Toronto org observation Feb 22, 2011

Discussion in 'Canada' started by DeathHamster, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. DeathHamster Member

    I passed by the org a couple weeks back and noticed that the advertising sign was playing a continuous loop of a Dianetics ad. That suggests that they no longer have a contract with an ad agency to display other company's ads. I'll check again in a week or two.

    If so, that's a lost revenue stream that will hurt them in trying to even pretend that the org is breaking even.
  2. SOJOA Member

    Well between the money changing of hands between the Buffalo Org and them hopefully they are both broke as hell. I know the Buffalo org is in trouble.
  3. HellRazor Member

    Don't forget, the Toronto Org is sitting on prime real estate which could be leveraged or sold. Their mortgage is supposed to be paid off this year. Also, the Toronto Org enjoys a 50% property tax exemption.
  4. Optimisticate Member

    How broke are they? They bought a resort?

  5. DeathHamster Member

    I don't know where the money came from, but I doubt it was from the Toronto area members. The member-paid renovations of the Toronto org bogged down years ago, and it's still a dump.

    I'm sure that they picked up the resort for a low price. In 2007, when the previous owner shut down the Hockley Highlands Inn, he said the property was worth $12m, but I doubt CoS paid more than half of that, possibly less. The previous owner had tried and failed for ages to get the property rezoned to allow changes to turn it into a profitable resort. (It's Escarpment Protection Area, where no buildings can be added or removed without paperwork that would gag a Vogon, years of waiting, and finally refusal.) As well, the resort was original built by Ontario Hydro back when electrical power was dirt cheap. It uses electricity for heating, probably has shitty insulation, and so it's a power hog. "Hydro bills alone were about half a million to a million dollars".

    /eating popcorn and waiting for CoS to get caught breaking Niagara Escarpment regulations.
  6. xenubarb Member

    Where the money came is interesting. When the SD org bought their Idle Org property for $9 million, they got a huge bump from the wealthy Duggans couple. Their name is new to me, but suddenly they are receiving the annual medal usually reserved for Tom Cruise, and their name comes up in a bunch of Ideal Org purchases as donors.

    One thing of interest was the mysterious injection of over $100,000 to pay of taxes on the Idle Org property here. They'd been hanging on by paying the considerable but less than the principal penalty, then suddenly after months of being behind, they were paid up.

    Now it sounds like Toronto org's caught up in the same situation. Our Ideal Org property is back on the market. Members scraped and gave to get this dream org, and now it shall be a nightmare for them, because when it sells, all money will go uplines to the top and they will have to start regging their own all over again for another Ideal Org. I kind of wonder how long it'll take the publics to catch on to the scam.
  7. DeathHamster Member

    I had a look last night. The advertising is back on the sign, with the Dianetics ad every six in the rotation.
  8. Intelligence Member

    When is your next protest? June? :)

  9. DeathHamster Member

  10. Intelligence Member

  11. TorontosRoot Member

    Oh, yes. Do come :)

    I did some recon and there was only six present inside, 8 were likely upstairs sleeping or not there at all.

    We will see on may 30th if there's even more. Maybe I'll do another recon soon, preferably at late noon.

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