Toronto org in stasis

Discussion in 'Canada' started by DeathHamster, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    The graffiti was since cleaned off, but i'm hoping someone really does something hilarious to the "black" boards covering the windows.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    I don't know what the graffiti bylaws are for Toronto but in Vancouver the situation is this:

    Graffiti Bylaw 7343

    Prevents the unsightliness of property by prohibiting the placement of graffiti and requiring that property be kept free of graffiti.

    The graffiti bylaw requires property owners to have graffiti removed within 10 days of being served a notice from the City. Graffiti that remains after being reported will be removed and the removal cost will be billed to the property owner.

    Graffiti is considered vandalism under the law when it is painted on private or public property without permission. The minimum fine for anyone caught writing graffiti is $500 under the bylaw.

    Prohibitions on posters and signage are similarly governed:

    Posters on City streets

    Use the poster cylinders on City street light poles to display your poster advertisements. All sizes and types of posters are accepted, unless they contain offensive material. Use glue paste or tape to affix your posters to the cylinder.

    Over time, posters get covered by other posters and are periodically removed by City Sanitation crews.

    Note: It is illegal to place posters on utility poles that have no poster cylinder, or on any other area of City property. Posters placed illegally will be removed and discarded weekly and violators may be prosecuted.
    Poster cylinders provide an aesthetically-pleasing arrangement of posters in visible locations, and reduce the burden on taxpayers when posters need to be removed from City property.

    I wonder when city Councillors will enact bylaws that "... prevents the unsightliness of property..." such as seen on Yonge Street in Toronto and Hastings Street in Vancouver.
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  3. TorontosRoot Member

    I wonder how much the bill for the cult would be if somebody was to paint OR throw paint on the boards, or chalk them. I wouldn't do it. But never hurts to ask.
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  4. peterstorm Member


    I like the moose. Where's Yvette?
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  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Getting her hair moused? :p

    (cartoon moose is resembling moose, so sad moose isn't copy-righted, but it is still so frikken sad, and moose are highly insulted by cult *sigh* )
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    Ermm... How can they show the Cambridge stats for before and after becoming an Ideal Org, when it didn't previously exist?

    Probably using the Kitchener stats. Is that place still open?
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    Interesting that they now have an Executive Director for the Toronto Org. (Who's Werner Strejewski?) Was Yvette previous wearing that hat as well as President of Scientology Canada before they split off the Continental Liaison Office?
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  8. peterstorm Member

    Big event. Only 25-30 people.
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    Hey, game on!


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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. DeathHamster Member

    Yiffing is probably the only action she gets.
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  12. TorontosRoot Member

    Hmm, refused is good news. Let's see if it gets refused again, or better yet, e-mail local councillor and inform them it never will happen, or let them in on the swindled/laundered money being used, ;)
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  13. Intelligence Member

    On the Poster:

    The 'New Advanced Continental Org for Canada' - I presume is the Mono Retreat?

    Appears nobody has seen Shank for quite some time, and I posted a while ago that I think
    she 'could' be at the Mono site?

    But wearing an 'Ideal Moose' head certainly 'may' make her blend in out in a pasture of Cows?:rolleyes:

    IMO, I think Shank and Carr are 'Theta-Twins' ... with a bus on the way perhaps ... just like
    the bus for the executive of the 'GONE' Narconon Canada (now dissolved) Aline Proulx who
    hid in Ontario in disgrace? It was a BIG BUS.

    Shank was the one directing Proulx and responsible for the FLAPS, Judgements,
    Ministry of Health shutting down NN TR, and responsible for the mess Shank
    made of the three Human Rights Commission decisions that rocked their unstable datum
    .... many of these, Shank screwed up BIG TIME and I doubt DM loves her?

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Can't zoom or blow the image up more - get's too distorted, but 'could' this be Shank in the Poster?

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  15. TorontosRoot Member

    Might be her. Didn't she have blonde hair?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Not in 2013:

    Shank in Vancouver 2013.jpg

    A Multi Faith Action Society event in Vancouver, 2013.
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  17. RightOn Member

    look at her ears! It looks like her flat topped ears!
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  18. Intelligence Member

    LMAO!!! You Anons kill me - LOL.

    As soon as I rest up for a few more days, I think I can find her ... I don't 'NEED' to find
    her, but just in case she's in Ontario and I file a lawsuit there, it would be nice to have
    her location nailed down. Don't need her for the Montreal Lawsuits ... we have more than enough.

    Would be nice to see Yvette Shank or Brad Melnychuk's [Narconon Incorporated/ ABLE CANADA] name on this:

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  19. Intelligence Member

    I remember this ^^^ --

    Published on Jun 11, 2013
    The Power of Spirit is a program series produced by the Multifaith Action Society of BC that focuses on the various ways in which faith and spirituality has helped BC's diverse religious communities to overcome adversity throughout history and into today.

    Published on Mon Sep 02 2013

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  20. Anonymous Member

    The MFAS found Provincial and Federal Funding for this event, but the worst of it?

