Toronto Scientology ORG Protest - November 19, 2011

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Intelligence, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    It was an awesome protest to be at, with incredible support from the public. I've never been at any previous ORG protest, where the public is so aware and vocal against this criminal and dangerous Cult. Thank you Toronto Anonymous, for such a warm welcome; I really enjoyed meeting you all. Until next time, bravo to you all.

    Will post more later - - going to eat now,..., :)

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  2. TorontosRoot Member

    Not home yet + occupy'd wifi at union is laggy and slow as all the hotspots are busier than an Org in a panick attack from thousands of anons. Once I get home, I'll import and encode the video RAW, no editing needed.

    I did film the majority of the occupy march from yonge and queen to st. James park. Was wonderful and loud. :D

    Had the most fun protesting and saw three new faces (the mystery Ex-sci who carried the instrument in the case on his back plus the other one), the failure of a bullbaiter which made us laugh inside, the chalking, oh wickedness, it was lulzy and wonderful.

    Next time, more signs, loud speaker. I regret forgetting both. My voice is a bit worn out from the shouting. :D
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  3. Intelligence Member

    Adam Holland ^^^.
    "Holland, who received a Suppressive Person Declare last year – essentially meaning he’s exiled from the church — remains concerned for anyone inside the Mono centre who wants to leave. On a cold, windy day last month, he took a bus to Orangeville and a cab from there to the entrance of the Third Line facility — a bright orange paper sign in-hand — to alert passersby of the Scientologists presence."

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  4. Intelligence Member

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  5. Bravo, David!!! Bravo Toronto Anons!!! <3 it!!!
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  6. Intelligence Member

    Dear "Wiseman-of-the-Watchtower" - - you were quite right today when you said we would learn
    a lot from each other - - I know I learned a lot today. It was an "emotionally moving" day for me - -
    You are a very wise young man and time will get you through all this - - same as me.

    No, I wasn't thinking of the Jehova's when I read your "Watchtower" handle; I was thinking of a song
    by Jimmy Hendrix - "All Along The Watchtower". I spent three days in the wet mud at a Rock Fesitval
    listening to him and others. He put his ALL into his guitar and singing. Sure, he was messed up like
    many of us hippies back then, but he too, had some wisdom in his music.

    I admire your strength, determination; AND most of all - LOVE in your heart for your Dad - - don't ever give up, Adam :)

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  7. Intelligence Member

    Jacky, remember when I visted the Vancouver ORG and discovered their faulty wiring? LOL :)

    Well, I'm still down at this ORG and I walked past the front again a few minutes ago. I did notice
    one single wire on the side that seemed one or two gauges on the small side, but too frivilous
    to do anything about.

    But what saw a few minutes ago is a BIG one,..., LOL. It's easy to miss in the day time, but at night, you
    can't miss it! And this is quite bigger than the Vancouver matter.

    And this one could be costing the city huge sums. I'm not going to post yet, until I confirm a couple codes and laws.

    Tisk-Tisk, Santa just crossed someone off his Xmas list:) - - Naughty-Naughty.

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  8. telomere Member

    Please tell us you've got /b/ackup!
    Sneaking around the Org at night with no witnesses (beside OSA)....
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  9. Intelligence Member

    No back-up - - just the "Angels" and me. And NOT the "Hells Angels" LOL

    I'm on the street with tons of people around me. I never "sneak" - - not my style,...,LOL. Ya' OSA or whatever staff were looking right at me - - - not smiling though

    I'll post the photos tomorrow.

    Big day tomorrow - - going to bed now; and it's only just midnight here. Something must be going right,.., eh'?

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  10. Intelligence Member

    They sure stay up late working,..., LOL - - this is my birds-eye view from my Hotel room:)

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  11. TorontosRoot Member

    Video I recorded will be completed uploading soon.
    I'll embed it. It'll be available mirrored elsewhere on the uncensored internet in case one source goes down.

  12. TorontosRoot Member

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  13. Outstanding Video, TR! I <3 it!

    So fine to see David on the street again! Thank you! :)
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  14. Intelligence Member

    Off the street now and back tapping on keyboard,.., LOL - - just waiting for info
    on another city ORG protest next weekend. If it's a go, I'll be there.

    But for now, getting ready for two full days of giving testimony. Hope to have new
    Press Release article finished, edited, and published sometime in the wee hours of
    the morning.

    Had an awesome sleep last night, with the occasional peek out my window which
    faced the ORG,..., LOL.

    Just finished a meeting/interview with a family member of a NN TR Patient. Will touch briefly
    in the Press Release, but saving most details for court.

    A very good, productive trip to Ontario - - all expectations were met, plus some:):):)

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  15. Intelligence Member

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  16. Intelligence Member

  17. No doubt some of the clams there are studying the threads on WWP.
  18. Intelligence Member

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  19. TorontosRoot Member

    LULZ! I'm laughing!!! Click the hell out of that ad! Lol
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  20. Intelligence Member

    We know absolutely "confirmed" that they are following WWP and all of my posts.

    I was back there earlier today - - the curtains were all up. They were sitting at
    little cafe like tables staring over towards me:) - - I needed some day time images
    to go with some I took late last night.

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  21. TorontosRoot Member

    Damn miscavigous stalkers!
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  22. as tempting as that sounds I believe it is called 'click fraud'

    too bad we can't cost the cult money that way, guess we'll just have to settle for siccing Intelligence on them ;)
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  23. TorontosRoot Member

    Well, I will tri-click it with curiosity. ;)
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  24. Anonymous has cost the cult millions and millions of dollars!

