOUS Abandons Gay Rights and Turns to Anti-Religion Extremism

  36. Lorelei Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    HOORAY! Magoo's back on YT!

    I like the idea of distributing Tory's videos to the other services noted upthread, especially if ToryMagoo69 is hitting those services.

    Let's get the real Tory distributed everywhere, and the impostor canned.

    Suggestion (if Tory agrees): since it will take ages for her to distribute her videos to each service, Anons with the videos and her permission can open a ToryMagoo44 account at each place, then send Magoo the password info and links to the "how to change your password" page and the main account / video group / vlog home page. It is a lot faster for one person (i.e., Tory) to hop on a few webpages and change passwords than it is to upload dozens of videos web-wide.

    1. Ask Tory for permission to distribute her videos on other non-YouTube vlog sites.
    2. If Tory agrees, log in and register ToryMagoo or ToryMagoo44 at each site and upload her videos there.
    3. Find the page that lets users change their password. Log out.
    4. PM Tory the login name, password, password change info page link, her new vlog homepage link.
    5. If the impostor has an account at the vlog site, send that link, too.
    6. Send complaint to vlog site about impostor, and send complaint link to Tory.
    7. ????
    8. PROFIT!!!

    Up with this nonsense, we will not put.

    Another option is for a handful of Anons with high-speed web connections and familiarity with vlogs to each adopt and then maintain one of the non-YouTube vlogs for Magoo, and to duplicate every vlog / video she posts to YouTube word for word, no alterations. This, if Tory decides there are not enough free hours in a day to maintain a dozen vlogs in addition to YouTube. Again, get permission from Tory and make sure she has all the administrator info via PM or e-mail.

    In this fashion, we can turn an annoyance into a WIN. Take down one ToryMagoo44 account, get a dozen new ones springing up everywhere in response, plus focused complaints about the impostor(s) out there (which may get them b&).

    Just thinking out loud. What does Anon think?

    If I was not on dial-up, I would gladly work with Tory to keep her videos available not just on YouTube, but on every vlog site I could suss out. :) What I CAN do is research, and I can help find MOAR vlogs in addition to the ones already listed, if Anon and Tory think that would be helpful.
  37. Magoo Member

    Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    Hey quick question here:

    As I've said, I would like to find out WHY exactly my account was
    suspended. Besides their general help line---does anyone have any
    suggestions re how I could find out?


  38. Re: Tory's youtube account suspended.

    keep emailing them, keep asking until they tell you.
    in the meantime i have downloaded all of them and would be happy to upload them anywhere ( i have the time and inclination) just need your permission.

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