    It was held at 401 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, the cult HQ.
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  21. Intelligence Member

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  22. HellRazor Member

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  23. Intelligence Member

    ^^^ THIS ^^^ Adam is a brilliant young man, and unlike mine, his memory is sharp. I must
    say that this protest with him was another cement step for me to put my foot down about all
    the abuses, and especially his father DISCONNECTING and not even saying hello back to Adam.

    I was stunned to see this for real!!! It was painful to watch and film. I LOVE ADAM <3

    ^^^ THIS ^^^ No, I wouldn't do it again without overt or covert back-up, combined with
    electronics coming out of evey sleeve and pocket ...

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  24. FUOSA Member

    It warms my heart to see Toronto Ideal Org doing so well. Thanks for the pics.
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  25. FUOSA Member

    Have you seen Adam recently? He went from very active to very quiet after the sudden death of his mother. I worry about him.
  26. TorontosRoot Member

    I'm also concerned. :/
  27. Anonymous Member

    Church of Scientology owes city over $100,000 as Yonge-Bloor site languishes

    By: Stephen Spencer Davis Staff Reporter, Published on Mon May 18 2015

    As the Church of Scientology touts a plan to convert its prominent Yonge St. location into a flagship facility, the city says its owes over $100,000 in property taxes and penalties.

    Critics of the controversial organization say similar renovation projects have languished in other cities.
    The Church of Scientology of Toronto, which owns 696 Yonge St., owes more than $61,000 in property taxes and penalties for 2014, out of a total of just under $112,000. The organization made only partial payments of its 2014 property taxes, according to Supervisor of Collections Stephen Franceschini.

    It also owes $57,348.15 in taxes and penalties on the interim 2015 property tax bill, according to Franceschini.

    Property owners receive an interim tax bill near the beginning of each year, and typically a final bill in May. Payments on the 2015 interim bill were due March 2, April 1 and May 1, according to the city’s website.

    “We have contacted the local Church in Toronto and they intend to get this paid forthwith,” Scientology spokesperson Linda Wieland said in an email.

    The news comes as the organization says it still plans to convert the Yonge St. building into one of Scientology’s “Ideal Orgs,” which it first announced in early 2013. Scientology describes these facilities as “cathedrals” in desirable locations, “intended to meet increasing demand worldwide for Scientology services and initiatives.”

    Scientology claims to have opened 41 Ideal Orgs in recent years.

    The organization boarded up the Yonge St. building and submitted an application to the city for interior demolition work in 2013. At the time, Scientology spokesperson Erin Banks said the building’s interior would be remodeled.

    Mario Angelucci, Toronto’s deputy chief building official, said a subsequent application submitted last December expands on changes the organization sought two years ago.

    Renderings compiled by the Church of Scientology International show red and black banners and a large cross displayed on the building’s Yonge St. façade.

    The application to the city says the organization plans “to remove all interior walls on all floors, remove all exterior walls ... and construct new exterior and interior alterations to all floors.”

    Critics describe the Ideal Orgs initiative as a vanity project of Scientology leader David Miscavige, intended to attract converts and divert attention from the organization’s waning membership.

    “He’s now playing the ‘field of dreams’ game, where you build it and they will come,” said Mark Rathbun, who spent 27 years in the church and served as the organization’s inspector general.

    Miscavige also hoped the new Ideal Orgs would be more attractive to celebrities and other prominent figures than the organization’s other facilities, Rathbun said.

    “He would say, you know, ‘The orgs are s---holes, and there’s no place you could take somebody who’s, you know, a leader in society,’” Rathbun said.

    Wieland said in an email that the Toronto project is being funded through member donations. To date, workers have completed “demolition and site cleanup” at the building.

    According to Wieland, “most, but not all [Ideal Orgs] are funded locally.”

    Christabelle Crichlow took two Scientology courses before leaving the organization last year. She donated $500 to the Toronto Ideal Org.

    Church members were asked repeatedly to donate to the project, said Crichlow, who believes that while Scientology members enthusiastically support it, some people may simply be tapped out.

    “There’s only so much people can give,” Crichlow said.

    Tony Ortega, a journalist who has reported on Scientology since 1995, said the church lacks the membership necessary to fund ambitious renovations and maintain large properties.

    “The idea that they would open these gleaming new buildings and it would create this rush of new people is pure fantasy,” Ortega said.

    And because the organization cannot fund the renovations at some locations, Ortega said, they remain in a state of limbo.

    Wieland denied this and all claims made by Ortega and Rathbun.

    “The facts speak otherwise,” Wieland wrote, responding to the suggestion that some Ideal Orgs do not open promptly because of a lack of donations. Wieland then listed a number of facilities the organization has acquired, expanded or opened.

    Metro and Les Affaires recently reported that the organization owes the City of Montreal $117,000 in taxes, plus fines and interest on its downtown location.

    The organization purchased the site in 2007 with plans to convert it into an Ideal Org.

    The site has remained empty since then, according to the report. A Montreal spokesperson told the paper the organization has not raised sufficient funds for the renovation.

    “You [can] probably count, you know, enthusiastic, engaged members on two hands,” Rathbun said of Montreal. “And yet they’re going to build this $50-million palace.”

