Toronto - December 8 2012 post game

Discussion in 'Canada' started by TorontosRoot, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    Floozy was there from 1:00/1:30pm until 2:30pm, scilons were pissed off. She has to leave due to the heavy brief rain... But when I got there after checking the 77 peter street suite out, I really pissed off the scilons. I called them out as ronbots and exposed their garbage filled mOrg including what they had outside. Oh, so much lulz. I didn't bother to use the sign, peoole already had a sense of what was going on.

    The security called the police, they didn't see me in front of the org, all they saw, when they drove by, was me rounding the block a total of 24 times. They just laughed and glared at the scilons for wasting police resources. Tricky me, I knew they were gonna come, so plans switched to track two.

    All in all, no OSA was encountered, but a pissed off sciguard and scilons panicking was the entertainment. No OT powers, or aliens, were harmed in the making of the video clips either. Xenu pissed himself laughing.

    Video to come, photo slideshow to come, in super HD 4200p.
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  2. TorontosRoot Member

    This one is epic, I got on their nerves at the toronto org after nothing much happening at peter street.

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  3. Quentinanon Member

    FYI on scn garbage literature:


    Not contaminated with food or chemicals

    • Bags, rolls, junk mail, writing/computer paper, envelopes, window envelopes
    • Shredded paper (put in clear plastic bag and tie closed)
    • Gift wrap, cards (no ribbons, bows, foil wrap)
    • Newspapers, flyers, telephone directories, magazines, catalogues, soft/ hardcover books (remove plastic covers, liners, over-wrap and put in garbage)
    And you can drop-off up to 20 kgs. for free!
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  4. TorontosRoot Member

    I guess they're violating the dumping laws. Wouldn't it be nice to file a report to the city? :D boom boom, poons!
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  5. Even the C of S Toronto treats LRH books as garbage!
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  6. TorontosRoot Member

    I wished I had grabbed one, only to give it to a pal who microwaves books. :D
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  7. There probably still there. It's not like anyone is going to grab them up let alone read them. :p
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  8. anon walker Moderator

    Now I am curious. I have microwaved dead mice and metal...what happens when you microwave a book?
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  9. TorontosRoot Member

    Probably, depending on the material, catches fire quickly, smokes up or shrinks, or sparks.
  10. Anonymous Member

    If you microwave an LRH book you'll go back in time.
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  11. BlooAnon Member

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  12. TorontosRoot Member

    I'm going to drop by the Toronto mOrg tonight or tomorrow and bring back a short video of the garbage dumping outside to see if it's gone. If they got fined for it... Epic lulz will ensue.
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  13. DeathHamster Member

    Friday, December 21st, 2012.

    No end of the world, but Scientology's sign is suffering from end of video input (the No Signal box bounces around), and broken panels:

    The org entrance has the Great Wall of Scientology boxes:
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  14. TorontosRoot Member

    Can't believe I forgot to embed the recon footage.
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  15. TorontosRoot Member

    Any changes to the outside of the building? I'm curious as to when they're going to demolish and rebuild it. I really got up in their faces the last time. That pothole in the first section of the video didn't look TOO good.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    AJT_headshot_smaller_normal.jpg Andrew Tidmarsh@ajtid
    @johnsweeneyroar take a look at the Scientology "church" in Toronto. It seems to be boarded up. Thanks
  17. Random guy Member

  18. TorontosRoot Member

    LULZ! I think so! I hope so!
    Critic at work in the artwork written on the boarded up door. NEEDS MOAR ARTWORK! ;)
  19. Anonymous Member

    Refurbishing, IIRC. New Idle mOrg coming.
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  20. DeathHamster Member
    Meh, rezoning applications are just wog rules.
  21. TorontosRoot Member

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