TORRENTS - evil piracy software to keep information coming out of Iran

Discussion in 'Iran' started by notCOBmiscavige, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. mod edit: Updated the list of torrents (

    If you're familiar with torrenting software, please seed these torrents. They are of videos of the crackdown in Iran and are being suppressed by the government and Youtube.

  2. grokitt2 Member

    Good list. Seeding.
  3. MuffinKat Member

    Seeding so fucking hard.
  4. Nihad Subasic Member

    Seeding as hard as ever, all at the top of my list. All other leeches are paused so these can seed for the good of Iran.
  5. Seeding now.
  6. Downloaded and Seeded
  7. seeding at 50kb/s
  8. Seeding seeding seeding

    What else can we do? I've set up a proxy and I'm seeding these vids. I want to do more and have resources available.
  9. demosthenes Member

  10. grokitt2 Member

    If you have never seeded a file before or do not know what the first post is talking about, but want to's how:

    (for windows)
    Download a bittorrent client. Vuze is simple and easy to use, you can download it here.

    Install the software.

    Once Vuze is installed, click on the first link in the list. This will take you to the Pirate Bay site.

    Click on the green link that says DOWNLOAD THIS TORRENT. A dialogue box will open asking if you want to open or save this file. Select open.

    Do this with each link in the list. You are now seeding these files, and helping preserve them from censorship.
  11. These videos are absolutely jarring and I will be seeding them all.
  12. PLEASE NOTE: There is absolutely no other way that these videos could be shared on the internet other than by using torrents.

    The vanguard of the torrent movement is the now infamous pirate bay. How fortunate that now they can benefit the world in such a way, one might even say convenient as this will no doubt give those appeal court judges something to think about..

    Of course, The Pirate Bay team they would never attach themselves to a popular cause just to garner praise and publicity would they?
  13. Seeding

    I am seeding and have seen the number of seeders double in the last hour, Doing the best i can from Cananda. Stay strong and never give up your beliefs for anything or anyone!
  14. can't give much bandwidth, but the seeds will stay up
  15. Fire up Tor and set yourself up as a relay node.
  16. Haha I wish people seeded this much on every torrent they downloaded.
  17. youtube and other sites take footage down, we will host it.
  18. please seed these and upload to youtube!
  19. Seed, upload, do what ever you can. Also, /r/ing links to youtube vids so that i can vote them up.
  20. Let's keep the focus on the protest movement that's resulting in deaths and injury in an authoritarian country, and not on snarky comments about a site that's helping out, douchedag.
  21. flipforiran Member

    Since these are getting taking down from youtube is there another place we should be uploading these to that might not take them down or at least not take them down as fast?

  22. I think that as long as all the youtube videos get archived, named well, and torrents posted they should 'stay up' and keep the information from being lost.
  23. another source?

    TPB is blocked where i live (Denmark), is there another source?
  24. Is blocked for you? Also, what about Demonoid (if you have access to the private part of the site)? If you can't access any torrent site due to the country blocking it, I hope someone's willing to upload to megaupload or rapidshare (just don't be a douche and load a virus on them).

    If I get the go ahead, I could host them on a ftp for a brief period before we run out of bandwidth.
  25. Video Gamer Member

    Uploading several times in youtube should work. Keeping the files on your computer, checking your videos to see if they're deleted, then re-upping as you see fit should do enough.
    Seeding should help as well.
  26. Other youtube videos

    Is anyone uploading/seeding the new ones being posted constantly? Youtube is really making an effort at censoring them as they go up :-/
  27. Denmark only blocks TPB. I just didn't look around on the other sites.

    But I solved it now, seeding from my server in Sweden :D
  28. Kaiyoko Member

    This was me btw saying that, decided "screw it, reg time!"

    This goes against the purpose of torrents, but if there's a demand due to ISP/country blocks on torrent sites, I'll be willing to throw up a collection of vids onto megaupload or my ftp (for a brief period).

    Otherwise, I suggest getting these torrents known out there - maybe like twitter, torrents can be used as a positive thing than negative.
  29. Because iranian people spend all day torrenting political shit. Course you might have the odd nutter who downloads it to jack off
  30. Kaiyoko Member

    I was under the assumption torrents are blocked out there but it seems I am misinformed.

    Psh, just wanting to help spread the word since youtube is deleting the vids
  31. downloading now... will be seeding.
  32. seeding from germany
  33. Seeding from San Francisco.
  34. Seeding

    Yep Youtube even took down the video linked from the digg article in Denmark, Copyright violations my ass.
  35. Support Iran with Your Protest

    Internationals: Send photos and videos of your protest to the Iranian protesters.

    Make it visually clear where you're protesting from. Like stand in front of the White House, the Pyramids of Giza, or Parliament holding up support signs. Signs should have images, not text that needs to be translated.

    Iranians can print out your photos and use them as posters and protest signs.
  36. I Ran Hubbard Member

    As alternative to torrents for anything you want them to get in Iran, please use

    And send the many links which provide extra links.
  37. Seeding like a mofo.
  38. PB blocked here. Seeding through other site. Got two compilations, I think there's overlap between the two.
    Lol writing like I'm on twitter still!
  39. Downloaded....

    ... and seeding.
    Glad to do my bit.

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