    Wieland would not say if the church has reached its fundraising goals for the Toronto renovation.

    The application is currently under review by the city, which has already granted Scientology some zoning bylaw variances.

    Wieland said construction documents are still being revised. The organization believes the renovations will be completed in 2015.
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  28. TorontosRoot Member

    No such completions exist for the toronto mORGue. :D

    It's already 2015, did they mean 2016 or 2060? Hahahahahahahahaha. That clam kept denying and denying.

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  29. RightOn Member

    Erin Banks! wonder where that ditz is? Wonder what butt hole of a place COS has her working now?
    From failed actress to marrying rich Nick (the rich Aussie who has a whole family in the COS) to joining the VMS and then going to India to "build an orphanage" LOL! Where is it? Whatever happened to the "Slums to Schools" scam?
    To joining staff and becoming the COS spokeshole, to what now ?

    And even if the COS HAS the money for the Toronto org, they could never finish it by 2015! :confused:
    Unless of course it is all Sea Org slave labor working 24 /7
    I don't think they have enough Sea Orgers to pull it off.
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  30. Intelligence Member


    Let's ADD this up:

    $61,000.00in property taxes and penalties for 2014 - Toronto

    $57,348.15 in taxes and penalties on the interim 2015 property tax bill - Toronto

    $117,000.00 in taxes, plus fines the organization owes the City of Montreal

    $500,000.00 + NN TR owes in Judgements and back taxes - Canada - Quebec

    $50,000.00 + estimated additional legal fees in 2015 for David Love lawsuits (minimum fees)

    TOTAL:> = $785,348.000 plus change. (AND THESE COSTS ARE CLIMBING)

    In 2001, a Canada Census gave the # of Clams in Canada art: 1,522

    Let's round it off and DOWN to 1,500 ... being generous.

    Heck that's only $785,348.000 divided by 1,500 = slightly over $500 bucks for each broke member?

    THIS ^^^ is ONLY for back taxes, fines, and legal fees. ^^^

    The Cult needs MEGA tens of of millions for renovation costs, oil baths, and 'Tone 40 After Shave.

    Can 'they' do it? In my opinion, DM has sunk so far down into his sociopath, psychotic, narcissistic
    personality disorder, combined with an EGO much larger than his .... HEAD, that if he decided he
    wants these Orgs built in Canada, he will spend the money. He won't need Sea Orgers .... they are too
    weak and slow from being under fed. He will hire 'Kick-Back' construction companies and sub-contractors
    to PUSH, PUSH, PUSH. Just my opinion though?

    And another thought I have, is that there is a possibility that the COS in Canada does or will face again,
    COVERT undercover government Agents and Police like they did in Toronto. I especially believe that
    in North America, it would not surprise me to see a Covert government Agent or an Undercover Reporter
    emerge from a lengthy Covert Invesitigation after spending considerable time inside a Narconon.

    I'm still on the road right now travelling but should have a power-house office set up within one week located where I can get much more done a lot faster ... and close to several cities
    with Ideal Orgs.

    Cheers for now ... have a great evening.
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  31. TorontosRoot Member

    Thanks for the great insight. :)
  32. DeathHamster Member

    I bet the Toronto property tax is still being calculated on their 50% exception, which they shouldn't be getting because the building isn't being used for religious purposes.

    And they can't even pay that, lol!
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  33. RightOn Member

    that is all
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    The paper version was on the front of the GTA section. Below the thumb, but hey.

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  35. HellRazor Member

    It was front page in the free Metro paper.
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  36. TorontosRoot Member

    If any scienfags saw it in the front page, they might be reminded that they can get the fuck out while they still can. (bale outta there!!)
  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's the article that ran in the Metro newspaper:

    Church of Scientology owes Toronto more than $100,000 as Yonge-Bloor site languishes | Metro

    As the Church of Scientology touts a plan to convert its prominent Yonge St. location into a flagship facility, the city says its owes over $100,000 in property taxes and penalties.

    Critics of the controversial organization say similar renovation projects have languished in other cities.

    The Church of Scientology of Toronto, which owns 696 Yonge St., owes more than $61,000 in property taxes and penalties for 2014, out of a total of just under $112,000. The organization made only partial payments of its 2014 property taxes, according to Supervisor of Collections Stephen Franceschini.

    Continued here:
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  38. TorontosRoot Member

    ...when will they pay the fine, or GTFO toronto?
  39. TorontosRoot Member

    Bump, I haz done recon. They aren't located at 77 peter street anymore, but at 2 college street! Seems they couldn't pay the rent and got evicted. Now they are rather isolated, locked out from most public (good reasons, nobody can get in! hahaha) in a 130 year old apartment building on the third floor.
    DOX: 2 College street, Oddfellows hall, Unit 305.
    IF VIDEO IS UNAVAILABLE... It might still be "processing".
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  40. RightOn Member

    Good recon. thanks for the update.

    buh bye COS, thanks for playing.
    They need to pay their damn taxes.
    Why is there special treatment of the cult? Damn it!
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