    Never forget, Miscavige has handled Anonymous! LAWL!!!
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  25. TorontosRoot Member

    The scilons ads aren't showing up except for the flash video advert. I got this nifty firefox addon to block flash, java and images. NoScript wins for this, that way, javascripts don't run on what I don't wanna see. :D

    Edit: I love the fact that the forums don't even need javascript to view, edit or post something.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    This large &quot;commercial&quot; ad sign is attached to the Toronto ORG building.
    A commercial venture. I doubt the cult is being paid from the ads, which
    there many rotating, but rather from the sign owner. Nevertheless, the
    ORG seems to be in &quot;business&quot;, not just &quot;charity&quot;, which gives them a
    50% property tax break from the City of Toronto?


    Another ad pop-up.
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  27. Intelligence Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. TorontosRoot Member

  30. BigBeard Member

    Do the $cilons own the building or rent?? If they rent, they may have no control over the actual owner renting space on the building for the sign. If they own the building, at the least they owe taxes on the income from renting space for the sign, and possibly property tax on the wall it's attached to as being a "commercial enterprise." Laws up north may vary though.

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  31. RightOn Member

    man! that is one ugly building.

    give me a T!
    give me an O!
    give me a R!
    oh you get it... skip to the cheer!

    And a shout out to David Love...

    Voraciously to
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  32. Intelligence Member

    We need this AGAIN in Canada - - only this time hit ALL the entities at the same time:
    ABLE Canada, First Step Quebec, Narconon TR, Narconon Alberta, all COS entities
    right accross Canada.

    Will this happen in the near future???

    It sure could:)

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  33. Im gonna do a quick report, as I have a busy time ahead of me in the next few days:

    I managed to ask most of these people to think about disconnection:

    Class V Staff spotted:
    • Werner Strejewski (unsure of spelling), OES TOR_
    • Mario - Public Contact Sec. or Dir Public booksales
    • A young woman, an OT III Auditor for Toronto Org, don't know the name.
    Public I knew:
    • Mike Zahari - OT V, member of OT Commitee Toronto
    • Maguite Wilkens - OT Commitee Chair. (Took our picture)
    • Paul Holland, my dad. Academy Student. It was not a happy moment for me, to see him like that.
    Locally posted SO:
    • Aleta Cross - D/FBO MORE TORD (asked her when last talked with family)
    Minivan full of SO from the CLO: (Maybe for a sales event in the evening)
    • Daniel Soucy - Ext Comm chief (driver)
    • Jean Sepic - legal safeguards cheif OSACAN
    • Emily Harris - Cont Pubs liason Officer
    • Some young brown/black guy who wasn't there before - looks like Mimeo Off ILO or Bus driver ILO???
    • Don Musleh - A/Treasury Aide FOLO Canada
    • The large brown guy who argued with me, as seen in TorontosRoot's video (I saw him walk by 3 times, so it shows he was walking back and forth on Yonge st)
    • A somewhat thinner brown guy who walked passed us into the building, connected with:
    • Guy who looked Jamaican (looked sort of homeless) who was debating with David. I spotted him follow thin brown guy into front entrance of Org.
    (What's with the brown trolls? No white trolls spotted today, strange considering most Toronto Scnists are white as it happens)

    I was very happy to meet and talk with David. I learned a lot about life in Narconon Trois-Rivieres. I was most surprised to find out that Narconon patients are put through the insanity of TR's and Objectives, which is no doubt a level on the Scientology Bridge. That alone proves the connection between narconon and scn. And they push each other around with all the vulgarity, violence and sexuality that you can imagine in the bullbait training.

    It was cold, but not snowy or rainy. I knew David would be blown away by the support from raw-public! Some Toronto folk know exactly whats going on, and they arent afraid to talk about it!
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  34. Intelligence Member

    Thank you so much for this ^^^^^ Adam. It was an honour to meet and talk with a young man such as you.
    You have volumes of knowledge about scientology "Inside" and I learned volumes.
    Please contact me anytime at:

    I know we will meet again. I will contact you as per we discussed.

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  35. kilgoretrout Member

    glad you're here! As if Toronto has more to offer than my coveted veal sandwich!
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  36. kilgoretrout Member

    Also, thank you.
  37. Intelligence Member

    What do these ^^^^^ gaffs do???

  38. Legal Safeguards Chief (OSA) - Since Sea Org members don't give a hoot about the Government or the law, Legal Safeguards' job is to make sure nobody gets into trouble with their programs or projects. Also to make sure taxes are paid, where necessary.

    Continental Publications Liason Officer - CPLO (CLOs and OTLs) A Sea Org member who receives orders from Bridge Publications, Inc, (or, in EU, New Era Publications) and tries to increase booksales in Orgs. This is similar to D/FBO MORE's who are stationed in the orgs themselves, not to mention the bookstore officer who is part of every org, but hey, I guess they want LOTS of attention on booksales! The D/FBO MORE in CLOs and OTLs also tries to increase booksales for all the orgs in their region...

    I really should make a glossary of all this stuff... No time for that now.
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  39. TorontosRoot Member

    I knew the three ones I suspected/thought to be trolls, were trolls all along! Failed bullbaiting, partial intimidating, non-violent. I expected WAY MOAR, but we didn't get it. I guess they were more cowardly than we expected them to be in the long run. We'll be raiding them again soon. Adam, can you come out for the dundas square raid? It would be wonderful, but it'll need a quick sign for the front they're promoting. I'll see what I can mash up until then. I'll need to make a sign, 8 sheets of paper is likely to be just right for it, small sheets to fold into one small sign once done.
  40. TorontosRoot Member

    Hmm, that would be quite aways from toronto. Enjoy the raid and bring back some massive win, lulz. :D

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